Hoster gesucht (VServer mit 16-32 GB Hauptspeicher)

@Friendica Support (This post is held in German since I'm searching for a german based hoster)

Ich bin langsam echt stinkig und verdammt wütend auf Strato. Seit letzter Woche Dienstag war das System sehr langsam, seit heute 14:30 ist es komplett offline. Der Support schweigt sich auch aus und meine Geduld ist am Ende.

Ich habe zum Glück einen monatlich kündbaren Vertrag (ich wusste wohl warum) und überlege nun, auf einen anderen Hoster umzusteigen, sobald ich irgendwann mal wieder Zugriff auf meine Systeme habe.

Ich suche einen Hoster für VServer mit 16-32 GB Hauptspeicher. Ich ziehe VServer vor, da die Administratoren so bei Hardware-Problemen einfach die virtuelle Maschine umziehen lassen können. Bei "echten" Servern kann dagegen ein Hardware-Problem ein echtes Problem darstellen.

Es muss ein Hoster sein, der eine professionelle Hardware verwendet, redundante Storage-Systeme, etc.

Ich zahle im Moment kna... show more
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Private Nachrichten


das verschicken privater Nachrichten scheint auf dem aktuellen development branch auch nicht zu funktionieren.

  • Von dev-3.5 an -> kommt nicht an
  • Von an dev-3.5 -> kommt an
  • Von dev-3.5 an Despora ( -> kommt nicht an
  • Von dev-3.5 an Geraspora ( -> kommt nicht an

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Habe ich heute auch festgestellt. Ich habe aber herausgefunden, dass es seit dem pull am Montag nicht mehr geht.
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Ich konnte meine Kommunikationsprobleme auf Änderungen vom letzten Wochenende einkreisen. Speziell auf die fastlane für die Worker.

Ich bin grade mobil unterwegs, darum nur der Verweis, in einem meiner Beiträce von heute Vormittag steht ein git Bexehl der den Code auf den für mich anscheinend funktionierenden Stand bringt.

Benutzt du die Worker? Und welche PHP Version hast du am laufen? 5 oder 7?
30.7% german, 22.4% dutch, 20.9% danish,, und currently down

@Friendica Support Since 14:30 CEST these servers are down. It is a technical issue with my hoster. I have contacted the support (both per mail and per phone). I really hope, that they will fix it today.

Currently I'm having too much issues with this hoster and I'm considering yet another change ...
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Tobias doesn't like this.
Crossing my fingers in the hope that they find the issue :-/
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So, to conclude my tests with git bisect that @Fabio mentioned. For me the last working point in the development branch is commit Some more information about the current queue status of the worker. Which you can get with
git checkout fb447e84ee64243b00332329b72d85d726fd2119
just in case someone on develop branch is stuck in the same situation..

The one bisect iteration ended with Reverted some strange stuff the other with Processing of high priority processes.

For me it looks like, that the workers don't get anything into their queue to deliver with the result, that nothing is distributed to the contacts. This is dependent of posting a top level entry or making a comment.

The friendica.log seems not to indicate a hint, but if you have something for looking for I'd gladly do so. The php.log does only contain a warning for an unrelated thing.

@Friendica Support
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Reverting back to 2594ad3bb9bb… seemed to have helped @Friendica Support At least the logs now show delivery processes again.
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OTOH all PRs thereafter are translation work and Frio theme, which should not block communication.
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With the knowledge, that this commit is working, I'll jump back to develop-HEAD to see if it stops working again.
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Anybody else having communication problems with the current development branch? The irony is, you probably wont see this then x-) I have the feeling that is started over the weekend, more like Sunday then Saturday.
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this arrived now at 16:51 btw.
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Yes, but this comment has been sent from Johns server - not from :-)
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I used to tune my MariaDB and afterwards it uses more RAM (was set to low) and my fulltext search works again in Friendica. I got the tip from @Michael Vogel some time back.
I like that. :-)

@Friendica Support
25.4% english, 20% pidgin, 16.6% danish as a Tumblr or Blogger site?

@Friendica Support We need a better way to communicate to new users, to interested persons, to persons who ask themselves if Friendica is still living, etc.

Of course we could try to set this up on on some of our servers or we could try to modernize the existing site - but it seems as if we don't have designers in our community with enough spare time. And I really don't want to wait any longer.

So what about using a service like or for this? We can use them with custom domains for free and there are many different themes available and it is possible to work with many different user and admin accounts. Yes, these services are owned by Yahoo and Google - but we wouldn't store any sensitive material on it. And it would be really easy to set up. And the advantage is that it is hosted on a server system that is independent from any of us.

We could post news on it (for example via Friendica if we chose Tumblr) and stat... show more
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I'm pretty sure that it was possible with gitolite, but I actually missed the point that you want to put it on your personal webspace. And credentials of somebody else I personally never would like to get. I know, that I would never do there strange things, but I know that humans aren't perfect and if something strange happens, the most people would think at first on those they've trusted in - that's why I would never like to no one's credentials.
To put it on an independent server is a good idea - and yes, as you showed up your situation I also think that WP might be a good idea.
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@lnxw48 There is still the idea of the foundation, so "the person" should be potentially willing to pass the thing over to a maybe foundation. But this is another matter.

The one thing I really like about plain text is, there is no additional login page, only the server. And one does not need a database which makes moving things much easier.

