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Not able to confirm/add remote profiles

@Friendica Support

Hi everyone, I've just set up a Friendica instance and one of my friends is having trouble adding remote contacts.

Specifically, one of the ones he is not able to add is I, however, have added it successfully. I wondered if it was an issue with my account being an admin account, but that's not the case, as I set up a new user and could add rms.

Before my friend started adding contacts, he changed his account name (the "full name" not the nickname), and we thought that may have contributed to the problem, but I did the same on the test account and before and after I was still able to add rms.

We've gone over our privacy settings, and they are both the same:


However, still no luck. The message he's getting is "Could not confirm remote profile address." Google hasn't enlightened me.

Is there something we can look at? Some configs I can change directly in the mysql database? Or is it safe for him to export his account and re-create a new one?

Any help appreciated, thanks.
Spiro Dotgeek 2 days ago (2015-07-04 00:02:39) from the swamplands
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Thanks Michael, I didn't ask whether he added to /contacts or whether he visited the other site. But we can wait until the new code release. Appreciate the help.
Spiro Dotgeek 2 days ago (2015-07-04 05:00:25) from the swamplands
When trying to add rms from /contacts I get the following error message.

"The profile address specified does not provide adequate information.
No compatible communication protocols or feeds were discovered.
An author or name was not found."
Swathe 2 days ago (2015-07-04 05:01:07)
@Friendica Support

I'd like to ask you ask you something : I've installed a local instance to try out some stuff.
I installed it on a seprate machine in my LAN and I put some restrictions with iptables, because I don't provide any public services. So on that little server I usally block everything (input, output, forward) and later add some chains to allow a few things in LAN only.
Then I realised, that I couldn't register on friendica - when I allow the output, I can.
Then I tried it with allowance for the ports 80 and 53 tcp and udp, but registration still wasn't possible, so I just allowed output again generally to register an account and put back the restrictions into my ruleset.
The message was, that the mail-adress is not valid.
I have to say, I'm not widely read in networking stuff - I'm just interested :-)
Could you please tell me which port and protocol is needed there to make a registration possible ?

#friendica #question
Rebeka Catalina ~F 3 days ago (2015-07-03 15:13:25)
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Oh ok - thank you very much :-)
Yesterday I've been without internet for a couple of hours.
I've seen your comment, but a friend of mine has been in here to learn together some computer stuff and later, when I wanted to answer, there was no connection to the www.
I already thought, that perhaps because of the damn high temperatures the DSL-router became too hot and changed it with another one, but there might have been a damage elsewhere - somewhen around midnight I tried it the last time - I'm glad it works again :-)
Rebeka Catalina ~F 1 day ago (2015-07-05 07:28:00)
I think I'll gonna do it with a local webserver on my desktop then.
Vagrant seems to bo quite comfortable, yes, but the variant with a local webserver feels more likable for me :-)
Rebeka Catalina ~F 20 hours ago

Users cleanup

@Friendica Support

Hello, dear friendicans! :-)

I have a public instance at and want to cleanup spammy users (who haven't logged in for more than year, or never try to do that). I have deleted them from admin panel, but they're still there, in deletion queue, for about a week. Will they vaporize, or I should launch some script for that?

Stanislav N. 5 days ago (2015-07-01 14:55:08)
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contrary, potential contacts of the accounts need time to get the message that the account is now deleted
Tobias 5 days ago (2015-07-01 15:48:46) from open socialverse
I hope I'll stay alive, taking the fact that I did login _now_..

Although I really didn't visit friendica/diaspora for a while now, because of personal issues I don't want to share much.
Vasya Novikov 5 days ago (2015-07-01 18:40:41)

Translations for 3.4.1

Hey everyone, there is a new release of ~friendica ~friendica at the horizon and with it some updates for the translations to the strings used in the interface. If you have an account at Transifex and have some minutes time to update the translations, please head over. If you don't have an account there yet, but want to help the translation, head over, make yourself an account and request joining one of the translation teams.

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers
Tobias 6 days ago (2015-06-30 08:00:21) from open socialverse
@Federation Forum @Geraspora Team @Michael Vogel @Friendica Support #federationbug Hallo ihr, habe bereits die Anzeige eines schlecht federierten post's an das geraspora team hier gemeldet, besser ich verweise noch mal extra auf das Problem und schreibe gleich involvierte Entwickler an. :)

Irgend was läuft offensichtlich aus dem Ruder bei der Übertragung, es scheint das die geraspora camo für Bilder das Problem verstärkt, auf joindispora ist der größte Teil des Themas lesbar.

