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Friendica On Lighttpd

A couple of years ago, I tried to get #Friendica working correctly with #Lighttpd. I did not ever get the rewrite settings exactly correct, so URLs had weird artifacts (new copy added after each link clicked) and the site's behavior was odd.

Has anyone else tried this? I'm feeling the urge to switch again from #Apache (which I like) to #Lighttpd (which I like even better). Has it been documented yet?

@Friendica Support
Linux Walt 24 hours ago
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We should put them into the /help files and link them from the wiki maybe as well. There should be notes about nginx too somewhere.
Tobias 24 hours ago from open socialverse
is in the repo:

just a note:
"q=" should be "pagename=" . "q=" is deprecated.
Fabio 24 hours ago
@Friendica Support Hat noch jemand Probleme mit dem Twitter Connector ? Mir ist gerade aufgefallen, dass ich seit 3 Tagen keine Updates mehr bekommen habe ("import the remote timeline")
Axel 2 days ago (2015-03-04 15:35:32)
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LOL nein, keine Angst nicht mehrere poller sondern nur "poller.php" - Log Einträge
Axel 2 days ago (2015-03-04 17:05:03)
Uff, ich hab's schon mit der Angst zu tun bekommen.
Michael Vogel 2 days ago (2015-03-04 18:02:53)

Possibility to delete dead contacts

Hi there. Is it possible to delete old contacts, where the server cannot be reached. I want to delete them on the contacts page, but the radio button to select and delete them is only visible, when the mouse is on the contact name. However, when i want to check the button and move the mouse down, the button disappears. Is there any need to make the functions/selection only visible, when the mouse is over the name?
Marco R. 4 days ago (2015-03-02 19:09:57)
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When you move the mouse over a user avatar, there should also appear a checkbox that allows you to select multible accounts (from the archived tab of the contact overview) and delete them all in one go.
Tobias 4 days ago (2015-03-02 20:03:09) from open socialverse
Unfortunately there is no avator for the dead contacts, only the name of the contact. The checkbox and the other functions are only visible, when I move the mouse over the text. However, they are too far away to be reached and disappear when I move the mouse in their direction. Is there a possibility to have the contacts use the standard avatar, so the checkbox and other functions can be reached? Or do I have to delete them directly in the database?
Marco R. 3 days ago (2015-03-03 19:10:50)
@Friendica Support wrote the following post:
Hi !
I have #problems with #Friendica.
I did the update version 3.3.1 to 3.3.3 but I get an error when I try to go to "Settings". #Help !
Kris B 5 days ago (2015-03-01 12:57:25)
The php error logfiles and the webserver logfiles are very important. They should tell what is wrong.
Michael Vogel 5 days ago (2015-03-01 13:22:54)
The problem was solved after a reboot of the server it seems (see original thread).
Tobias 5 days ago (2015-03-01 13:31:48) from open socialverse
Hello I am looking for some Friendica Logos and such, I specially need a Facebook cover picture, I am not sure which size that should have, but I saw some 350x130 pixels or so. I want to use it for
@Friendica Support
utzer 6 days ago (2015-02-28 20:02:34)
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Friendica I don't get it. What do you mean?
utzer 5 days ago (2015-03-01 22:54:40) from Friendica mobile web
The outer border is cut off slightly.
Tobias 5 days ago (2015-03-02 05:51:30) from open socialverse
hi alle zusammen

folgendes : mir ist aufgefallen, dass ich , wenn ich meine Netzwerkseite lade, sie leider immer 2 mal laden muss. beim ersten Mal zeigt er mir die Posts ( aus FB, Diaspora, RSS , Red, RSS, und eMail ) für ne Sekunde oder so richtig an, lässt dann aber die aktuellsten nach unten rutschen und kramt ältere wieder hervor ( leider ist hierbei bisher meinerseits kein Schema erkennbar - betrifft FB, RSS, etc.. alle.. ) erst beim zweiten Mal refreshen ( sortiert nach neueste Beiträge ) zeigt er mir sie richtig an und bleibt auch dabei - wisst ihr an was das liegen kann ?
Uli   1 week ago (2015-02-26 23:32:19)
Versuch mal testweise einen anderen Browser, ggf. sind es irgendwelche Cache-Probleme.
Michael Vogel 1 week ago (2015-02-27 04:38:32)
@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers
I got a message from jeroenpraat. He is the actual coordinator of the Dutch team on Trasifex and the maintainer of the Friendica page on Facebook.

He is looking for someone who wants to take over.

