24% english, 18.3% portuguese, 15.9% spanish
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I mean the [ url ]
50.3% english, 40.4% hawaiian, 39.5% albanian
yep. empty response from "insert link" dialog in main editor.
same problem I got here
21.9% english, 17.9% danish, 16.6% dutch
Ich hab seit dem Umzug meiner Instanz auf eine andere Domain (bei gleichzeitiger SSL Aktivierung) das Problem, das Kommentare die ich auf meiner Netzwerkseite auf Beiträge anderer User abgebe, zwar auf meiner Netzwerkseite unter dem Beitrag erscheinen aber nicht mehr auf der Pinnwand des jeweiligen Users. Oder anders ausgedrückt, ich kann zwar kommentieren, das sieht dann aber außer mir niemand.

Geh ich direkt auf die Pinnwand eines anderen Users und kommentiere dort, erscheint der Kommentar dort auch und landet nach einer kurzen Zeit auch auf meiner Netzwerkseite. Irgendwo scheints also zu hängen....
29.7% german, 21% danish, 19% swedish
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kannst Du ein kleines Script aus­führen, dass eine Umzugsnachricht versendet
In den Einstellungen der Nutzer, auf der Seite der Kontoeinstellungen, kann diese Nachricht im letzten Punkt manuell ausgesandt werden.
37% german, 23.1% dutch, 22.1% danish
Stimmt, die Funktion gibt es ja auch. Dann also Versionswechsel - am Besten auf die aktuelle Dev - und dann den Umzugsknopf noch mal drücken.
30.9% german, 21.3% dutch, 21.2% french
So I had a problem last night with my Friendica webserver, it was a newly setup VM with LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP), the flavor for Linux was Arch and MySQL fork MariaDB. The problem that occurred was, that MariaDB had the binary log option turned on, which seems to be the standard configuration. MariaDB accumulated gigs of these bin logs, so much, that it used a bit more than 30GB. This completely filled up my virtual HDD, this caused the setup to just deliver a fault message instead of the actual rendered Friendica page.

So I just wanted to share this. For now I switched the bin log off, it seems I still have to manually delete the log files, at least they were still there. Anyone knows if I can just delete this files manually?

@Friendica Support
32.3% english, 19.3% italian, 18.6% pidgin
A few months ago I moved our friendica to another VM and since that day MariaDB logs in binlog. I don't really like it, but haven't had andy problems with it. Only the fact, that it's binary and not easily readable.
32.3% english, 21.1% pidgin, 16.4% danish
as far as I understand this is not necessary for standalone operation, it is some function that is needed if you sync another database. It just takes up to much space and I don't need that logs.
33.8% english, 25.7% pidgin, 21% danish

Frio theme

@UX Watchdogs @Friendica Theme Developer @Friendica Support @Friendica Developers
In the last week there was some discussion about my experimental frio theme.
I decided to summerize some of my thoughts (some have been already highlighted in a german talk) about this theme and friendica. Also with regard to possible committers.

Some perspectives/direction I have thought about in case of the frio theme (which also would affect friendica core).

1.) The private messages page
The list of all messages could be displayed at the left aside. Similar like it's done now when the user has opened a message (in the present... show more
43.3% english, 28.5% pidgin, 21.9% french
14 comments show more
I think this should work for remote users as well, not only for local users as in this function. So I suggest that we add the user theme (and style) to "noscrape" and as a hidden field in the profile. Then we could query it at that function.
42.6% english, 24.4% pidgin, 21.1% french
prepare for my bug report, when my personal theme is not working on a node where it is not installed ;-)
38% english, 31% pidgin, 26.2% norwegian
At Transifex the core strings of Friendica have been updated to get translations for the 3.5 release up-to-date.

If you want to help the project and English is not your mother tongue, translations is a great chance to do so.

@Friendica Support
Berlin 35.4% english, 25.7% pidgin, 22.2% french
Hello @Friendica Support
is it just me or do we have a problem with adding feeds as contacts? I failed to add some WordPress feeds.

W3C feed validator says feed is valid. But Friendica doesn't recognise the network type. It tries to add this...

Profil URL:

...instead of a rss feed. :-( I tried this with three different feeds. Same problem.

Can someone confirm this behavior?

Halle an der Saale 25.9% english, 18.7% pidgin, 16.8% spanish
7 comments show more
40.9% norwegian, 36.7% danish, 29.5% indonesian
Thank you! It works now. :-)
24.7% english, 18.2% pidgin, 12.4% tagalog
@Friendica Support I've got problems with dropping contacts. I doesn't matter if I drop only one contact, or if I select more to drop, the result in here is always the same:

the page starts to load, and it loads and it loads and after some minutes it is still loading. Then I tried to simply refresh the page, but it doesn't help. Closing the tab and open a new one also doesn't help.
Actually I wait about 5 minutes and if it's still loading I restart the webserver and the database server.