... show more
ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ jeSuisatire RequêtéChe 6 days ago (2015-06-30 07:08:56) from Diaspora

Use Buffer, not FBPost

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support As most of you might know, Facebook had changed some rules, so that the FBSync addon isn't usable anymore and the FBPost addon can only be used if Facebook grants a permission at the end of a lengthy process that every single Friendica admin has to go through.

If you (or your users) only want to post stuff to Facebook (or Google+ Pages or LinkedIn) then you should install the buffer addon. It uses the third party tool "Buffer" for that.

Mirroring of posts (importing your posts from a foreign network and posting it via Friendica) isn't possible with that.
Michael Vogel 6 days ago (2015-06-30 07:02:31)
My node has started speaking German, I haven't done anything of note to it.
Aaron Gibson 1 week ago (2015-06-27 00:31:58)
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Aaron, it's a hint to join the Friendica User-and Developermeeting in Zwenkau, Germany ;-)
Andreas Hannusch 1 week ago (2015-06-27 10:07:39)
Perhaps the Universe is telling you to learn a new language? ;-)
Ralf Hagen 1 week ago (2015-06-27 10:24:59)

Nächste Seite ..

@Friendica Support

Folgendes : benutze am Handy das Theme Frost mobile und leider lädt Friendica am unteren Ende nix nach .. Hab ich da was falsch eingestellt ? Was mir auch aufgefallen ist : gehe manchmal zw. anderer Sammlung in die Desktop Ansicht .. Nur man kommt dann nicht mehr zurück ..

Was ratet ihr ?
Uli   1 week ago (2015-06-26 20:04:11) from Friendica mobile web
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ups. sorry.. passt auf jeden . genau was ich suchte..
Uli   3 days ago (2015-07-03 01:50:30)
zu Neptune nochmal: Cache leeren, Endlos scrollen nicht benutzen, max. 10 Beiträge anzeigen bei mobilen Themes.
Die leeren Stellen kommen vom automatischen Nachladen, d.h. je länger der Stream, desto länger siehst du weiß. Frischt sich irgendwann auf, aber nervt.
Clean ist schon eine ganz feine Lösung, davon mal ab ;-)
Oliver 3 days ago (2015-07-03 05:52:02) from -friendica


@Debian @Deutschsprachige Nutzer @Friendica Support

Hallo Leute, heute hatte ich die Zeit und Nerven um die fällige Erneuerung meines https-Zertifikats vorzunehmen. Ich habe ein StartSSL-Zertifikat der kostenlosen Sorte und das gilt jeweils nur 1 Jahr. Nun habt ihr sicher alle die Berichte über POODLE und BEAST gelesen - mein Server sollte wieder gute Noten bekommen und sicher sein.

1. Problem war das "Intermediate certificate" vom Aussteller. Inzwischen hat StartSSL angefangen die SHA1withRSA Zwischenzertifikate gegen SHA256withRSA auszutauschen. Sie sind aber noch nicht durch. Das kann ich nicht beeinflussen - aber das SSL Lab meckert noch ein bisschen.

2. Problem: ich verwende noch Debian Wheezy und kann nicht gleich upgraden. Der Apache ist Version 2.2.22-13+deb7u4 und OpenSSL ist Version 1.0.1e-2+deb7u17.
Damit habe ich das 1024-... show more
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Andreas Hannusch 2 weeks ago (2015-06-24 16:10:56)
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Ich hab mich jetzt mal an WoSign gewagt:
Michael Vogel 2 weeks ago (2015-06-24 18:48:48)
Heilige Sch**** A+!
Ok - challenge accepted...
Peter Hethely 4 days ago (2015-07-02 11:52:05)

2 factor auth

Hi, I managed to get 2 factor auth to run for friendica.
Duo Security offers up to 10 users for free!
I am using their ldap auth proxy which connects to my ldap directory.
<a class="bookmark" href="" >Two-Factor Authentication</a><br /><blockquote>Two Factor Authentication trusted by Facebook, Etsy, NASA and 5,000 others. Use mobile phones to secure your company logins, protecting your company from account takeover and data theft.</blockquote>
Murkas Wylander 2 weeks ago (2015-06-23 10:32:04)
Seems like you should write a documentation about this that we could write in the Wiki.
Michael Vogel 2 weeks ago (2015-06-23 10:39:55)

OStatus: Much better - still some room for improvements

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support I just did another pull request. The protocol implementation now supports bookmarks, questions and events. The behaviour with repeated posts should now be stable.