If someone is interested, connect with jeroenpraat on his channel (you should be able to connect to him as a diaspora contact).
If nobody want to get the facebook page, it will be deleted.
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Fabio 1 week ago (2015-02-26 14:57:43)
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Ist der Account nicht genutzt, ist es dieser hier:
Ich finde nur einen Hauke Altmann bei Facebook, wird also wohl der sein?!
utzer 6 days ago (2015-02-28 19:44:46)
@utzer Das ist der korrekte Account. Editor Zugriffsrechte sollten reichen, denke ich.
Hauke Altmann 6 days ago (2015-03-01 08:02:03)
@Friendica Support Hie Folks, thank you for the update (3.3.3) :-)

Is there a problem with the facebook connector? I have some trouble with it: no images included, maby only a small amount of posts got through the connector …
Tim Schlotfeldt 1 week ago (2015-02-26 09:29:12)
The problem is facebook. They often don't grant the permission to fetch the picture that is associated with the post. Until now I don't know what to do against it.
Michael Vogel 1 week ago (2015-02-26 10:11:49)
Good to know, thank you for the info.
Tim Schlotfeldt 1 week ago (2015-02-26 11:13:35)
@Friendica Support
Friendica now sends me the notifications GPG encrypted. I just can't decrypt them anymore. It recognizes the key correctly, but there is problems to decrypt. I tried this on Windows with Thunderbird and on Android with k9. Both usually can encrypt and decrypt with the key used by Friendica.
utzer 1 week ago (2015-02-25 18:16:37) from Friendica mobile web
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Enigmail security info:

Error - decryption failed
Public key to verify the signature --KeyID removed-- required

gpg: decryption ?? sselung failed: No secret key

Note: The following message was encrypted with a user ID / keys:

Did you copy your keys from another computer? Whenever I've seen that error, it is because I did not have the right private key set up on that particular device.
Linux Walt 5 days ago (2015-03-01 19:20:44)
I probably copied that key sometime before, but many emails I receive are encrypted and decryption works well.
utzer 5 days ago (2015-03-01 20:06:30) from Friendica mobile web

Sonderzeichen und Umlaute

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers @Uberspace User Group

meine Friendica-Installation liegt bei Uberspace und ich möchte jetzt endlich mal eine aktuelle PHP-Version verwenden. Leider habe ich das Problem, dass bei einer anderen Version als der 5.3.11 die Umlaute falsch dargestellt werden. Wenn ich einen Post erstelle, erscheinen die Umlaute richtig, auf anderen Servern werden sie dann falsch dargestellt. Bei Nachrichten von anderen Servern werden die Umlaute bei mir falsch dargestellt. Vielleicht hat ja hier jemand eine Idee, woran es liegen könnte. (AE=Ä, UE=Ü, oe=ö usw.)
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Jan Montag 1 week ago (2015-02-24 13:48:29)
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Bei mir funktioniert es jetzt alles so wie es soll, nur das die alten Beiträge eben noch falsch kodiert sind, aber damit kann ich leben und ich lass das jetzt mal so.

Wenn die Umlaute aber "doppelt" nach UTF-8 kodiert gespeichert werden, ist das ein Fehler und gehört hier hin? Oder soll das ganze so sein?
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Jan Montag 1 week ago (2015-02-25 10:24:23)
So ganz funktioniert es doch noch nicht, die Überschriften eines RSS-Feeds werden nach wie vor falsch kodiert.

<div class="wall-item-actions-author">
<a href="" target="redir" title="Das Profil von Björn Thomasson Design auf betrachten." class="wall-item-name-link"><span class="wall-item-name">Björn Thomasson Design</span></a>

Im restlichen Text ist alles OK
Jan Montag 1 week ago (2015-02-26 09:02:24)
liebe friendic@s

saemtliche meiner posts auf Facebook - inklusive die in versteckten Gruppen - werden durch den connector abgegriffen und erscheinen in meinem Stream. No me gusta...:(

laesst sich das in irgendwelchen Einstellungen ändern?

