Privacy/visibility settings for posts

Quick question: So far I assumed that the posts I see in my network are public and that this is the reason why I don't see any indicator for posts' privacy/visibility settings. I still wonder whether such an indicator even exists.

When I post something only to a group named "Friends" I see a lock symbol indicating that with onmouseover. However, I am not sure whether members of my group "Friends" see this indicator as well.
30% english, 24.2% pidgin, 17.7% danish
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Tobias 3 weeks ago Friendica
Yes, friendica wont tell them the list of recipient name (groups, single contacts) but if you click on the lock, you will see the list (when logged in with your accound).
31.8% english, 21.3% pidgin, 17.4% french
Alright thanx.
41.3% pidgin, 30.9% english, 15.5% vietnamese

Twitter addon retweet trouble

@Friendica Support Twitterconnector macht keine retweet mehr glaub ich
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 18.9% german, 17.9% french, 17.4% norwegian
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Kein mobiles es ist ein tablet
33% latin, 30.9% estonian, 27.8% german
Scheint das es ein twitter Ding war. Jetzt läuft es wie es sollte. Behalte es im Auge.
41.2% german, 26.5% dutch, 25% english
Tobias 3 weeks ago Friendica

we need brave people

so looks like @Hackathon Berlin 2014 has reached some point we need brave people to really test the stuff we have added and if you find things add it to the bug tracker or mention it at @Friendica Support.

We plan to release a prerelease for the next stable release this evening, but testers are welcome before ;-) so git pull and see if you find anything.
Berlin 36.5% english, 28.3% pidgin, 22.5% danish
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Oliver 3 weeks ago Friendica
@Friendica Support Forum is now running Version 3.3rc ... please ping me if something's going wrong.
22.4% english, 20.1% pidgin, 18.9% french
Dennis 3 weeks ago Friendica
I was brave... and it looks good so far
29.2% english, 24.2% pidgin, 19.7% german

Some errors with current code

Hello @Friendica Support @Hackathon Berlin 2014

I've updated to the latest code from friendica master and discoved some errors.

First of all the 'settings/addon' and '/settings/connectors' pages are not working.


I cannot tell whether or how all of this is connected to each other but I've investigated the following:

1. GET https://<baseurl>/library/jgrowl/ 404 (not found)

I've checked that. The file doesn't exist on my server as well as on GitHub master. I'm getting this error on all pages of Friendica.

On further investigation of the html source code of '/settings/connectors' I found this:

2. <script type="text/javascript" src="https://<baseurl>/view/theme/vier/js/jquery.divgrow-1.3.1.f1.min.js"></script> isn't found (404)

Well, there is no folder 'js' in 'vier'. :-/

I hope this will help to fix this. Good night. :)

PS: Please let me know if I should open an issue on GitHub.
Halle, Germany 7% slovak, 6.6% dutch, 6.4% english
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Tobias 4 weeks ago Friendica
I think @Hauke Altmann fixed it, pull request is merged into master - could you check it's working for you as well?
32.9% english, 23.5% pidgin, 22% danish
I will. I've pulled the latest code. I'll check it later.
35.3% english, 23.5% french, 22.9% italian
Tobias 4 weeks ago Friendica
first stuff from @Hackathon Berlin 2014 is landing at the git repository, if you are brave enough you can test it and help us debug the things. @Friendica Support
Berlin 30.4% english, 20.5% danish, 19.9% pidgin

Wallfoto editieren gibt falsches foto

@Friendica Support Wenn ik von meine wall fotos ein foto wahle und es editieren mochte kommt Friendica zuruck mit ein komplet anderes foto.
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 30.7% german, 24.3% dutch, 23.8% danish
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Tobias 4 weeks ago Friendica
which theme was it?
49.4% english, 24.2% pidgin, 23.7% german
Smoothly just checked as I didn't remember. Problem still there.
32.4% english, 19.8% latin, 18.1% italian

Forum problem

@Friendica Support

Krieg mein hauptaccount nicht als delegation zu sehen.