The next should now be the support of OStatus groups. Additionally I would like to check whether it is possible to subscribe to conversation feeds. This really would be a milestone.

By now I guess I will stop at the development, so that we can do a release with a stable code soon.
Michael Vogel 2 weeks ago (2015-06-21 21:19:06)
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we'll wait for you :-)
Fabio 2 weeks ago (2015-06-23 13:18:43)
Best would be to do several tests. And I'm about to remove the external PuSH server. The internal really is working fine.
Michael Vogel 2 weeks ago (2015-06-23 13:23:41)
Hello, I just tried Twidere again after a long time. I downloaded if with F-Droid, set it up with this description

I had to set it to ignore SSL Faults, otherwise it won't connect at all, not sure why, maybe there is fault in Twidere or it is more restrict with SSL then Firefox or Chrome.

I can read posts, but when I try to send a "Test" it will crash and not submit the message. Did anyone have such a problem before?

@Friendica Support
utzer 2 weeks ago (2015-06-20 13:54:03)
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das ist ein Update für die Addons, da gibt es keinen develop branch.

Hier ist die liste der aktuellen Änderungen im develop branch vom frindica core jüngst kam dazu, dass dir angezeigt wird welcher Nutzer da gelöscht werden soll in der Nachfrage. Wenn da nur ein "bist du sicher" steht, dann bist du im master branch unterwegs.

Die nächste Release soll dann aber demnächst kommen.
Tobias 2 weeks ago (2015-06-23 10:21:28) from open socialverse
Gut, dann werfen wir den Beitrag einfach in den Mülleimer *plonk*
utzer 2 weeks ago (2015-06-23 13:34:41)
@Friendica Supoort
@Friendica Developers
Dear all,
my contact entry of contact table database intermittently changed by some mechanism that I'm not familiar with. Consequently some of the contact user entry have false nickname and false profile picture causing double entry in contact list. The only way to confirm the authenticity of the contact is by clicking it and see which profile where it get redirected to.

My question is which mechanism or background process that modifies the contact list?

best regards,
Joe Banks 2 weeks ago (2015-06-20 11:59:29)
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I know that I searched for the pumpio issue for several months until I solved it. You could search the code for all sql commands that are updating the contact table.
Michael Vogel 2 weeks ago (2015-06-22 08:21:26)
Hmm this looks like a serious issue.. Thanks for the pointer and the help, much appreciated....
Joe Banks 2 weeks ago (2015-06-22 08:30:46)
Ich habe mir bei #Friendica einen zweiten Account mit dem selben Passwort und der selben Mailadresse eingerichtet. Diesen würde ich jetzt gerne mit meinem Hauptaccount verknüpfen. Nur bin ich zu blöd oder zu blind diese Funktion in meinen Einstellungen zu finden. Vielleicht kann mir da ja der @Friendica Support weiter helfen. ;-)
John Doe 2 weeks ago (2015-06-20 09:40:59)
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die URL zum Verwalten ist, wenn der Menüpunkt nicht existiert im Theme
Tobias 2 weeks ago (2015-06-20 10:04:42) from open socialverse
Ah... Danke euch. Bei meinem Theme ist das etwas versteckter :)
John Doe 2 weeks ago (2015-06-20 10:38:29)
@Friendica Support

was haltet ihr von ? und dem Aufruf:
"Anonymous is initiating a call to hackers, designers, creators and programmers to unite worldwide. Let us collaborate on the code of and build a top site that is truly of the people, by the people and for the people" ..

hat sich das schon wer angeschaut ? hab s mir grad ein bisschen angeschaut ( aber noch nicht angemeldet..) , aber check nicht ganz wie es funktionieren soll.. scheinbar auch zentralistisch aufgebaut, oder ?

