Hello @Friendica Support
did someone notice any federation problems lately? Some of my post don't arrive at Diaspora ( I don't see any problems within the Friendica network. So, maybe this is an issue with only. Unfortunately I don't have another Diaspora account and no time for further testing. :-/
Can someone confirm this?
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11 hours here. :-) The queue looks normal. 0-38-0. Most entries are from a missing Diaspora pod.
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If you receive the same request again then (I guess) the accepted request hadn't arrived at the receiver. Please have a look at the logfile for entries with diaspora.php that might indicate problems.
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Öffentliches und privates Profil

Hallo @Friendica Support, @Friendica Developers,

gibt es keine unterschiedlichen Profile mehr? Ich wollte gerade mal mein Profil bearbeiten, da ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich nur noch auf das öffentliche zugreifen kann und das private nur für Freunde sichtbare, nicht mehr bearbeiten kann, bzw. darauf nicht mehr zugreifen kann.

Danke schon mal,

#friendica #bug #profil
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Der Edit-Button versteckt sich im Profilbild und wird sichtbar, wenn man mit der Maus drüberfährt. Zumindest bei mir am Desktop (frio auf Microsoft Edge).
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Hach ich muss unbedingt mal noch einen etwas auffälligeren Button auf der Profilseite anbringen. So ungefähr wie es in vier gemacht ist.
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Does anyone know of a way I could stop my alter on GNU Social to stop showing up in my feed? I automatically post everything to GNU Social, and I import the GNU Social stream here. It's getting a bit annoying to to see multiple duplicate posts of mine in my Friendica timeline.
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If you are posting to GNU Social by using the GNU Social addon then the posts are done with a different user. This means that comments to that user won't shown up under your Friendica user post but under the post from the GNU Social user. For this reason we need to import your GNU Social post.
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Hello everyone,
some weeks ago my server provider decided to move his data center to France. But they offered an option to their costumers to stay in Germany. So, I was thinking about this and finally booked the option "Hosting in Germany".

Unfortunately this doesn't mean there is no server relocation at all. In fact, will move to Cologne, Germany on October 19th, 2016. There will be an expected downtime from 6 p.m. to 10 a.m. (CEST).

safe and effective moving service

The affected services are: #Friendica #Hubzilla #XMPP #Mail ... ...
I will backup all data the night before October 19th. This may cause some performance decline. Be prepared. :-)

Thank you,
Steffen K9

@Friendica Support @Libranet Support
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27% german, 24.4% swedish, 23.5% english
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If I reshare this post:

It becomes messed up:

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers

Does this happen to others too? Let me know, already the preview looked like this:

I guess it is not a Friendica problem, but still I would like to confirm.
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@Friendica Support , is there a way to show that I already liked a post? I liked my own previous post (see image) to you but it doesn't show on the Like link, just in the list of people below, which needs an extra click to show up if there are two or more people liking a single post.

Also, clicking on the Like link of an already liked post doesn't seem to remove the Like, is it expected?


#question #newhere #friendica #support
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Yes it does, it just doesn't refresh the display on the subsequent asynchronous `network_request` calls, but refreshing the page or looking at a single post show the like to have been removed.
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I created an issue ( and I mostly fixed it in a pull request.
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@Friendica Support , I just set up my personal server as a mono-user instance. Since then I have a permanent notification saying "requested registration" that hangs in the notification dropdown and pops up regularly in the browser notifications.

How do I get rid of it?


#question #newhere #friendica #support
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24.6% hawaiian, 23% pidgin, 20.8% hausa
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Timezone not set by .htconfig.php, but .htpreconfig.php ?

@Friendica Support It looks like that $default_timezone must be set in .htpreconfig.php as it seems to be ignored in .htconfig.php .
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So should I better remove .htpreconfig.php ?
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If you don't need it, yep.
20.2% english, 16.4% czech, 15.1% tagalog
I have broken my Friendica node at and I'm not sure how since I not only pulled the latest code that includes the Frio theme, but I also enabled a few plugins including the CalDAV calendar. Removing all plugins didn't help.

The problem is the network and profile pages don't load any items.