I agree though that setting up a multi user WP node might be easier. In the days I ran an WP installation they had several security updates coming in more frequently then I wrote postings... which eventually lead to me deleting that blog. I don't know the situation nowadays though.
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Feature Request for RSS feed reshares as user posts, as for example in @earthquake or @Arte Plus 7 (inoffiziell) I would like an option to have a link to the origin website. Anything would be fine, either to the blogpost reshared or to the website, plain static, just enter it for the Feed in the contact settings, just anything. Main reason is @Piratenpartei News (NRW) which shares lots of feeds from different blogs, but sometimes it is not possible at all to see where the post is originating. So some static possibility to append some link to each imported post would be fine.

Anyone else would like some function like this? I will write a request in Github if I get some positive feedback. If you find better words like I did above then help me to explain. ;-)

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers
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@Friendica Support just sharing the latest fun with my webserver that only hosts my Friendica.

I realized that the loading speed of Friendica was going down lately, I did not know what is the problem, but then happend to just run "df -h" and saw that /tmp was full, that was because for some reason I installed imagemagick some days ago and that used the 4GB of Space on /tmp.

Not a big problem, but annoying. I now tried to set a 2 GB disk cap and 1 GB memory cap, lets see if that works. Server is back to 0.4s loading time instead of 5-6s
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I think for some reason now I am also receiving lots of old posts, not sure why. At least a few dozen few weeks old posts showed up in my timeline since the tmp cleanup.
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Hi, @Friendica Support,

is there a way to connect to linkedin accounts?
I found linkedin mentioned in a plugin called Buffer Post Connector. Does it help me in this case?

Planet Erde 36% english, 22.8% latin, 22.6% spanish
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A little off topic, but here I go anyway.

Even though I closed my #LockedOut account years ago, some friends and family report that I show up as a suggested contact.
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I don't even have a linkedin account. And I don't see any reason to create one.
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@Friendica Support I just wonder why I don't receive notifications for likes anymore? I recognized a few weeks back, probably about the time when I moved from one server to another, but it could be unrelated. I can see on my posts of someone likes them, but I don't receive notifications. Notifications work for mentions.

Did I deactivate the notifications somehow?
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Oh well, didn't know that.
31% english, 23.8% pidgin, 14.4% tagalog
or let's say I was sure there were notifications on likes. :-)
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@Friendica Support
In the last time I have really problems that all post arrive at my node (or at least are visible in the correct way). Now it happens that my comment on a post of @Tobias didn't arrive his node.
It seems that my link to the source is wrong (My wrong source link isn't available on his node).
Yesterday I wrote a PM to @Tobias with request to answer if he got the PM. Since he haven't answered I guess he didn't get the PM.

I tried to comment to the post where you mentioned the css issue.
Here my reply:
No. It seems to be a bug in friendica. But it seems that this bug doesn't have such a bug visual impact in other themes. Have a look at
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This could be anything - but nothing in the probing process because the whole check process is a single one.
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Ah, ok - thanks for clarifying it. Good to know about the logging IDs :-)
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Hey everyone,

the base file for the translation work of Friendicas core was recently updated. If you want to help with the translation, please join the translation teams at Transifex. The most important file for translations is the messages.po file (for the core) but you can translate the addons as well ;-)

For more information about the translation process see the documentation at your node or github.

TIA <3
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Andererseits geht es vielleicht ein wenig unter, dass da etwas erscheint. Vor allem wenn ein User nach unten scrollt und dann einen Kontakt selektiert
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Mit Stapelverarbeitung konnte ich noch nie was anfangen (auch wenn es wahrscheinlich der richtige Begriff ist). Davon mal abgesehen sind die DE Strings jetzt aktualisiert im develop Branch.
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Problem with new contacts/connections between Friendica and Diaspora

Hello @Friendica Support
I'm sorry to disturb the peace of the weekend but I think we have to sort these issues out before the next release.

Someone from Diaspora was "complaining" about the fact that a soapbox account of my server doesn't have a "bio" aka. profile info explaining that the account is actually a bot mirroring a news feed. This was a surprise to me because the account has this info on Friendica. So I started to look into this.

I have an old account on The old connections there were totally fine. If I change the profile info in Friendica the updates are federated to Diaspora. Everything looking good. But newer connections aren't updated and are showing some other issues. So I made a completely new account on Geraspora and made some tests...

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27.2% english, 14.5% spanish, 14.2% romanian
Works! Thank you. After reconnecting the affected contacts everything is looking fine.
30.6% english, 20.6% pidgin, 17.7% french
@Friendica Support
Yesterday I got from @Steffen K9 this post into my network stream . Today @Steffen K9 comment on this post arrived but I haven't the likes and don't get @Mike Macgirvin comment.

I can visit and see the message stream as it should be but if I visit @Steffen K9 profile page this post isn't visible
29.9% english, 24.8% pidgin, 20.2% dutch
Yes. It happens that a new post I write doesn't show up on my profile page but on my network page. I think this issue was mentioned before by someone else. Maybe this is the source of this because - if I understood this correctly - the "owner" of the original posting sends out all the following comments and likes. Right?
Maybe I am not the owner of these postings and that's why the comments aren't federated?
I see this behaviour if I use Frio. I switched to vier and will watch if this happens with other themes, too.
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It sounds like the post item is missing the "wall" flag.
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Domain change and access to own site -- How to update configuration?


I run a node hosted on my own site. My dynamic dns domain was deleted and I now have a new domain.

I can can access the login page of my Friendica server but cannot login as get transferred to the old domain

My .htconfig.php file states this:
$db_host = 'localhost';

If I change this to:
$db_host = '';

The browser responds with service not available.

How to update my configuration?

Many thanks!

Cheers, Sam
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