könntet ihr euch vorstellen, dass es in ferner Zukunft eine Kooperation / Crossposting zw. Diaspora/ Red / Friendica und geben könnte ?
Uli   3 weeks ago (2015-06-18 19:29:28)
Ich kenne es überhaupt nicht. Wenn es dezentral ist, wäre zu prüfen, ob es eine Doku des Protokolls gibt. Wenn es nicht dezentral ist, wäre zu prüfen, ob es eine API gibt.
Michael Vogel 3 weeks ago (2015-06-18 21:28:38)

Huge database

@Friendica Support

Just have question, till now my posts on Friendica will never expire, therefor the posts will be stored until I delete dem manually or until I kill my Friendica installation.

Now I saw within a year of use my Database went to about 1.4 GB, actually wanted to do a manual backup and figured it loads very long and that for two users and some RSS. Did you ever check the Database size?

So my question, how do you handle this? Not posting many pictures can help or setting an expiration date might help. What is you practice?
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utzer 3 weeks ago (2015-06-18 15:47:42)
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It's a problem for the root mysql user and you have a password stored in /root/.my.cnf for the server which you are restoring to. The passwords are different until changed.
Also for Debian, you need to backup and restore /etc/mysql/debian.cnf as the debian-sys-maint passwords will be different if restoring to another server.
Keith 3 weeks ago (2015-06-18 19:27:13)
Nur Nachrichten, die als Netzwerk "Twitter" stehen haben. Also auch nicht die Beiträge, die über die "Spiegeln"-Funktion nach Friendica verteilt wurden.
Michael Vogel 3 weeks ago (2015-06-18 21:21:50)
@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support @Friendica Theme Developer

Gibt es irgendwie die Möglichkeit Variablen für smarty zu setzen, welche dann global (also in allen Templates) verfügbar sind?

Ich experimentiere gerade mit dem Blog-Theme von Fabio und würde gerne einige Elemente ausschließen, wenn der Seitenbesucher nicht local_user() ist.
Rabuzarus 3 weeks ago (2015-06-15 15:09:08)
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you can really call global defined functions from templates.
In friendica-project I'm calling 't()', 'relative_date()' and 'substr' from template.
I didn't try, but I think you can do {{if local_user()}}<h1>Welcome back!</h1>{{/if}}

p.s. I'm thinking to add support to extract translatable strings from template to messages.po in core
Fabio 3 weeks ago (2015-06-16 06:22:52)
oh wonderful, it works. Thanks a lot
Rabuzarus 3 weeks ago (2015-06-16 22:49:24)
@Friendica Support

So because of the Diaspora problem when you moved your friendica account I thought I would create a new profile, which was not possible because I get the message "dieser Spitzname ist schon vorhanden" (this nickname is already in use) which is not true. Not sure if it was ever used, but there is no user that has the same nickname on my server. The new users nickname I wanted to set to 'utzer', there is no user called here. So what can I do to get that working? Creating a user called 'test' works fine.
ben 3 weeks ago (2015-06-14 19:58:11)
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have a look at the engrams in the userd table, there are the once used names memorized.
Tobias 3 weeks ago (2015-06-15 17:42:26) from open socialverse
Thanks alot, there was a user called 'utzer', just deleted it and could create a new user called 'utzer'.

Thank you.
ben 3 weeks ago (2015-06-15 20:28:53)
@Friendica Support
Mal eine Frage: Wie bekomme ich denn, wie auf, so einen Diaspora Export her? Diesen findet man in den Einstellungen --> Soziale Netzwerke.
Diese Möglichkeit finde ich bei mir irgendwie nicht?
John Doe 3 weeks ago (2015-06-14 18:01:37)
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ja klar, würde mich auch interessieren, wenn das so wäre, dann wäre das ja einfach und toll.
ben 3 weeks ago (2015-06-15 22:20:24)
Ich wollte sowohl die main domain als auch www.-- eingeben und mir kam ein "nicht nötig ist eh mit drin" advise. Bei start SSL ist es eine subdomain und fertig.
RequeteChe 3 weeks ago (2015-06-15 22:29:41) from from within the #federatedweb
Dear people at @Friendica Support,

while I was working on the german translation of I stuck at the last sentence:
Comments which are relayed to community forums will be relayed back to the original post creator. Mentioning the forum with an @-tag in a comment does not relay the message, as distribution is controlled entirely by the original post creator.

