If I put two links into a post it will only handle one of the attachments correctly. Anyone has this problem?

The picture is from the preview, but it also looked like that in the post that I deleted again.


@Friendica Support
29% english, 19.4% italian, 18.7% pidgin
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I stood outside the attachment element. That's something, which is clear, because text which I write there, does not belong to that delivered stuff.
35.3% english, 23.1% danish, 22.7% dutch
The problem that the text put by me appeard as preview-text disappeared somewhen.
But in my view there's still something not really correct. I've create a posting, with a link and a little description below.
37.3% english, 21.1% pidgin, 19.2% german
@Friendica Support
Immer wieder lese ich von develop branch von Friendica, was es wieder neues gibt und dass dieser auch stabil läuft. Daher frage ich mich, lohnt sich ein Wechsel vom master auf den develop branch? Was bringt mir das?
Und falls ja, kann mir einer genau sagen, wie ich bei git den branch wechsle?
33.7% german, 21.8% dutch, 21.1% danish
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Ok, danke für den Hinweis. Hat bis jetzt nur einen kurz höheren Load gegeben, mehr noch nicht.
29.9% german, 24.8% dutch, 17.7% danish
Was mir bis jetzt besonders positiv auffällt (neben kleinen schönen Anpassungen), dass sich die Performance sich stark spürbar gesteigert hat. Super, Danke für die viele Arbeit! @Michael Vogel
34.5% german, 24.1% dutch, 21% danish
@Friendica Support I got a notification, that somebody from diaspora tagged me in a posting. I viewed the posting, but nowhere appeared my name - so I asked him, why I don't see the tag/mention and he told me, that he didn't tag me at all.

This is the second one - the first happened about two weeks ago in a posting from gnusocial.

Do you have an idea, what could be the reason?
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Hmmm, so twitter, diaspora and gnusocial - sounds like something got triggered somewhere accidentally, not?
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Maybe. The notification part was centralized some time ago.
34.8% english, 26.7% pidgin, 26% french
@Friendica Support

How can I debug why Messages are not sent to Twitter anymore?
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OK, es lag daran, dass er die php nicht gefunden hat, was ja logisch ist. Jetzt hab ich relativ viel CPU Last und der Poller forkt auch ordentlich, so wie eingestellt, ich teste dann nochmal.
35.6% german, 24.9% dutch, 23.8% danish
OK it is working now, all the Test post have been sent, it's like a flood. ;-)

Thanks for pointing me in that direction @Michael Vogel !
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Hello fellow friendica users, I was just wondering how you federation statistic looks like? Mine is was following:
Friendica (361)
Diaspora (267)
redmatrix (38)
hubzilla (92)
GNU Social (168)
StatusNet (19)

Thanks for sharing.

@Friendica Support
24.3% english, 19.4% italian, 18.2% norwegian
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where do you see those stats?
43.1% english, 28.2% slovak, 27.2% czech
28.5% english, 25.5% latin, 18.9% german
So I come closer to moving my Friendica server, I did some test runs with transferring the 5.5GB database this afternoon. It seems to work fine. I used a nice pipe through SSH which really is great.
mysql destinationDB < <(ssh -C user@source.server "mysqldump sourceDB")<br />
more details:

I will probably play a bit with the consistency check of tables to see how that works and will then switch of the webserver on the source server, will change the DNS entry to the new server. On the new server I got to do some stuff to get letsencrypt running for the new domain.

Any other tips about things I should not miss?

@Friendica Support
27.2% english, 19.5% pidgin, 16% italian
I get this message when clicking on the plugin buttons under settings.

replace_macros: Unable to load template file 'addon/remote_permissions/view/templates/settings.tpl'
26.8% english, 21% french, 19.8% pidgin
You do have the Remote Permissions addon active right?
33.6% english, 26.2% french, 26.1% pidgin
For me (using develop branch) activating the addon does not result in such error messages.
29.5% english, 23.9% german, 20.6% pidgin
How was it again, if I get this fault, why is it showing if 151 isn't exceeded?
[DEBUG]:poller.php:187:poller_max_connections_reached Connection usage (system values): 3/151
@Friendica Support @Michael Vogel
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oh ok, get it, it is just printing the variable to the log or something like that. Thanks!!
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24.8% slovene, 24.6% croatian, 24.5% slovak
What does my webserver need to send the notifications? Do I need a full email server set up?