Ein totaler Newbienaut dankt für jede Hilfe @Friendica Support! :)

HeyMe ItsYou 2 weeks ago (2015-02-23 17:02:56)
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Danke! Ich gehe davon aus, dass es ein Bug ist. Ich muss sehen, dass ich Gruppenposts erkenne und darf diese dann nicht posten.
Michael Vogel 2 weeks ago (2015-02-23 21:09:26)
@Friendica Support Do we have linkedin plugins, other than via buffer?
Beanow 2 weeks ago (2015-02-19 12:46:17)
Michael Vogel 2 weeks ago (2015-02-19 12:51:12)
Recently changed #Friendica pods.
Was able import my old account just fine, but looking to do a more thorough restore from backup.
I have my backup file, just can't figure out what to do with it.
Can anyone assist?
@Friendica Support
Alien (A23P) 3 weeks ago (2015-02-16 21:47:18)
Yes, that feature is not implemented. You can move your (friendica) contacts but not the content.
Tobias 3 weeks ago (2015-02-17 06:36:53) from open socialverse
Hallo @Friendica Support
Ich folge dem RSS-Feed von Telepolis Politik. Am Laptop nutze ich "vier". Hier sind die Überschriften klickbar, um zum Artikel zu gelangen. Auf dem Tablet/Smartphone mit "frost-mobile" sind die Überschriften hingegen linklos. Liegt das am Feed oder am Theme? Wäre schön, wenn das behoben werden könnte.

Schönen Sonntag! :)
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Steffen Krumbholz 3 weeks ago (2015-02-15 09:10:37) from Friendica mobile web
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Aha. Danke für den Tipp @Michael Vogel
Steffen Krumbholz 3 weeks ago (2015-02-15 11:20:55) from Friendica mobile web
Hat funktioniert! Danke.
Steffen Krumbholz 3 weeks ago (2015-02-16 19:49:31) from Friendica mobile web

Thank you!

Image/photoAll of you who are part in this great micro-cosmos working on or free/libre/opensource software projects in the one or other form. Either by writing code, or translating endless rows of strings from one language into another so that others can use the software in a language they speak. And also those who find little crawling things and let the developers know about them, thus contributing making things better.


@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers @Linux Group #ilovefs
Tobias 3 weeks ago (2015-02-14 07:38:25) from open socialverse

Connect to GnuSocial


does anyone know what is the right way to connect to a GnuSocial-Account? If I add the URL of the site in my contact field, friendica adds the site to my contact list, saying "Is a fan of you" (which sound quite the opposite of what I wanted). If I use the connect field of the gnuscoial-site and add my friendica adress, it says "Can't find service for xxx@friendica.
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Thed Hawk 3 weeks ago (2015-02-11 09:14:35)
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Yes, I tried the URL also. It forwards to my friendica site saying that profile is not existing.
This entry was edited (3 weeks ago (2015-02-11 09:41:44))
Thed Hawk 3 weeks ago (2015-02-11 09:40:25)
This whole OStatus stuff has its flaws. I must have a deeper look into it - but I don't know when.
Michael Vogel 3 weeks ago (2015-02-11 09:45:22)

Einladung an alle

@Friendica Support

English version below

Hallo Leute,
inspiriert von der Tatsache, dass im Moment doch einige Leute den Abschied von kommerziellen sozialen Netzwerken erwägen oder Vollziehen (auch wenn diese Systeme nichts kosten), möchte ich dabei helfen Friendica und Red-Systeme mehr in den Blickpunkt der Öffentlichkeit zu stellen. Um nun erst einmal eine Bestandsaufnahme zu machen bzw. die Resourcen zu erfassen, habe ich ein Forum "Friendica Presse" auf meinem System eingerichtet. Ihr seid alle eingeladen euch damit zu verbinden und mit zu machen.

Um auch mal zu sehen was es an Berichten über Friendica/Red gibt, bitte ich euch, alle bekannten Artikel darüber hier zu verlinken. Damit hätten wir erst mal einen Infopool.
Weiterhin beginne ich mal mit einer Erfassung/Aufstellung wieviel Nutzer wir wo unterbringen könnten.

Natürlich soll dieses Forum nicht nur in deutsch arbeiten - i... show more
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Andreas Hannusch 3 weeks ago (2015-02-10 10:37:06)
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Friendica Ich glaube bei war das damals (oder ist immer noch) so gelöst. Wenn man sich da anmelden wollte, wurde man direkt an einen der vielen Server weiter geleitet. Damit sollte damals eine konzentrierung der Massen auf einen Server wie bei vermieden werden.
Thorsten Schmidt 3 weeks ago (2015-02-12 14:31:34)
With the new features of the directory I think it should be a "not a big deal" task to make into something like "hey here are 3 healty nodes you can join". Somethng can point to at, but also something that might directly be linked at the directory search page.
Tobias 3 weeks ago (2015-02-12 14:57:12) from open socialverse
Ich habe derzeit ein ziemlich stranges Problem. Wenn ich auf miner Pinnwand einen Beitrag poste, dauert dies vom klick auf "Teilen" bis zum erscheinen des Beitrags auf meiner Pinnwand immer relativ genau 18 Sekunden. So lange lädt der Broswer (Safari) vor sich hin. Das betrifft alle Aktionen auf meiner Pinnwand, egal ob ich einen Beitrag poste, kommentiere oder ein Like verteile.

