@Friendica Support on a android 4.2 and firefox .....

i make a new posting. click on the 'link' icon from the editor, a popup for the link, i must wait ca. 60/90sek. and i see the following

An error occurred during a connection to SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG

Die Website kann nicht angezeigt werden, da die Authentizität der erhaltenen Daten nicht verifiziert werden konnte.
Kontaktieren Sie bitte den Inhaber der Website, um ihn über dieses Problem zu informieren.

ok, reload button brings me back to frendica - but frendica was so very slow.....
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Well, works for me. I think you should check apaches access/error log for details.
20.1% english, 18.4% pidgin, 15.5% danish
ok, thanks again. i tell it my admine :-)
23.4% english, 21.1% latin, 16.9% finnish
@Friendica Support is there a way to require a registrant to fill up a form to introduce self?
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There is a open Feature Request for this for the current release ;-)
33.5% english, 23.8% french, 20.6% danish
Not by now. We have an open issue for something related:
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change to development branch

Hi there @Friendica Support,
how do I change to the devolpment branch, just can't "find the button" with my hoster:

On Wed Apr 27 12:44:54 2016
> Hi:
> can you please try the following:
> _*
> *_ cd /
> /git checkout develop/

Host answered:
This is what I get

git checkout develop
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

Can some one please help me out?
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Did you install Friendica via 'git clone'? If so, you must 'cd' into Friendicas document root first before you can do the checkout. You can identify a git repo by the folder .git and the file .gitignore.

cd /path/to/friendica/files
git checkout develop
git pull
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@Friendica Support
2 days ago someone wrote at irc that isn't working. I just read it and isn't still working. Does anyone knows more about this. Do we have a contact?
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@Steffen K9 totally agree with this. But we need more people with webdevelopment skills or at least people who have a designer eye who give drafts for implementation.
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Just to let you know, some words to
Currently, we have (just) 21 registered accounts, 9 are expired, 5 of them never logged in after registering, just 1 posted a testmessage.
This is a normal week.
In peak times (after blog posts and suchlike) we had something about 75 registered users.
33.2% english, 22.1% pidgin, 19.2% french
Hi Friendica developers,
the new universal version of the Friendica app for Windows 10 is now available in the Windows Store. It would be great if you have the time and pleasure to try it out. Every feedback from you is very much appreciated...

Link to Windows Store
Link to my Support Page

Thanks and have a nice weekend,
30.8% english, 23.9% pidgin, 17.1% dutch
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Hi Morgan. Can you please try again as soon as the update to version 2.0.4 is deployed to your device? This version removes the message on unhandled exception. Now I would expect a silent crash of the app on your device, which then gives a stacktrace report for me.
31.6% english, 20.2% pidgin, 19.4% german
Okay well this is going to be fun to narrow down. Updated on my Lumia and it's not crashing currently. Loaded up the PC version which is still at 2.0.3 and it's not crashing either. Perhaps related to a post in the timeline? I'll poke at it periodically and see if it crashes again.
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@Friendica Support @Michael Vogel

Can we add a hook to function acl_lookup() ?
I'm experimenting with the textcomplete js framework and I would like to have the same search like the search at the contact page with the same template variables.
The idea to filter the contacts at the contact page (not to search the contacts like it is done now). Much of the work is done and it is working but I need to insert an own query. An need to inject an own items array
29.8% english, 22.5% pidgin, 17.5% spanish
Feel free. But when it is a coe functionality you could add it directly without a hook.
34.6% english, 17.2% latin, 16.3% french

Backup and (maybe) Ubuntu Release Upgrade

I will start a full backup of my server (vm snapshot, file system and database) at 23:00 CEST. A performance decline may occur. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If I am brave enough the distribution upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 will follow. The upgrade to MariaDB 10 and PHP 7 are quite huge steps. So, I'm still thinking about it...

Someone out there with experience upgrading an Ubuntu LTS server? I'm a little bit afraid of breaking something important like Postfix/Dovecot or Friendica (Apache, PHP).