Erstes bild forum role mit hauptaccount als einiger contact


Dan wenn ich versuche zu delegieren


Jemand eine ahnung?
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 23.3% german, 19.1% english, 18.4% dutch

Forum frage

@Friendica Support Habe gerade versucht ein Forum anzulegen wie im wiki steht. Beim delegate punkt wird aber angegeben das es kein user gibt zum delegieren. Contact ist aber angemeldet und beide stehn in einanders contact verzeichnis. Was kan da schief gehn auser vielles :-D
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 32.7% german, 26.2% dutch, 23.1% norwegian
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Daniel 4 weeks ago Friendica
Ausführlich: Ich habe einen Normalen Account für mich und einen Forum Account. Beide haben die gleiche E-Mail Adresse und das gleiche Passwort. Dadurch kann ich über "Verwalten" einfach zwischen den Accounts wechslen. Im Foruam Account unter /delegate wurde niemand vorgeschlagen der als Verwalter in Betracht kommt. Wie bei dir.

Ich habe dann von meinem Forum Account aus dem Admin Account eine Freundschaftsanfrage geschickt und diese angenommen. Im Forum Account stand nun unter /delegate als möglicher Verwalter der Admin Accout. Diesen konnte ich auswählen und er wurde in die Verwalter Spalte übernommen.
34.1% german, 22.3% dutch, 22.3% danish
Tja und hier bleibt die delegate melden das es niemanden gibt obwohl ichnunter Verwaltung hin und her kann. Hab den letzten pull und keine DB Meldung mehr. Aber hier andere sich nichts. :-(
33.3% german, 24.6% danish, 23.4% swedish

RED als Blog / Artikel vor Veröffentlichen bearbeiten

Wie kann ich in RED Artikel vor dem Veröffentlichen bearbeiten?
Also Artikel verfassen, bearbeiten überarbeiten und erst dann - wenn ich will - veröffentlichen aka Teilen?
Nachträglich scheint sich der Status von Nachrichten nicht mehr von PRIVAT umstellen zu lassen.
Ebenso scheint grundsätzlich ein nachträgliches Bearbeiten der (Lese-)Rechte ausgeschlossen.
Ideen, Vorschläge?
37.1% german, 23% dutch, 20.4% danish
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mit Pages meinte ich eine URL wie diese:
Dort kannst Du statische Webseiten anlegen.
Die genaue funktionsweise hat sich mir persönlich aber noch nicht erschlossen.
32.5% german, 20% norwegian, 19.9% english
Mal abgesehen vom Zugang_Verweigert. Und davon, das die Webseiten in Red noch eine ziemliche Baustelle sind.
Statische Seiten != Blog.
44.9% german, 26.5% dutch, 24.3% danish
Last nights GIT pull brought me an error with the following message:

The friendica developers released update 1171 recently,but when I tried to install it, something went terribly wrong.This needs to be fixed soon and I can't do it alone. Please contact afriendica developer if you can not help me on your own. My database might be invalid.
The error message is 'Update 1171 failed. See error logs.'.

Do I have to do anything about it? cc @Friendica Support
29.2% english, 23.3% pidgin, 16.9% danish
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This means that the Developer acknowledge this Problem and will fix it
36.4% english, 23.8% pidgin, 20.3% latin
Yes, I read what Michael wrote, well nevermind, I guess there is no problem so no fix needed unlike last time.
27.3% english, 25.3% pidgin, 20.1% danish

Are there any annoying bugs left? (Especially show stoppers)

@Friendica Support Please have a look at the current bug list:

Bugs #1060 and #1016 are solved, which means that there are only three bugs left. For one of them (#905) there is a workaround and the other two aren't exactly what you would call a show stopper either.

Do you know any bug that isn't mentioned there? Do you think that any issue of the issue list is a problem that is caused by a software bug?

Do you know any other bug that needs to be fixed for the next release?