I don't understand this because I can't imagine that anyone would mention the same forum in a comment on a thread of the forum.
So, what is meant?
And what is happening technically?:
I'm a member of a forum and write a post to it. The forum takes its addressbook and multiplies my post to all of its contacts. Or does the forum hands out its addressbook to me 'cause it's written that the
distribution is controlled entirely by the original post creator
, that's me.
If it's going the first way (sorry 'bout my English) I can imagine that the mentioning of a second forum would f... show more
Frank Dieckmann 4 weeks ago (2015-06-08 09:58:46)
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Could it be then:
Mentioning the a forum with an @-tag in a comment does not relay the message to that forum, as distribution is controlled entirely by the original inital post creator.
This entry was edited (4 weeks ago (2015-06-08 13:32:47))
Frank Dieckmann 4 weeks ago (2015-06-08 11:10:41)
Michael Vogel 4 weeks ago (2015-06-08 11:48:40)

Reworked OStatus import

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support This weekend I spent some time on the OStatus import. There were several issues with duplicates and some problems with reshared items.

Since the whole code of the "consume_feed" function seems maintainable to me, I wrote a completely new function that replaces this function - but only for the OStatus protocol. I will see if I will write a dedicated function for RSS/Atom feeds as well, so that we will have a dedicated function for every protocol. This should help making the code more understandable.

In the future I will also try to change all XML parsing to the regular XML-DOM functions in PHP. They are powerful enough and better understandable than "simplepie" I think.
Michael Vogel 4 weeks ago (2015-06-07 23:45:30)
@Fabio @Tobias I just did the pull request. It's a little bit larger :-)

You might experience the effect that old posts are refetched (especially repeated items). This will happen only once.
Michael Vogel 4 weeks ago (2015-06-09 22:18:42)
There is one issue where I haven't found a solution for. When two (or more) persons from Friendica are commenting on a OStatus message then they won't see each other directly. Only after another person from OStatus had done another posting, the thread completion will fetch posts from Friendica users as well.
Michael Vogel 4 weeks ago (2015-06-09 22:54:04)

Performance problems in current developer branch

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support Due to a programming (done by me) in the current developer branch you will experience huge performance problems when your database is big and you have much posts from networks other than Friendica and Diaspora.

There is a query that uses much time. I will work at it today and will make a pull request at the evening I guess.
Michael Vogel 1 month ago (2015-06-02 06:42:59)
Thanks for the update. At least it's not hardware related. Good luck with the fix.
Wilhelm 1 month ago (2015-06-02 07:00:09)
@Tobias @Fabio I did a pull request for that issue. Could you have a look at it? I would like to work on other issues but cannot change the branch since the old programming would kill my server (like it did yesterday)
Michael Vogel 1 month ago (2015-06-02 20:28:25)
@Friendica Support I am looking for the URL path way to the API.
from what I gather, it's domain.tld/api but when I try it with mine, I get 404 page.
Taek 1 month ago (2015-06-02 03:42:20)
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Just call - then you will see that thr API is working.
Michael Vogel 1 month ago (2015-06-02 05:41:21)
I am wondering if the URI structure changed from whence Twidere was developed, updated was different. Or perhaps whatever updates to Twidere, changed the way it accessed the URIs.
Taek 1 month ago (2015-06-02 05:54:00)

OStatus replies should now arrive at all contacts

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support I just did a pull request. This improves the communication with OStatus contacts a lot. Now a reply should always arrive at all OStatus contacts. It can even work with replies to unknown contacts when they are sharing the same server with known contacts.

The next step will be an improvement to the export. (I want to add all fields that are supported by the protocol)

Then I will have a look at the import. There are several bad things in the code (I did several of them). So I want to rewrite many parts of it.

Maybe I should add an option the statusnet connector to add every connector contact natively.
Michael Vogel 1 month ago (2015-05-30 23:38:16)
There is one problem at the moment. If several people from Friendica are discussing on the same thread they will only see each other posts if the thread completion was activated.