#libranet #ubuntu #linux #xenial @Libranet Support @Friendica Support
Halle an der Saale 24% english, 21.5% pidgin, 17.1% danish
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If I follow a new contact with utf/umlaut characters in the username everything is fine.
33.4% english, 19.3% pidgin, 16.6% italian
Also, it looks like the contact names are automatically corrected as soon as the contact is sending an original posting. I'll watch this...
35.9% english, 24.1% pidgin, 21.1% french
@Friendica Support,

I've got 3 introductions today, but I don't get any informations about the introduced profiles -
What could be the reason ?

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Deine Implementierung des Diaspora Protokoll ist sicher fehlerfreier als die in Diaspora. :-D
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Hi there,

I try to use SSL-proxy and inserted the following lines into my .htaccess
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^|38|39|40)$
RewriteRule ^{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]

Somehow, this does not work. The site shows without CSS or has to load unsecure files to show up again - BUT - then I can not login any more. There must be some config to do besides the .htaccess.
Any Idea?
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OK Danke Michael,
also, das System erstellt keine relativen Links, was es einem Proxy SSL nicht möglich macht korrekt zu arbeiten.
Danke für die Info, Teste jetzt erst mal ein SSL Zertifikat für die Subdomain.

Noch eine Frage.
Wo kann ich die die ADMIN Rechte auf einen anderen user übertragen?
Wo kann ich die adresse ändern in
Das hatte ich anfangs falsch/anders konfiguriert und ich möchte gerne das Z in C tauschen. Das liegt bestimmt irgendwo in der Database - aber wo?!?
Herzlichen Dank
30.1% german, 19.8% danish, 18.9% dutch
Die Admin-Mailadresse ist eine der wenigen Werte, die in der .htconfig.php stehen :-)

Wie gesagt, Du kannst auf den Develop branch wechseln. Dann arbeitet das System grundsätzlich mit relativen Pfaden.
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@Friendica Support

I've just realised, that if I switch off the smileys, only my smileys are deactivated - or better said: only those in my postings, but in postings by others they're still there.

Is this the wished result ?
36.6% english, 19.3% pidgin, 17.1% swedish
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OK I found it. @Michael Vogel It should respect it. Look at It should be the same like the original.
24.6% english, 17.7% pidgin, 17.3% danish
In den Beiträgen die während der Nacht angekommen sind, sind wieder die nicht da sein sollten emojis drin (hatte gestern Abend emojione deaktiviert).
49.2% german, 34.2% dutch, 29.6% danish

Connection problems to Hubzilla

@Friendica Support I just stumbled upon a Hubzilla thread.

In this Mike said the following:

There is likely to be more instability with Diaspora going forward as I haven't seen any volunteers to upgrade the new protocol changes and they are getting closer by the day. I've done some background work so that it won't take a month to make these changes, but I don't have any easy way of testing my work. That's why we had the latest issues. Diaspora does not work with any of my sites - full stop. I never see any packets coming from Diaspora anymore. Not from my production site and not from my test site. Any work that I do is "blind" and I just have to make changes and pray. I also cannot ask questions on Diaspora about the protocol changes and why no packets are arriving at my sites because people there jump down my throat if I e
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What, you're going to give it back?

To hubzilla? Maybe not very much. Much of the things in frinendica are template and porting stuff and since git-marius is doing a great you job I'm not sure if hubzilla project would accept this. But anywhay this don't matter, because this view seems to me very limited. Giving back is in my opinion not a 1 : 1 situation. I'm active in many social (some are digital) spheres. It's all about giving and taking.
Lets give an example. This weekend we (my flatmates, the community around it and I) organizing a little free festival. We have the costs. Do they steal our money? I don't think so. Will they give something to us? Hard to say. But that's not questions. They could have a nice evening and could give the positive flow they will get to others. In this view they would give it back (but we won't be the receiver). That's how should world should work like (in my view). It's a big circle. Someone borrows (taking) something and you will get it back from someone other.