Gehe ich aber auf meine Netzwerkseite und kommentiere meinen Beitrag dort oder gebe ein Like, habe ich keine (ok, vielleicht ne knappe Sekunde) Wartezeit bis dieser erscheint.

Verwendet wird Friendica 3.3.2.
Denis Jörger 4 weeks ago (2015-02-09 22:51:21)
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Ich hab mittlerweile das Gefühl, dass es ein einfaches Aktualisierungsproblem ist. Evtl. bekommt das JS, das Deine Pinnwand aktualisieren soll, nicht den Auftrag, außer der Reihe ein Update zu fahren. Eigentlich sollte jedes Absenden eines Beitrags immer auch einen JS-Trigger auslösen, der ein Refresh macht.

Welches Theme nutzt Du?
Michael Vogel 1 day ago (2015-03-05 09:40:49)
Ich verwende das Theme vier plus. Muß heute Abend mal ne aktuelle Version davon ziehen und gegebenenfalls auch mal ein anderes Theme ausprobieren.
Denis Jörger 1 day ago (2015-03-05 11:17:36)

key parameter is not a valid public key

@Friendica Support

Hi there, I got this as an error message in my php log @Michael Vogel already considered it "something suspicious" [05-Feb-2015 19:06:15 UTC] PHP Warning: openssl_public_decrypt(): key parameter is not a valid public key in /var/www/virtual/ on line 251
[05-Feb-2015 19:06:15 UTC] PHP Warning: openssl_public_decrypt(): key parameter is not a valid public key in /var/www/virtual/ on line 252

Any ideas?
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TupambaeNet 4 weeks ago (2015-02-05 19:10:32)
Not sure what it is, I got that from the cron that runs the poller.php. Not sure what it tells, but I whought maybe it is of interest for anyone of the developers.
PHP Warning: array_reverse() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /var/www/virtual/user/social/addon/appnet/appnet.php on line 695PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/virtual/user/social/addon/appnet/appnet.php on line 696PHP Warning: array_reverse() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /var/www/virtual/user/social/addon/appnet/appnet.php on line 749PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/virtual/user/social/addon/appnet/appnet.php on line 750

@Friendica Support
utzer 4 weeks ago (2015-02-05 16:57:35)
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Yeah. This warning occurs every time is not reachable. I made a fix for that - I could do a pull request today.
Michael Vogel 4 weeks ago (2015-02-05 18:51:27)
Michael Vogel 4 weeks ago (2015-02-05 18:54:52)
Hi @Friendica Support ,
I have a problem, on my self- hosted instance I have added a couple of RSS feeds but they only seem to refresh initially, when adding a new feed, or when pressing "update now". Auto refresh is not working, even if I set the update interval down to "frequently". Other sources including Twitter, and Gnusocial are working fine and are refreshing regularly. Does anyone have an idea what could be the issue with the RSS feeds ?
Thanks, A.
Axel 4 weeks ago (2015-02-05 16:37:02)
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Er yes it was the cron job. Thanks for your support !
Axel 4 weeks ago (2015-02-05 19:08:12)
Now that I think of it I must have accidentally deleted it when uninstallig my RSS reader because I wanted to handle RSS inside Friendica ... what irony ;)
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Axel 4 weeks ago (2015-02-05 19:42:48)
@Friendica Support

This is the output of my statistics.json:
{"name":"Zwenkauer Flaschenpost","network":"Friendica","version":"3.3.2-1175","registrations_open":true,"total_users":"6","active_users_halfyear":"5","active_users_monthly":"5","local_posts":"783","services":{"appnet":false,"blogger":false,"buffer":false,"dreamwidth":false,"facebook":false,"gnusocial":false,"googleplus":false,"libertree":false,"livejournal":false,"pumpio":false,"twitter":true,"tumblr":false,"wordpress":false},"appnet":false,"blogger":false,"buffer":false,"dreamwidth":false,"facebook":false,"gnusocial":false,"googleplus":false,"libertree":false,"livejournal":false,"pumpio":false,"twitter":true,"tumblr":false,"wordpress":false}

This is the output from admin-menu. It doesn't fit !