The most annoying bug that needs to be solved are obviously the database errors when updating the system - but are there more show stoppers?
32.5% english, 21% pidgin, 17.6% danish
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This unfollow stuff is nice feature but maybe hard to implement.
29.8% english, 20.3% pidgin, 17.2% dutch
Tobias 4 weeks ago Friendica
And then we have showstoppers in an horrible outdated translation... blame my health for not updating the repository with all your work ;-)
39.7% english, 25.5% pidgin, 19.3% danish

Re-editing problem

If I try to edit a post, I get a blank popup window. If I try to add a picture in edit-mode I get a blank popup window. If I click on the view html source button, I get a blank popup window as well.

Not sure when this got broken for me, but it did use to work.

Thanks for any ideas on fixing it.
29.4% english, 25.8% pidgin, 17.9% danish
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I'm very relieved. Thanks for reporting the cause.
38.2% english, 23.3% pidgin, 22.2% norwegian
Did a little more reading on header security
at Owasp: OWASP
and ran
the recommended "check your headers" from
Cyh: Check Your HTTP Security Headers

which revealed some missing recommended headers
and warnings about my friendica server.
So I think I'll implement the recommendations and
test to see whether they break my friendica.
29.6% english, 18.8% pidgin, 17.5% danish

Database structure problem solved - hopefully

@Friendica Support There was the problem that a field change lead to a database error because of the total key length. I just made a pull request to address this issue.

Maybe we should increase the database version. (and maybe we should increase the friendica version as well, since we really changed a lot in the last time)
33.2% english, 24.5% pidgin, 21.6% french
Daniel 1 month ago Friendica

core.12345 Datei

Was machen die "core.[nummer]" Dateien. Ich habe 34 davon im friendica Ordner und jede ist zwischen 270 und 370 MB groß.
33.7% german, 21.5% english, 21% dutch
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Dennis 4 weeks ago Friendica
Ja, allerdings hast du die Files jetzt schon gelöscht und das erschwert die Recherche...

Memory dumps from crashed processes. They are binary files, so won't make much sense viewing them without a debugging program. You might get some info by cross referencing those file creation times with log files (/var/log/messages)

Hattest/Hast du denn mal in den Log file geschaut?
sudo nano /var/log/messages
23.6% english, 21.9% german, 19.8% pidgin
Daniel 4 weeks ago Friendica
Ist nicht mein Server. Ich hatte aber vor dem löschen mit meinem hoster gesprochen und er hat Dateien gesehen. Er hat auch selber eine Friendica Instanz und hat die Dateien bei sich gefunden. Ich denke das ist OK, er wird dem nachgehen.
44.8% german, 27.3% dutch, 24.1% danish

Remote Self is now really working

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers The "remote self" functionality is now working without problems. I added a missing call to the delivery queue and added some needed values when the item was stored.

All tests are looking good. It shouldn't be a problem that the mirrored posts are exported through the connectors (what hadn't worked in the past) and they are now delivered instantly.

I enhanced the setting a little bit. In the past the post looked like a forwarded post (like a forum post). Now the user can decide, whether the post should look like a forwarded post or like it was posted directly from the user.

Now another question: by now "remote self" has to be allowed by the page admin. Shouldn't we have activated this setting by default? Or is there any reason to disallow it by default?
34% english, 21.3% pidgin, 19.8% italian
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We could have this setting reversed.
60% english, 33% pidgin, 23.3% danish
Is it already on github or need to wait for next pull request? but very good news!
30.5% english, 23.5% pidgin, 14.9% french

Where to go after a contact is added?

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers I'm thinking about the process of adding contacts. I find it confusing that after adding a contact, the user is redirected to the remote profile. I think it would be better to be directed to the contacts page or another local page - but not a remote page.

What do you think?
35.2% english, 23.1% pidgin, 20% portuguese
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:thumbs up:

I always found the current behaviour a litte bit odd. So, change is a good thing here. I think the local contacts page would be a good redirection target.