This has nothing to do with stealing.
And as y... show more
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I used a word to describe something which may not have been the best word to use. So did you. Let it go.
40.3% english, 30.3% pidgin, 20.4% dutch

Incorrect link in Connect page

When I look at my profile and press button "Connect", I can see a sentence with a link:
"If you are not yet a member of the free social web, follow this link to find a public Friendica site and join us today."
That link leads to and there is an almost empty page. Is it a configuration issue at Or is it a code issue? I assume it should be pointing to instead.
30.7% english, 21.2% pidgin, 21.1% italian
We are having two public directories. The one at and the other at It is a configuration issue at that server that the list is empty - but is okay that the page directs to this server.
42.8% english, 26.4% pidgin, 23.1% latin

Looks like CSS is missing

I am new to Friendica. I had difficulties setting up FB connector as so I thought I would install Friendica on my own webserver and experiment more this way. I had issues with the last step of installer, so I had to run database.sql manually. When I open the app, it looks like CSS is missing: Though I managed to register successfully - it just looks very plain and is difficult to navigate.

I am running on my Ubuntu 14.04 server 3 Docker containers - separate MySQL 5.7 database, Apache + PHP web server, and Nginx as a reverse caching proxy serving static content while passing PHP to Apache container. I don't see any relevant errors in either Nginx or Apache logs. When I look at page source I can actually open each CSS file, so they seem available. I also added directives into Apache config to disable Suhosin for this app.

Any help where else to look and what to try would be much appreciated.
Cheers, Tomas

P.S. I tried f... show more
34.4% english, 22.8% pidgin, 20.2% french
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I had a short look. The path to the profile picture is

This gives a "not found" error. Maybe its some server configuration, since this path really should work.
29.2% english, 20.6% french, 19.9% italian
Not only jpg. You should exclude everything in the friendica path from proxying.
30.3% english, 17.7% dutch, 15.8% pidgin
Hello @Friendica Support
there's something wrong with the latest code from develop.


The search field doesn't look right. It wasn't there before on mobile devices. Would you make it go away again, please. :-)
Halle an der Saale 6.6% pidgin, 6.4% portuguese, 6% welsh
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18% spanish, 16.2% italian, 16.2% portuguese
Everything looks great again. Thank you! @Rabuzarus
19.8% english, 15.9% tagalog, 15% pidgin
@Friendica Support
Is it possible to switch off that new feature, which shows up the preview of an emoji ?

I mean stuff like :coffe and so on
27.1% english, 19.2% french, 16.5% pidgin
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I foud that is instant in /display/... page, but veryvery slow in /network

I'll try to to a screencap...
28.9% english, 19.4% pidgin, 16.3% tagalog
I just gave it a try with palemoon, but it's perhaps only a little bit faster - perhaps as slow as firefox.
32.4% english, 17.5% pidgin, 17.2% estonian
Dear @Friendica Support
I think is broken. And not in a good way. ;) Can someone please inform the admin? (I don't know who it is)Image/photo
27.7% english, 21.4% pidgin, 18% italian
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22.9% english, 19% pidgin, 18.3% icelandic
I've contacted the admin. Thanks for notifying!
41.7% english, 24.7% pidgin, 20% italian


You are using Friendica with Twidere? You can help us with an open issue in the tracker:

osakaleland wrote:
When I added friendica to twidere (https://social.*****.com/api) it download all of my friendica posts ( including those aggragated by the twitter plugin) but would not download any new ones after that. I manually reloaded, reinstalled twidere, tried different versions of twidere - but no new posts from friendica are downloading.

It might be solved by now using current Twidere version, but we need verification for this.

Michael Vogel wrote:
I'm currently using and the timeline seems to load reliable. Old versions often had some hiccups where the loading stopped. This doesn't seem to occur anymore. I'm just waiting for some reports of other users before closing this issue.

So if you are using current Twidere versions with Friendica, could you check and drop a note of the current situation? Thanks! :-D

@Friendica Support
Berlin 34% english, 20% pidgin, 17.3% italian
After reading this, I opened Twidere on my phone, and this as well as the other "new" posts that show up on my network tab are shown on my Twidere. The red "new posts" counter also shows up over the home tab icon.

It seems to be functioning properly to me. :-D
36.9% english, 28.9% pidgin, 21.3% danish

What to develop next?

@Friendica Support Hopefully now the work concerning the communication to Diaspora, GNU Social and with other Friendica servers is finished. All pull request are accepted and there doesn't seem to be huge problems.