Has anybody else noticed such problems with dropping contacts?
32.8% english, 20.9% pidgin, 19.7% spanish
21 comments show more
yes we should it discuss it in Friendica I think and put the results to github. I merly meant tha status for include it in 3.5 or push it alog the way ;-)
36.2% english, 24% pidgin, 19.6% danish
Hmm it's nothing for 3.5. It is much work. I opened the issue but this doesn't mean that I'm the one who solves this. Like I said that would be a complete rewrite and I'm afraid to touch such a big part.
Maybe I will experiment with some stuff. But therefore I need much time and I don't know when this will be.
But before starting something like this, we should make a solvable plan how we want it ;-)
35.2% english, 26.2% pidgin, 18.4% danish
It's me or /parse_url/ (the mod used to get embed code from "web link" dialog in jot) is returning an empty page all the time?

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support
28.8% english, 24.5% pidgin, 22% dutch
How can I test this? Adding a link in the editor and watching the browser console?
42.4% english, 22.5% pidgin, 21.7% dutch
Mmmh.. on a second check, the page I tried to add as web link was and it's full javascript..
The parse_url request is
which looks like returns an empty string.
I think isn't a good think to return an empty string. at least a [url]link[/url] tag should be returned always
24.5% english, 16.1% pidgin, 14.3% dutch
Hallo @Friendica Support
ich habe da mal ein Bitte an die Devs...

[feature request] please make admin/users sortable · Issue #2516 · friendica/friendica

my friendica node has 67 registered users at the moment. Which means that the admin/users page became a little bit crowded. And I hope it gets even worse in the future. So, to have a better overview it would be nice to have a possibility to sort the list of users. I wish it would be possible to click on every heading and the table gets automagically sorted.

Danke! :-)
Halle an der Saale 28.1% english, 22% pidgin, 19.7% dutch
5 comments show more
Thank you very much, @Fabio :beer :-)
21.1% english, 20% german, 17.3% dutch
If I put two links into a post it will only handle one of the attachments correctly. Anyone has this problem?

The picture is from the preview, but it also looked like that in the post that I deleted again.


@Friendica Support
29% english, 19.4% italian, 18.7% pidgin
5 comments show more
I stood outside the attachment element. That's something, which is clear, because text which I write there, does not belong to that delivered stuff.
35.3% english, 23.1% danish, 22.7% dutch
The problem that the text put by me appeard as preview-text disappeared somewhen.
But in my view there's still something not really correct. I've create a posting, with a link and a little description below.
37.3% english, 21.1% pidgin, 19.2% german
@Friendica Support
Immer wieder lese ich von develop branch von Friendica, was es wieder neues gibt und dass dieser auch stabil läuft. Daher frage ich mich, lohnt sich ein Wechsel vom master auf den develop branch? Was bringt mir das?
Und falls ja, kann mir einer genau sagen, wie ich bei git den branch wechsle?
33.7% german, 21.8% dutch, 21.1% danish
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Ok, danke für den Hinweis. Hat bis jetzt nur einen kurz höheren Load gegeben, mehr noch nicht.
29.9% german, 24.8% dutch, 17.7% danish
Was mir bis jetzt besonders positiv auffällt (neben kleinen schönen Anpassungen), dass sich die Performance sich stark spürbar gesteigert hat. Super, Danke für die viele Arbeit! @Michael Vogel
34.5% german, 24.1% dutch, 21% danish
@Friendica Support I got a notification, that somebody from diaspora tagged me in a posting. I viewed the posting, but nowhere appeared my name - so I asked him, why I don't see the tag/mention and he told me, that he didn't tag me at all.

This is the second one - the first happened about two weeks ago in a posting from gnusocial.