This is due to the fact that Friendica doesn't speak subhub with each other. I have to see if the salmon protocol could help or if I could make a change to our own protocol.
Michael Vogel 1 month ago (2015-05-31 11:32:55)
I just noticed, that after pulling the latest changes from develop yesterday, my server stopped to receive any comments. "Main posts" aren't affected by this.
After switching to the main branch, the comments are now arriving.
Is this a known (temporary) bug, or should I create a github issue for this?

(The log doesn't seem to show anything useful and poller.php runs without any php errors from command line)
@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support
Johannes Schwab 1 month ago (2015-05-30 13:03:28)
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Ok, then it seems to by due to my configuration... I will try develop again in the evening and see if I can fetch some error messages or so.
Johannes Schwab 1 month ago (2015-05-30 13:19:24)
Have a look into the log file for database errors. (search for dba.php)
Michael Vogel 1 month ago (2015-05-30 13:40:34)
Is the [map] tag working for anyone? I always get an embedded Error 500 page from openstreetmap :-/

@Fabio @Friendica Support
Tobias 1 month ago (2015-05-30 07:56:33) from open socialverse
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I deleted the caches quit often lately (maps, notification,...) but it could well be. Anyhow the [map]tag is working again. :-)
Tobias 3 weeks ago (2015-06-16 14:51:32) from open socialverse
The cache is in the "cache" table. It is stored there for a month.
Michael Vogel 3 weeks ago (2015-06-16 16:48:10)
@Friendica Support were there any changes to the frost mobile theme lately? It cuts of ≈30% of the usable screen width, causing one of the buttons in top not to show.
This could be caused by android chrome as well.
ben 1 month ago (2015-05-29 18:29:10) from Friendica mobile web
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Either I read Friendica instead of FF or it was written there. Did you change that?
ben 1 month ago (2015-05-30 23:31:01)
No, I didn't change a bit.
Steffen Krumbholz 1 month ago (2015-05-31 08:30:51)

Changing the OStatus import

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support The last days I worked at the OStatus and Diaspora communication. I created a pull request for this:

There are still several issues for the OStatus import (, GNU Social). I'm thinking about a radical new way to import OStatus messages.

By now every message is imported. Without the thread completion you will often get replies without the original post. With activated completion you will get the whole thread but the danger is that you will be flooded with messages that you don't want to get - and there is a protocol problem that you can't reply to these posts by now (maybe fixable)

I'm now thinking about a new import. This one would not directly import the received messages but would directly start a function like the... show more
Michael Vogel 1 month ago (2015-05-28 09:56:13)
I think it is good to work on that part, getting all the messages makes sense. For me being able to reply to messages would be nice, you mention that above and it sometimes is not possible.
ben 1 month ago (2015-05-28 13:12:07)

Verschwundenes Bild

Grade eben festgestellt das ein Bild an meiner Pinnwand plötzlich verschwunden ist. Es handelt sich dabei um ein Foto eines verlinkten Artikels. Hier zu sehen:

Eigentlich werden diese Fotos doch auf der jeweiligen Friendica Instanz gespeichert (irgendwo im Proxy Ordner)? Warum ist es dann einfach verschwunden?

Denis Jörger 1 month ago (2015-05-27 07:22:19)
3 comments show more
Ah, ok. Ich dachte eigentlich das Bilder auf der eigenen Pinnwand dauerhaft gespeichert werden. Wäre vielleicht mal ein sinnvolles Feature?
Denis Jörger 1 month ago (2015-05-27 10:15:17)
Wäre denkbar. Es hat allerdings Seiteneffekte, da man den Proxy ohne Bezug auf Artikel aufrufen kann.
Michael Vogel 1 month ago (2015-05-27 10:18:08)

"Show more"

Is there a way to disable the "show more" option, i.e. to show entire posts by default, without truncation?

@Friendica Support
Perig 1 month ago (2015-05-23 19:19:02)
You just have to disable the addon.
Michael Vogel 1 month ago (2015-05-23 22:36:07)
I had forgotten that it was an add-on! Thanks.
Perig 1 month ago (2015-05-24 01:07:44)

Weitersagen @

Hallo @Friendica Support

ich habe gestern vergeblich versucht, zwei Artikel mit dem @ an zwei Gruppen zu posten. Beide Artikel enthielten Bilder und sind nicht in den Gruppen angekommen. Ist der Fehler bekannt, geht das weitersagen mit Bilder nicht oder habe ich da evt. irgendwo etwas falsch eingestellt? Hier ist mal ein Beispiel-Link (

Vielen Dank,
Jan Montag 2 months ago (2015-05-22 06:44:37)
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Also in meiner DK Gruppe ist das Bild angekommen.
Malte 2 months ago (2015-05-22 07:30:41)
Es war ein privates Posting und ich glaube, ich habe meinen Fehler gefunden, zu viele Gruppen ;-) , da habe ich wohl Berechtigungen falsch gesetzt.