@Friendica Support
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Hi Michael, what Phone do you use where upload do not work?
26.7% english, 21.3% pidgin, 14.3% danish
3g. Its quite old but its reliable
I have a more recent android phone but need to work out what is running on it that causes it to transmit so much when I'm not using it (interferes with FM radio and battery lasts only a few hours!
36.3% english, 20.1% pidgin, 18% german
@Friendica Support
@Friendica Foundation
@Friendica Developers

ich bin am Überlegen, ob und wie ich einen Flyer für Hubzilla erstelle.
Nun habe ich in diesem Thema noch keine Erfahrung.
Für Friendica gab es ja schon Vorträge. Habt Ihr da Flyer verteilt?
Wenn ja wie sehen/sahen diese aus?

Ich möchte Euer Layout nicht kopieren oder sowas wie eine Gegenüberstellung zwischen den Projekten machen, sondern lediglich ein Beispiel haben, wie so etwas erstellt wird...

Mögt jemand von Euch mir einen Tipp geben?
liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende
in the restaurant at the end of the universe 31.2% german, 19.7% norwegian, 19.3% dutch
Es gibt einen Friendica-Flyer, aber ich finde ihn nicht sooooo grafisch überzeugend.

Ich mag die Flyer, die man aufklappen muss, wie diese hier:

Oder diese hier:

Du solltest auf keinen Fall eine kleinere Schrift als dort verwenden und auch nicht mehr Text. Nur eine Schriftart, maximal zwei Schriftgrößen, kein Blocksatz. Wichtig sind Grafiken zur Auflockerung, insbesondere auf der Frontseite.
29.7% german, 20.2% dutch, 18% danish
36.9% german, 29.3% dutch, 29.3% indonesian
Next question, what does "Enable OStatus support OStatus support can only be enabled if threading is enabled." in the admin settings mean?

@Friendica Support
32.4% english, 24.1% latin, 21.5% french
OK, got it. Sorry to bother.
39.4% english, 29.5% pidgin, 17.2% slovene
I set up a testserver to prepare for my friendica migration. I choose Arch Linux for the servers OS because I like Arch and a good friend knows it very well also.
I did set up friendica, I get up to the sign up screen. Somehow all the pictures in the webpage don't load via HTTPS, I got to figure out why. My server most likely is not able to send any emails, so I choose the same email address as provided during the installation and I entered a password for the signup. This mean I should not need to be able to receive any email. I can't log in with that new user, not sure why.

Could it be a HTTPS problem? Could the HTTPS trouble be a setting of friendica?

I am too tired now, but I will check again the next days.

Oh the server is behind a nginx proxy, but the proxying seems to be working, at least it seems so.

If you have any ideas/tips, just drop them here.

@Friendica Support
33.5% english, 24.1% pidgin, 20.2% italian
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I am glad you managed to sort it out. Personally I am just a user who was facing similar problem so I chimed in. Michael Vogel mentioned that current development branch behaviour is better in this regard. You can also have a look through tickets at Github:


25% english, 19.6% pidgin, 19.4% swedish
I am on the developement branch, I switched to it as @Michael Vogel suggested it. Thanks for the help.
32.7% english, 22.2% german, 19.4% pidgin

Bilder werden nicht angezeigt

Seit gestern werden in meinem Post keine Bilder mehr angezeigt, wenn ich einen anderen Beitrag per Link einbinde.

Der export nach GNU social, Twitter etc funktioniert dann MIT Bild.

Was läuft da falsch?!?
29.9% german, 23.9% dutch, 20.7% danish
Es ist ein Problem mit HTTP und OEmbed. Moderne Browser zeigen auf einer per SSL übermittelten Seite keine IFrames an, die nicht-SSL-Inhalte enthalten. Leider hat die OEmbed-Funktionalität aber bei den letzten Beiträgen nur Inhalte übermittelt, die nicht per SSL übertragen wurden.