BTW, what's most confusing to me at the moment, after you're redirected to the remote profile page, the "Pinnwand" tab is linked to your local profile. o_O
(I think, this tab is called "Home" in english. Which makes some sense at least.)
29.9% english, 19.7% pidgin, 19.1% french
if its not needed for connectivity, then going to the contact page sounds like a good idea
31.7% english, 24.6% pidgin, 18.3% french

Users settings

@Friendica Support How would I add configuration options for a user to .htconfig.php Looking for someting like $a->config['user'][(addon)][(setting)] =
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 28.7% english, 20.7% pidgin, 18.3% danish
@Friendica Support @Michael Vogel Hab da wieder ein problem, diesmal twitter unter Red. Ich hab das teil activiert, hab aber kein dialog fur die beide app keys bekommen. Hab mir gedacht das es vielleicht jetzt in der user settings ist aber dort bericht bekommen das die keys fehlen.

Dan hab ik die keys in htconfig definiert und bin wieder zur usersettings gegangen, nun krieg ich eine lehre features seite. Hab die keys entfernt. Aber die seite fur plugins bleibt lehr.

Was mach ich den da? Oder ist das einfach noch nicht fertig?
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 27.3% german, 20.4% dutch, 19.2% danish
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Oliver 1 month ago Friendica
verbinde dich für Red-Fragen am besten in der Matrix mit
26.5% german, 24.3% dutch, 22.2% danish
48.7% hausa, 41.3% danish, 38.2% indonesian

Friendica-Red .htaccess problem driving me mad

@Friendica Support
Ok I dont know if this is the right place but:
I pulled a Red and have a last problem with the .htaccess file.

Url rewrite in .htaccess is not working. Check your server configuration.

Did some research and some tests but getting nowhere. My research till now:

.htaccess works empty with a single direct to google. mod rewrite is fine.

The problem most probably has something to do with php using suExec and seems to barf on the environment variable.

Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 28.6% english, 21% pidgin, 16.7% italian
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36% english, 24.6% pidgin, 17.8% french
Basti 1 month ago Friendica
@friendicaroelf Yeah, thanks. Essentially they say that both 128 and 256 bit AES is not broken. So I think we can conclude that the StartSSL certs are OK when it comes to SSL key size, because in the end you decide which ciphers your Server supports, not the certificate authorities.
32.2% english, 21.2% pidgin, 19.5% french
As described here, I get:
ALTER TABLE 'config' MODIFY 'cat' varchar(255) NOT NULL, MODIFY 'k' varchar(255) NOT NULL;
ALTER TABLE 'pconfig' MODIFY 'cat' varchar(255) NOT NULL, MODIFY 'k' varchar(255) NOT NULL;

if I execute 'php include/dbstructure.php'

Where do I have to "run" this SQL statements? In phpMyAdmin I guess?

@Friendica Support
22.6% english, 18.9% french, 17.3% latin
I think it worked out, I did it via phpMyAdmin and unsed the linked post as a guidline, afterwards I marked the update as successfull manually.
29.6% english, 18.3% pidgin, 17.4% italian

TL position

@Friendica Support is there a way to make the network tl stay on the current message position after a share? It is somewhat anoying to have to scroll back to last position everytime.
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 37.3% english, 25.6% pidgin, 22.8% french

Addressierung in Twitterplugin

@Friendica Support Michael noch vielen dank fur den update. Replies gehn wieder super nun hab ich aber was neues für dich weil du ja angibts nichts zu tun zu haben. Schau dir
mal an. Ist es moglich um in der uberzetzung von Friendica interne adressen nach Twitter das ampersand von einen lehrraum folgen zu lassen oder in ein plus umwandeln oders soetwas? Hoffentlich hält dich das von strasse :-D
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 25.4% german, 18.9% dutch, 18.5% english

Contact seite frage.