Do you have an idea, what could be the reason?
35.2% english, 22.9% pidgin, 18.1% italian
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Hmmm, so twitter, diaspora and gnusocial - sounds like something got triggered somewhere accidentally, not?
27.7% english, 25.3% pidgin, 20.6% danish
Maybe. The notification part was centralized some time ago.
34.8% english, 26.7% pidgin, 26% french
@Friendica Support

How can I debug why Messages are not sent to Twitter anymore?
30.2% english, 22.6% norwegian, 22.1% italian
10 comments show more
OK, es lag daran, dass er die php nicht gefunden hat, was ja logisch ist. Jetzt hab ich relativ viel CPU Last und der Poller forkt auch ordentlich, so wie eingestellt, ich teste dann nochmal.
35.6% german, 24.9% dutch, 23.8% danish
OK it is working now, all the Test post have been sent, it's like a flood. ;-)

Thanks for pointing me in that direction @Michael Vogel !
42.3% english, 28.5% pidgin, 25.2% dutch
Hello fellow friendica users, I was just wondering how you federation statistic looks like? Mine is was following:
Friendica (361)
Diaspora (267)
redmatrix (38)
hubzilla (92)
GNU Social (168)
StatusNet (19)

Thanks for sharing.

@Friendica Support
24.3% english, 19.4% italian, 18.2% norwegian
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where do you see those stats?
43.1% english, 28.2% slovak, 27.2% czech
28.5% english, 25.5% latin, 18.9% german
So I come closer to moving my Friendica server, I did some test runs with transferring the 5.5GB database this afternoon. It seems to work fine. I used a nice pipe through SSH which really is great.
mysql destinationDB < <(ssh -C user@source.server "mysqldump sourceDB")<br />
more details:

I will probably play a bit with the consistency check of tables to see how that works and will then switch of the webserver on the source server, will change the DNS entry to the new server. On the new server I got to do some stuff to get letsencrypt running for the new domain.

Any other tips about things I should not miss?

@Friendica Support
27.2% english, 19.5% pidgin, 16% italian
I get this message when clicking on the plugin buttons under settings.

replace_macros: Unable to load template file 'addon/remote_permissions/view/templates/settings.tpl'
26.8% english, 21% french, 19.8% pidgin
You do have the Remote Permissions addon active right?
33.6% english, 26.2% french, 26.1% pidgin
For me (using develop branch) activating the addon does not result in such error messages.
29.5% english, 23.9% german, 20.6% pidgin
How was it again, if I get this fault, why is it showing if 151 isn't exceeded?
[DEBUG]:poller.php:187:poller_max_connections_reached Connection usage (system values): 3/151
@Friendica Support @Michael Vogel
23.7% english, 17.4% french, 17.3% swedish
4 comments show more
oh ok, get it, it is just printing the variable to the log or something like that. Thanks!!
32.4% english, 31.1% pidgin, 22.7% norwegian
24.8% slovene, 24.6% croatian, 24.5% slovak
What does my webserver need to send the notifications? Do I need a full email server set up?

@Friendica Support
29% english, 20.5% french, 18.9% pidgin
11 comments show more
Hi Michael, what Phone do you use where upload do not work?
26.7% english, 21.3% pidgin, 14.3% danish
3g. Its quite old but its reliable
I have a more recent android phone but need to work out what is running on it that causes it to transmit so much when I'm not using it (interferes with FM radio and battery lasts only a few hours!
36.3% english, 20.1% pidgin, 18% german
@Friendica Support
@Friendica Foundation
@Friendica Developers

ich bin am Überlegen, ob und wie ich einen Flyer für Hubzilla erstelle.
Nun habe ich in diesem Thema noch keine Erfahrung.
Für Friendica gab es ja schon Vorträge. Habt Ihr da Flyer verteilt?
Wenn ja wie sehen/sahen diese aus?

Ich möchte Euer Layout nicht kopieren oder sowas wie eine Gegenüberstellung zwischen den Projekten machen, sondern lediglich ein Beispiel haben, wie so etwas erstellt wird...

Mögt jemand von Euch mir einen Tipp geben?
liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende
in the restaurant at the end of the universe 31.2% german, 19.7% norwegian, 19.3% dutch
Es gibt einen Friendica-Flyer, aber ich finde ihn nicht sooooo grafisch überzeugend.

Ich mag die Flyer, die man aufklappen muss, wie diese hier:

Oder diese hier:

Du solltest auf keinen Fall eine kleinere Schrift als dort verwenden und auch nicht mehr Text. Nur eine Schriftart, maximal zwei Schriftgrößen, kein Blocksatz. Wichtig sind Grafiken zur Auflockerung, insbesondere auf der Frontseite.
29.7% german, 20.2% dutch, 18% danish
36.9% german, 29.3% dutch, 29.3% indonesian
Next question, what does "Enable OStatus support OStatus support can only be enabled if threading is enabled." in the admin settings mean?

@Friendica Support
32.4% english, 24.1% latin, 21.5% french
OK, got it. Sorry to bother.
39.4% english, 29.5% pidgin, 17.2% slovene
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