I'm getting the following error:PHP message: PHP Warning: array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array in /var/www/clients/client0/web3/web/mod/network.php on line 731, referer:
25.4% english, 19.1% pidgin, 17.5% german
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28.4% german, 28.2% english, 26.2% danish
Recommend is to run the update process from console:

> $ php include/dbstructure.php update

Also my rewrites towards dbm::is_result() may prevent such ugly warnings.
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@Friendica Support I have a problem, @hikerus can't read me. So I in followed him and we will see if he can read me again when he did so as well and then refollowed me.
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Mentions are done with a different protocol that is very reliable. The other transmission is done via another protocol that seems to sometimes make problems even between GNU Social servers. I haven't found a clue for it by now.
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User @Utzer doesn't like this. ;-)
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Halle an der Saale 22.9% english, 21.3% pidgin, 18.9% norwegian
Nachdem ich den Worker ausgestellt habe wird wenigstens wieder die Warteschlange abgearbeitet.
Was das sein könnte?
@Friendica Support @Michael Vogel @Tobias
Matrix 34.7% german, 27.8% dutch, 19.2% english
Die Protokollierung der poller.php bei aktiviertem Poller könnte hilfreich sein.
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Does anyone know why in profile view, my avatar doesn't show up? I just get the generic placeholder avatar, no matter how often I try to change it or upload it anew.
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yes, but Michael fixed something in the DB directly ;-)
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Ah I misread d3j's comment that it's fixed - misunderstood it - ok then :-)
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Does anyone else have problems with AndStatus and Friendica 3.5? Reshares (from remote Twitter timeline) don't work, nothing appears on my profile. Any pointers? Any other good was to use Friendica on Android (Twidere?)?
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I had hoped you had already observed this. Just wanted to narrow down the issue ;-) @heluecht should know if the logs are enabled at and hopefully find a clue.
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There is this:

I'm just too lazy at the moment.
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@Friendica Support @Michael Vogel @Tobias
Ich habe seit gester 98 Einträge in der Warteschlange die laut der Übersicht auch nicht mehr versucht wurden abzuarbeiten.
Allerdings habe ich gestern den Worker aktiviert. Kann das damit zusammenhängen oder habe ich ein anderes Problem?
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@Michael Vogel Die Worker waren zu dem Zeitpunkt nicht aktiv. Darauf, die zu konfigurieren, bin ich erst durch diese Diskussion gekommen.

Seitdem es Worker gibt, gibt es das Problem auch nicht mehr.
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@Michael Vogel Nachtrag: IIRC war die Priorität bei allen PHP-Prozessen 20. Andere Prozesse standen mitunter deutlich weiter oben in der CPU.
Nur haben diese hunderten von PHP-Prozessen gar nicht die CPU gefressen, sondern zusammen(!) viel zu viel RAM. Und das wird m.W. durch nice() nicht abgefangen.
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If I go into a contacts settings and then delete the contact from there is load forever. It loads so long that the server reaches the maximum time allowed. This should be changed, I guess it is some background processes that could be executed by the Worker and do not need to be done right away. I just mention this, because maybe this is some strange fault of my instance or if can be avoided by some simple changes.
@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support
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Yes, this is a known issue (it is a design bug). I think that there is already an issue for this. If not, we should create one.
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OK, also I would like in some cases to keep the posts of people, but they unfollow them only. Will check for issue if back on my computer.
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Frage an die #Friendica Admin Kollegen: Kann es sein, dass die 3.5er schneller ist wie die Version(en) davor? Irgendwie habe ich schon das Gefühl. Was meint ihr?
@Friendica Support
Matrix 36.8% german, 27.8% dutch, 24.8% swedish
Es wurde einiges gemacht um die Performance zu verbessern ja.
35.1% german, 19.5% portuguese, 18.4% dutch
Das finde ich sehr deutlich bemerkbar.
Echt klasse Job die ihr da macht.
Vielen Dank. :-)
29.9% german, 24.2% dutch, 21.4% danish
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Mein @Seekajak Forum gibt es auch noch ;-)
29.6% latin, 26.7% german, 20.3% english
Ah, und ich wunderte mich immer, was Foren hier sind. Cool. :-) Dezentrales Forum sozusagen. #thumbup
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@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers

Remind me is it a problem of Friendica that instead of showing the picture it shows me a link to the picture? Or is it a configuration problem?


Optik ist nicht alles.
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@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers @Friendica in Press & Science @Friendica Community Schweiz

Please also share the Facebook post about the release.

Facebook: Friendica - Chronik | Facebook

Also invite people to like the page or let me know if you have something to post on the page.

#Friendica #FLOSS
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