Either the count of users fit nor the version of database. Bug, feature or test of a election-system ? ;-)
Andreas Hannusch 4 weeks ago (2015-02-05 08:50:43)

Posting to Twitter

Der @Friendica Support, okay, I have a Twitter connector that collects Tweets but doesn't doesn't post my tweets over there. I have waited for the poller to run. I tried to post everything to twitter by default or to enable it just for certain posts. This didn't change anything. How do you do it???
*freie funken* 4 weeks ago (2015-02-05 07:43:54)
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Und ich dachte mir noch: nein, daran wird sie sicher gedacht haben...
Denis Jörger 4 weeks ago (2015-02-05 14:41:35)
Ich weiß noch, dass ich es *las*, aber ich hab nicht gesehen, dass es nicht der default war. :D
*freie funken* 4 weeks ago (2015-02-05 14:49:48)
@Friendica Support

Kurze Frage: In der Administration - Zusammenfassung stehen unter dem Punkt Nachrichten-Warteschlangen 0 - 3

Die 3 Nachrichten sind verreckte Twittermeldungen. Kann ich die händisch aus der Datenbank löschen oder gehen die nach ein paar Tagen ?
Andreas Hannusch 1 month ago (2015-02-04 13:04:19)
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1729??? lol
Dennis 1 month ago (2015-02-04 13:59:56)
Das sind die Anfragen des BND ob Michael mal die Datenbank rausrückt. Da sie das Prinzip nicht verstanden haben, sind das verreckte E-Mails.

;-) :-) \o/
Andreas Hannusch 1 month ago (2015-02-04 14:06:35)
@Friendica Support

php include/poller.php

is giving me an output of:
PHP Warning: array_reverse() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /var/www/virtual/user/social/addon/appnet/appnet.php on line 695
PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/virtual/user/social/addon/appnet/appnet.php on line 696
PHP Warning: array_reverse() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /var/www/virtual/user/social/addon/appnet/appnet.php on line 749
PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/virtual/user/social/addon/appnet/appnet.php on line 750

Not a Problem, only happened once, but just wanted to let you know.
utzer 1 month ago (2015-02-04 09:40:21)
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enable logs an check for a line like
"appnet_fetchstream: Error fetching stream for user"

@Michael Vogel
shouldn't be better to add a return into the exception catcher, after logger() here, to stop the program flow?
Fabio 1 month ago (2015-02-04 09:55:20)
Sounds like a good idea. BTW: seems to have problems today.
Michael Vogel 1 month ago (2015-02-04 10:08:27)


We have the next big release of friendica scheduled for April 1st, 2015 and I'd love to see more translations of the core, the addons and the documentation materials in it. So if you are a friendica user who wants to contribute to the project but you are not a coder, maybe this one is something for you? Translation works is mostly done at Transifex, where you can contribute to the translation of the core UI and the addons. Just head over there, make an account, join the language team you feel capable of translating (which must not neccessaroly be your mother tongue) and start contributing. Transifex offers a online tool for the translations. You can look for untranslated strings and search for those you found a mistake in. Once you are done, you can let us take over putting it into the repositories or do it yourself.

Currently CS, DE, IT and RO are doing really well with something around the 97% translation work... show more
Tobias 1 month ago (2015-02-04 09:29:54) from open socialverse
@Friendica Support

Dear people,

I realized, that from time to time I am not able to see certain pictures which contacts of mine posted in Diaspora. Here is an example:
In my account only the tags arrived.

Greetz - Rafael
Rafael Maria R. 1 month ago (2015-02-03 23:06:44)
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Cool - danke!
Wo wir grad dabei sind: Wenn jemand in Diaspora einen eigenen Eintrag/Kommentar editiert, bekomme ich die editierte Version als zweiten Kommentar dahinter angezeigt. Bei sorgfältigen Menschen, habe ich dann schon mal drei bis vier Kommentare hintereinander (immerhin kann man so den Editierungsprozess schön beobachten...).
Rafael Maria R. 3 weeks ago (2015-02-15 22:06:36)
Ja, das ist die nächste Baustelle :)
Michael Vogel 3 weeks ago (2015-02-16 00:11:14)

following a Diaspora account

I'm pretty new to Friendica, and I'm trying things out to see how things work. I tried following diaspora HQ (, to see how interacting with Diaspora works, by entering into the "Add new contact" box. However, none of their posts are showing up in my Network tab, and when I edit the contact, it says: "You are sharing with diaspora* HQ", which is not what I want to do. Am I doing something wrong?
Hubert Chathi 1 month ago (2015-02-03 22:24:47)
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The poller does nothing with diaspora. I'm totally unsure where the problem could be.
Michael Vogel 4 weeks ago (2015-02-04 22:07:11)
Thanks for trying to help anyways, Michael. I've got your diaspora account added, so we'll see if it picks up on your next post.
Hubert Chathi 4 weeks ago (2015-02-05 01:11:31)

Error in oauth workflow

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support


when requesting a request token from a friendica server by an application the request token which is returned to the application is written into the database table "tokens" with a wrong uid (uid=0).