Nur mal so eine blöde frage, wenn ich auf der contact seite bin und ich clicke unter gruppen eine sub gruppe, dan öffnet sich eine bearbeitungs seite. Ich hätte aber erwartet das meine kontakte in diese gruppe dagestelt werden was fur zweck hat es den sonst?
36.9% german, 25.7% danish, 24.7% dutch
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Das dachte ich mir, dass du dort einen Ansichtsfilter erwartest. ;) Ich hatte es aber so verstanden, dass du dort keine Kontakte siehst. Daher mein Kommentar.
42.3% german, 31.9% norwegian, 31.1% danish
Achso, werde versuchen mich etwas klarer aus zu drucken.
36.7% german, 24.9% dutch, 17.6% danish

RED testing

Ich schau grad mal in eine testinstallation von red. Aber iwie will der das theme redbasic (vorhanden und lesbar) nicht laden/benutzen.
Ist diesbezüglich was bekannt, wohin wende ich mich am besten?
36.8% german, 27% english, 25.4% dutch
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Leg Dir einen Account auf einem anderen RED Matrix Server an. Und befrag die Entwickler Gruppe.
Den Angelegten Account kannst Du später exportieren und auf Deinem eigenen RED Server wieder einspielen.
34.1% german, 26.4% norwegian, 24.2% danish
Jaja ... wer lesen kann! Aber wer tut das schon wirklich? ;-)
Habs erstmal auf 'nen eigenen vhost gelegt, erstaunlich wie leicht sich das verschieben lässt.
35.2% german, 22.5% dutch, 16.2% norwegian

Installation Trouble


I installed friendica off of the download on the website. I'm running version 3.2.1753. However, I am running into some oddities still.

When I click onto the admin console I get the branded admin console. Then when I refresh the page, the admin console becomes unbranded, with no formatting, and no navigation.

If I re-upload the "view" folder the branding will return for exactly one page hit before reverting to the unbranded version.

This is making it impossible for me to get to the pluggin settings, and stuff like that. I haven't tried doing a complete re-install yet, though I'm not sure how much that will help.

Can someone help me troubleshoot this? Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm fairly technically savvy if you can help point me in the right direction while troubleshooting.
33.5% english, 22.3% pidgin, 18.8% italian
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If you ask me, considering the budget install wouldn't it be wiser to start over and do it right and then see if the problem persists.
39.9% english, 33.9% pidgin, 24.1% norwegian
I have tracked this down to the ajax detection function is_ajax.

It looks like on my hosts web server the HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH header is always getting defaulted to XMLHttpRequest after the first request, which is causing the mod/admin.php file to terminate early.

Has anyone seen anything like this before? I've gotten in touch with my host (MediaTemple) to see if they can help with this. Has anyone gotten this running on MediaTemple before?
28.9% english, 19.8% pidgin, 18.1% danish

Verschiedene Profilbilder?

Ich seh mal wieder den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht mehr.

Versuche krampfhaft das Profilbild für ein bestimmtes Profil (man kann ja mehrere hier auf Friendica haben) zu ändern. Er ändert das aber immer bei allen Profilen.

Geht das überhaupt?

Wenn nicht, wäre das ja ein schönes Feature? Ein öffentliches Bild und für jedes nicht öffentliche Profil eines nach Wahl.
34.3% german, 22.3% dutch, 19.8% danish
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Tobias 4 weeks ago Friendica
Du kannst bei jedem upload anklicken, dass kein Posting erstellt werden soll. Nur i.A. will ich wenn ich ein Foto hochlade auch einen Beitrag dazu haben und nicht erst umständlich das Bild dann aus dem Album in einen Beitrag einarbeiten.
33.3% german, 21.4% dutch, 20.5% swedish
Das kenne ich wohl. Habe das aber in dem Fall nicht angehakt. Und das Problem ist, genau in diesem Fall. Löschen ich den Beitrag, löscht er auch auotmatisch das Bild, welches einem Profil zugeordnet ist.