Warum ich das Bild in der Gruppe @Seekajak allerdings nicht sehe, ist mir aber noch nicht ganz klar.

Ich werde es in der nächste Woche mal genauer testen, vielleicht war es ja doch mein Fehler ...
Jan Montag 1 month ago (2015-05-22 17:42:33)

.webm upload restricction

@Friendica Support
Hi, I can upload .webm as attachment up to aprox. 10 MB.
Is there a restriction somehow some where to modify this?
organiza tupambæ 2 months ago (2015-05-20 16:28:39) from friendica projectserver
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There are 3 upload limits, in Friendica, in php and in the web server
Keith 2 months ago (2015-05-21 15:04:44)
#Friendica by default has no upload limits in the settings. So if that was not changed during the setup process, than the upload limitation factor is most likely just the php.ini configuration, which by default is limited to only a pettily 2MBs.
Taek 2 months ago (2015-05-21 20:16:00)

User waiting for permanent deletion

@Friendica Support

Just deleted a user created in the admin panel. The user wasn't activated. I tried to add the user again (correct email) but got message that same user name can't be used again on this server. The user is displayed at the bottom in the "User waiting for permanent deletion" section.

Is this a temporary stage that changes later on?
organiza tupambæ 2 months ago (2015-05-20 00:58:53) from friendica projectserver
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Additionally the user name is blocked permanently to avoid identity theft.
Michael Vogel 2 months ago (2015-05-20 06:05:39)
Friendica FYI - That user I deleted, no longer shows up in the admin panel. Looks like it's a one week grace period!
Adam Magness 1 month ago (2015-05-22 13:57:32)

Contact Likes

Might be a confusing title/subject. I've noticed of late that posts to the "wall" of my contacts don't always all show up.

The scenario:
I post to a contact's wall by visiting their profile directly and sharing. When I return to my site network tab, relatively quickly, if not immediately, that post shows up. Several hours later, someone (or several) who is connected with my contact (whom I posted to) then likes my post. However, from my Network tab the like is not shown.

After some time, one of the likes may show up, but not all. After noticing this the first time I verified that this also happens with other peoples posts as well. Someone I do not know, posts to a mutual contact, and I can see that post, but only some of the likes are shown.

The Question:
Is this something that just happens as a result of the system (federated/de-centralized)? Or, is there something I have not set up properly or perhaps a default setting that I have not yet modified?
Adam Magness 2 months ago (2015-05-19 16:48:59)
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Ah okay. That explains, why I haven't found you from my Diaspora account :)

Is there a reason not to use it?
Michael Vogel 1 month ago (2015-05-22 14:01:57)
No, no reason, just hadn't clicked the check box! :)
Enabling now...
Adam Magness 1 month ago (2015-05-22 14:03:29)
@Friendica Support
Hallo und guten Morgen, #newhere mit diesem Profil :)

Just saying, can't find the language selector in the vier theme.

Does friendica ask the visitors browser language?
Sup Port 2 months ago (2015-05-19 04:51:16)
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The [?] field could be a good choice .. seriously. I switch between english spanisch and german all the time, even to understand some things better, and my browsers are all mixed up. Adding the good oll flag to that menu would be awes.. :)
RequeteChe 2 months ago (2015-05-19 06:34:52) from from within the #federatedweb
If you run your own node, you can hak/mod the theme easily to include the selector. But ultimately it is the choice of the theme author to include it or not.
Tobias 2 months ago (2015-05-19 06:38:03) from open socialverse
RequeteChe doesn't like this.
Hello @Friendica Support is there new short links, I think there is a problem with shortening. cc @Michael Vogel

Link to (deleted the Tweet, but it's the same defect link.
Friendica Link:
ben 2 months ago (2015-05-18 20:16:19)
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