So when the authorization process via oauth is interrupted after the request token has been obtained by an application the request token in the database cannot be deleted by the user (via oauth/settings).

When the application again tries to authorize via oauth and again interupts the process another request token is written into the database also with uid=0. Then in oauth/settings the application is visible two times but the user still is not able to remove the authorization of that programm.

When the application tries to authorize a third time and know everything is fine the database table contains one entry for a valid access token wi... show more
Thorsten Schmidt 1 month ago (2015-02-03 21:26:27)
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I knew that this would happen. Are you trying to make a php-developer out of me? :-)

I must admit I have no complete php-IDE installed and configured to work with github. Just what was necessary to debug my android app. But I'll try it.
Of course I'm interessted in getting this fixed.

Are there special kind of tests which have to be done before making an pull request?
Thorsten Schmidt 1 week ago (2015-02-24 10:44:06)
Make sure that it goes into the develop branch and not into master, and claim that it works for you.
Tobias 1 week ago (2015-02-24 10:48:23) from open socialverse
Warum werden Beiträge hier eigentlich nach einer gewissen Zeit gelöscht? Einige der Probleme und Fragen die ich mit/zu meiner Friendica Instanz hatte, hätte ich vermutlich selbst lösen können wenn der entsprechende Google Link nicht ins Leere geführt hätte...
Denis Jörger 1 month ago (2015-02-03 20:19:36)
Weil die Datenbank ansonsten zu groß werden würde und der Dienst nicht angeboten werden könnte. Darum werden alte Beiträge nach einiger Zeit gelöscht.
Tobias 1 month ago (2015-02-03 21:26:35) from open socialverse
... und weil Beiträge auch mal verfallen und manche Dinge "haltbar" gemacht werden sollten, gibts das Wiki.
An dem sich gerne jeder beteiligen darf ;-)
Oliver 1 month ago (2015-02-03 21:55:49) from -friendica
Hi, a user from my instance wanted to connect to somebody from another server. The connection succeeded, however she couldn't access the other contacs' status. Posts were not private, I double-checked. They tried to delete each other mutually and readd, however this doesn't work out: She doesn't get a request confirmation and he doesn't get request. Is there a way to "repair" the DB to reset their connection? Thanks a lot!
Anthronaut 1 month ago (2015-02-03 17:07:10)
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Right, thanks! I'm learning by doing, so it'll take me a while to find my way around. I found the request and deleted it and I'll ask the admin of the other site to do the same. Let's see if it works.
Anthronaut 1 month ago (2015-02-03 18:51:47)
Yay, it works! Thanks!
Anthronaut 1 month ago (2015-02-03 20:22:21)

Begrüßungsmail nach der Anmeldung

Ich habe heute festgestellt, dass nach einer Anmeldung eines neuen Nutzers am Friendica-Server die Begrüßungsmail teilweise in Deutsch, teilweise in Englisch ist. Das ist doof.

Wo klemmt es ? Die Transifex-Übersetzung zeigt für Deutsch eigentlich 100 % an. Wo ist die Macke ? Ist das ein Fall für die Github-Issues ?
Dann bitte mal einstellen; ich habe dort keine Anmeldung.

Hallo xxxx,

danke für deine Registrierung auf Zwenkauer Flaschenpost. Dein Account wurde eingerichtet.
The login details are as follows:
Site Location:
Login Name: xxxxxx
Password: xxxxx

You may change your password from your account "Settings" page after logging

Please take a few moments to review the other account settings on that page.

You may also wish to add some basic information to y... show more
Andreas Hannusch 1 month ago (2015-02-03 12:40:45)
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Wenn vor dem String ein t('steht, dann ist das die Vorbereitung zur die Übersetzung. Also der spezielle Ort war es nicht, die Zeile drüber ist ja mit dem Aufruf der entsprechenden Funktion versehen.
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