Normal kenne ich das so, dass die Bilder in der Galerie stehen bleiben und nur der Beitrag verschwindet.
36.6% german, 23% dutch, 21% danish
Oliver 1 month ago Friendica
I'm Friendica;
The friendica developers released update 1170 recently,
but when I tried to install it, something went terribly wrong.
This needs to be fixed soon and I can't do it alone. Please contact a
friendica developer if you can not help me on your own. My database might be invalid.

The error message is 'Update 1170 failed. See error logs.'.

I'm sorry,
your friendica server

@Friendica Support

Bekomme diese Meldung oben nach letztem GitPull, erschliesst sich mir allerdings nicht so ganz.
Das ist das Update (von Mike):
function update_1170() {
$r = q("ALTER TABLE `guid` CHANGE `guid` `guid` VARCHAR( 255 ) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci NOT NULL");

Ich geh also in Tabelle guid und ändere was ... ?
27.2% english, 21% pidgin, 20.8% german
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Öhm. Also warten bis der geschlossen ist?
41.5% german, 37.9% dutch, 19.9% french
Today friendica greeted me with this email:

Hey,I'm Utzers Friendica;The friendica developers released update 1170 recently,but when I tried to install it, something went terribly wrong.This needs to be fixed soon and I can't do it alone. Please contact a friendica developer if you can not help me on your own. My database might be invalid.
The error message is 'Update 1170 failed. See error logs.'.

I'm sorry,
your friendica server at

According to admin interface I have Version "3.2.1753 - 1170", which I assume is the above mentioned one. I did a GIT pull tonight.
I can't access the log right now, the connection is too slow.

Any idea if I need to do anything?

@Friendica Support
31.4% english, 22.7% pidgin, 18.9% italian
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Dennis 1 month ago Friendica
Schau mal in dem @Friendica Support Forum, da wurden Probleme mit dem Update 1170 schon angesprochen
30.7% german, 27.4% dutch, 26.4% french
Dennis 1 month ago Friendica
oops Malte war schneller :-D
27.5% danish, 27.2% german, 24.6% dutch

DBase search bug

Not getting any hits when searching the dbase with SQL active. Can anyone confirm this is not a local probem? V.3.2.1753 - 1170
40.1% english, 22.3% pidgin, 19.6% spanish
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No not really that why I am waiting for input of people with => version.
42.5% english, 38.3% pidgin, 20.8% norwegian
I just upgraded to 1170. The upgrade gave 1170 error that I checked and as there was no feedback si I marked as solved. Searchengine still does not give any results. F.i search on Friendica

2014-08-28 08:40:00@26jlejn6qd9utc14gnitfokvu1 [NORMAL]:dba_pdo.php:156:q dba: HY000
2014-08-28 08:40:00@26jlejn6qd9utc14gnitfokvu1 [NORMAL]:dba_pdo.php:186:q dba: SELECT COUNT(*) AS `total`
FROM `item` INNER JOIN `contact` ON `contact`.`id` = `item`.`contact-id`
AND `contact`.`blocked` = 0 AND `contact`.`pending` = 0
WHERE `item`.`uid` = 1 AND `item`.`visible` = 1 AND `item`.`deleted` = 0

AND MATCH (`item`.`body`, `item`.`title`) AGAINST ('Friendica' in boolean mode) returned false.
2014-08-28 08:40:00@26jlejn6qd9utc14gnitfokvu1 [NORMAL]:dba_pdo.php:156:q dba: HY000
2014-08-28 08:40:00@26jlejn6qd9utc14gnitfokvu1 [NORMAL]:dba_pdo.php:186:q dba: SELECT `item`.*, `item`.`id` AS `item_id`, `item`.`network` AS `item_network`,
`contact`.`name`, `contact`.`photo`, `contact`.`url`, `contact`.`rel`, `contact`.`... show more
19.1% english, 16.3% pidgin, 14.4% danish
28.7% german, 17.8% dutch, 16.4% danish
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