So the question is: What to do next? I had a look at the open issues and I would like to concentrate on repairing and reworking instead of doing something new.

I could rewrite the whole mail part, or I could rework the whole part with the account removal of dead accounts, the auto deleting of old items, etc.

Or maybe I could focus on rewriting the database part. There is an unfinished pull request that I could take over.

I really would like to focus on backend stuff. I don't like frontend stuff and would like to let others do this.

What do you think? What should I do?
32.9% english, 24.3% pidgin, 18.6% italian
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IMHO: needs more encryption. Also could use a more robust messaging system.
More robust privacy settings (or maybe I just haven't figured out how to set them properly?)
29.2% english, 20.4% pidgin, 17.7% danish
What do you mean by "robust"? What do you mean by "more encryption"? Many of this, things will need to be well thought through.
Actually @Michael Vogel is doing a really great job at cleaning up the code base. This may have a good impact for 1.) some future features could be easier implemented 2.) others could understand the code better and it could be easier to them to contribute

according privacity settings: what are you missing? Friendica does have some of them (and many more other settings). What friendica miss is a good logical organization of all it's settings (and maybe description). But as in most open-source projects we need drafts which can be discussed and maybe implemented afterwards.

You are really welcome to join in ;-)
35.3% english, 24.8% pidgin, 18.6% danish

Using Friendica's email connector

From the Github Wiki:
Friendica’s email connector is a very powerful, integrative feature. It allows to you add conventional email contacts to your social networking stream.

Hello @Friendica Support
is this still working with the current code? I can't find any possibility to configure an email connector. Also, I tried to add an email address as a contact but it failed (with or without mailto: prefix).
Halle an der Saale 27.2% english, 19.5% italian, 19% pidgin
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From mail.log:
Apr 3 16:15:35 localhost dovecot: imap-login: Login: user=<alfred>, method=PLAIN, rip=::1, lip=::1, mpid=24810, TLS, session=<xxxxxxxvVQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAxxxxxxx>
Apr 3 16:15:35 localhost dovecot: imap(alfred): Disconnected: Logged out in=38 out=757

This looks totally normal to me. But for what phrases should I look in the Friendica logfile?
25.6% english, 16.6% pidgin, 14.7% french
Whoa!!! It works! All of a sudden I could add a mail contact successfully. This time I tried an old GMX account of mine. Last time my GMAIL account didn't work.
31.2% english, 20.3% pidgin, 17.2% italian

Friendica creates too much database connections

@Friendica Support

I'm having huge performance problems in Friendica since a few weeks. Today I analysed the problem and it seems Friendica is creating too much database connections. These connections remain active for more than 3 minutes and have the state "locked". The limit of maximum user connections is reached regulary. I probably cannot raise that limit because I use shared hosting.

I checked the database connections with: mysqladmin -i 5 processlist

The following queries are locked for a long time:

SELECT `item`.*, `item`.`id` AS `item_id`, `item`.`network` AS `item_network`, `contact`.`name` ...

SELECT `notify`.*, `item`.`visible`, `item`.`spam`, `item`.`deleted` FROM `notify` LEFT JOIN `ite ...

SELECT `id`, `parent`, `uri`, `contact-id`, `type`, `verb`, `visible` FROM `item` WHERE `id` IN ...

Unfortunately mysqladmin doesn't print the whole query but it may be enough to identify a query. There are more queries which are locked for a long time tha... show more
36.9% english, 23.5% pidgin, 20.5% french
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The poller.php is responsible for two locking database connections that are locked for more than two minutes. I blocked access to my Friendica instance yesterday by adding "deny from all" in the htaccess file and 15 minutes ago I enabled the poller.php script again (via cron).

I will test what happens when I disable the poller.php script and enable access to my Friendica instance again.
31.4% english, 22.1% danish, 19.3% pidgin
@Michael Vogel

Thank you for your help and time :)

To all the others who have the same problem:

* Make sure you really are on the development branch (which is not the master branch in Friendica's git repo!).
* Enabling the background workers (like Michael stated above) fixed it for me.
35% english, 26.2% pidgin, 22.7% danish
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