Füge in Deiner .htconfig.php die folgende Zeile ein, dann werden bei zukünftigen Beiträgen solche Inhalte nicht mehr eingebettet:

$a->config['system']['no_oembed_rich_content'] = true;
32.5% german, 23.2% norwegian, 22.4% danish
38% german, 32.4% norwegian, 31.2% danish
@Friendica Support,

"Mark all system notifications seen" does not clear the ".. requested registration" notifications. This is tested with 64595e9a2df5bee7fe3a0bddd4b6017d6ae00be8
32.4% english, 22.8% french, 21.9% latin
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I cannot see such option from a mobile (usin Vier theme)
30.5% english, 24.6% italian, 20.7% norwegian
Same with "duepuntozero" theme. No such option as "ignore" for registration requests.
31.5% english, 24.1% french, 22.4% spanish

Imagemagick security issue

Hello @Friendica Support
kann der bekannt gewordene Bug in Imagemagick ein Problem für uns sein? Wird die Bibliothek von Friendica genutzt?

Golem (inoffiziell) wrote the following post:
Imagetragick-Bug: Sicherheitslücke in Imagemagick bedroht viele Server

Imagetragick-Bug: Sicherheitslücke in Imagemagick bedroht viele Server -

Mit Bildern kann jetzt Code ausgeführt werden: Die Bildbearbeitungsbibliothek Imagemagick prüft Name, Inhalt und Typ von Bildern nur unzureichend - und macht die Software daher

#Sicherheitslücke #Bildbearbeitung #Computer #Ruby #Server-Applikationen #Foto #Server #Applikationen #Security
Halle an der Saale 26% german, 18% dutch, 16.3% danish
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Es ist wesentlich performanter als PHP5 und (die develop Branch) scheint auch ohne Probleme zu funktionieren mit PHP7 soweit ich das bis jetzt festgestellt habe.
40% german, 23.8% english, 23.6% french
Could someone kindly post a summary of this thread in English?

Do I understand it correctly that if my installation (from master, 3.4.3-2 - 1191) includes both packages php5-imagick and php5-gd then Friendica won't use Image Magick and I don't need to worry about this security issue?
32% english, 20.7% pidgin, 17.7% french
I don't get any notifications since last nights pull from dev branch. Anyone else has the problem?
@Friendica Support
28.4% english, 25.7% french, 23.5% pidgin
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Nope. On contrary, notifications are quite quick these days. :-)
34.8% english, 32.6% french, 26.3% italian
It seems to be OK now, maybe I did a CTRL-F5 in between. Not sure.

Thanks to all!
35% english, 26.3% pidgin, 22.7% italian
@Friendica Support I've deactivated to publish my profile and searched for this profile via a another profile from and found myself - I get it as suggestion.

Do we have a privacy leak?
28.5% english, 20% danish, 19.9% portuguese
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21.5% english, 18.2% french, 17% dutch
39.3212021 -7.4581769 29.7% dutch, 28.3% german, 25.5% danish
Wir haben keinen existierenden Konnektor zu Falls eine API zur Verfügung stellt und sich ein Programmierer findet, könnte dieser aber sicherlich auf Basis der vorhandenen Konnektoren relativ schnell etwas auf die Beine stellen.
37.6% german, 24.9% norwegian, 24.1% danish

Poller mit PHP Warnung

Ich bekomme seit einigen Tagen die folgende PHP Warnung:

PHP Warning: substr() expects parameter 3 to be integer, float given in /var/www/virtual/ennibook/html/library/asn1.php on line 162

Jemand eine Idee?

@Friendica Support
Ennigerloh 21.7% german, 21.5% dutch, 20.4% danish
Ich hab nur sehen können, dass das aus dem Crypto-Bereich kommt. Evtl. wird irgendwo ein ungültiger Schlüssel eines Users übergeben.
30.9% german, 16.8% danish, 16.3% norwegian
@Friendica Support on a android 4.2 and firefox .....

i make a new posting. click on the 'link' icon from the editor, a popup for the link, i must wait ca. 60/90sek. and i see the following

An error occurred during a connection to SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG

Die Website kann nicht angezeigt werden, da die Authentizität der erhaltenen Daten nicht verifiziert werden konnte.
Kontaktieren Sie bitte den Inhaber der Website, um ihn über dieses Problem zu informieren.

ok, reload button brings me back to frendica - but frendica was so very slow.....
cybertreehouse 24.6% german, 22.7% dutch, 21.1% english
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Well, works for me. I think you should check apaches access/error log for details.
20.1% english, 18.4% pidgin, 15.5% danish
ok, thanks again. i tell it my admine :-)
23.4% english, 21.1% latin, 16.9% finnish
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