how do I edit the decaf mobile theme?

managed to allow zooming but only by doing a string replace hack because that meta tag was there twice
(needed to strip out the max-scale part)
zoom is a must because the text is often hard to read on a small
and I still have the issue of the form defaulting to private which I don't want

It will only confuse users because nothing else does that here and users here are mostly not here for that.

still haven't worked out the proper way to edit themes since the switch to smarty!

where are the editable versions of those templates?
38.8% english, 22.6% pidgin, 20% danish
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Tobias 1 month ago Friendica
It's in decaf/templates/head.tpl line 10 I think. The max-scale and the user-scalable I'd say.
37.8% english, 21.4% danish, 19.7% pidgin
Tobias 1 month ago Friendica
does removing the two options in that template fix the issue for you? then I'd commit it to the repository.
38.6% english, 21.4% french, 19.5% latin

API liefert keine Posts von Diaspora

kann das sein ? Ich beobachte seit ein paar Wochen (vllt länger) das einige Posts nicht von der API durchkommen. Ich hab gestern Abend mal versucht nachzuvollziehn was das für Posts sind und es scheint mir so als ob bei mir nichts von Diaspora durchkommt.

@Friendica Support
33.9% german, 23.2% dutch, 20.4% swedish
Ist bei mir ebenfalls so. Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere, trifft das auch auf Posts von RSS/Atom-Kontakten zu.
32.4% german, 21.3% norwegian, 18.6% swedish
56.1% pidgin, 19.3% croatian, 18.8% hawaiian
@Friendica Support ,

It's really not letting me change the password on my test site ( How do I change this with a mysql command?

Sebastopol, California 30.6% english, 20.4% french, 19.4% italian
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Never mind--I found the setting to turn on logging. Clearly this is an improvement since last I visited this.
39.3% english, 26.4% pidgin, 24.4% danish

# turn on logging for your friendica site

if [[ $(whoami) != root ]] ; then
echo "You must be root to run this script!"

read -p "Is $(pwd) the path to your friendica installation? (y/n)" ispath
if [[ $ispath = n ]]; then
read -p "Please enter the path to you friendica installation: (i.e. /var/www/friendica, leave off trailing slash)" fpath

read -p "What is the server's user:group on your system?
For Debian and derivates, this would be www-data. For RedHat, CentOS, Arch and others, httpd, for instance.
" server

echo "creating log directory and logs"
mkdir $fpath/log
touch $fpath/log/friendica.log
touch $fpath/log/php.log

chown $server:$server $fpath/log/*.log

echo "configuring logs ..."

echo "// added for php logging stuff

error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_WARNING | E_PARSE );
... show more
#! # turn
25.3% english, 16.8% pidgin, 16.7% italian

Wrong notifications about editing contacts

Hello @Friendica Support

If I edit a contact with the contact editor I get wrong notifications. If I click "Ignore" I get a "stopped ignoring" notification. If I want to archive a contact I get a "unarchived" notification.

I'm running the latest code from GitHub with "vier".
Halle, Germany 28.6% english, 21.2% italian, 20.8% pidgin
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Okay. I'll do it...
31.8% pidgin, 21.2% english, 19.7% tagalog
16.5% portuguese, 16% english, 15.8% spanish
I can publish to my pumpio account via but I don't have
pumpio accounts in my contacts and I don't receive pumpio posts since
last update of pumpio plugin of Friendica.

@Arto and @Friendica Support, please, could you help me?
28.2% english, 19.2% italian, 18% pidgin
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Panko 3 weeks ago Friendica
It's working for me. Last post from pump was 1 hour ago, and I can see other with comments without problems. Just leave it configure and wait a couple of hours, maybe it starts working and in a while gets sincronized (remember last time it took at least two days to get my last posts from
31.5% english, 26.4% pidgin, 19.7% french
Oh! I'm sorry. It works for me too. I must be patient.
32.7% english, 31.8% pidgin, 21.1% danish
Ben Opp 2 months ago Friendica

How to use the "Unhosted remote storage" plugin?

I found this online storage provider that offers a 5GB free product:
It allows for WebDAV access. Can you help me find out whether or not it's possible to use this online storage with Friendica? It has been pointed out we have a plugin named "Unhosted remote storage" that's supposed to have that capability, with these specifications:
Unfortunately, that's all greek to me.
Can this work if I have WebDAV access?
If so, what would I have to put in the fields:
"Template URL (with {category})" and "OAuth end-point"? I don't know what those are.
30.4% english, 18% pidgin, 15.5% danish
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These settings doesn't really hurt. There is no need to delete them.
37.6% english, 30.3% pidgin, 25.4% portuguese
Ben Opp 2 months ago Friendica
I mean not the technical issue of how you deal with the database, but what the storage costs. It should be possible to use cheap online storage for hosting friendica.
38.8% english, 21.5% pidgin, 18.1% danish
Ben Opp 2 months ago Friendica

No admin page?

I think my admin page is broken. At, I only see logout button, and that's it. Can you help me investigate this?
31.5% english, 18% dutch, 17.6% tagalog
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24.8% slovene, 24.6% croatian, 24.5% slovak
Ben Opp 2 months ago Friendica
thank god, this worked. I got my server updated and everything's back to normal! :-)
30.1% english, 21.9% pidgin, 14.7% danish
Tobias 2 months ago Friendica

New Member Widget

@Friendica Support I've added a new addon to the Addon Repository called New Member Widget which will add a box to the network tab of users considered "new" by the system (IIRC for the first 14 days of account existance).

The box contains a link to /newmember and, if you wish so, links to the global and local support forum as well as a notice from the admin to the user.

The widget has no style informations, thus should blend in with any theme in use on your node.
Berlin 27.8% english, 20.7% pidgin, 16.8% french
76.5% pidgin, 39.5% hawaiian, 27.4% croatian
Ben Opp 2 months ago Friendica

heartbleed in friendica 3.1?

I assume lots of people have already talked about this here, but I actually found just one post, so here's my question:
Is the openssl heartbleed bug relevant to me if I'm running Friendica 3.1.1743 ?
Would you say it's imperative that I upgrade for security reasons? change my password?
32.1% english, 22% pidgin, 17.3% danish
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Ben Opp 2 months ago Friendica the ftp client, I upload to this shared host: (myuser)
My URL is this:
friendica goes to this directory on the server: /daten/friendica/friendica. this is the one where boot.php is located.
All the files have the time stamp from yesterday's fresh upload most of the directories have the old one, so it looks like they were not replaced, only their content.
That is all as it normally should be, right?
35.2% english, 21.4% pidgin, 16.1% danish
Ben Opp 2 months ago Friendica
Found out what this was all about. All along I've uploaded not to the webserver, but to online storage ("onlinehd") *smackingforehead*. That's what I get for not working on this for a year or so...
36.9% english, 25.9% pidgin, 21.2% danish
Ben Opp 2 months ago Friendica

How much does it cost to host your own Friendica?

after I installed Friendica on my shared host, I decided I wanted to try uploading some photos. I also considered hosting accounts for my family. Then what if they want to share photos, too? What if we want to share many pictures? Or upload some videos even? Well, storage space will become scarce rather soon, currently I have a total 300MB.
While you can get between 2 and 5GB of free storage at cloud storage services like Dropbox et al., similar amounts of webspace are much more expensive.
The webspace that my current installation of Friendica resides on is actually just a free add-on to the internet DSL line from my ISP. If I want to buy 2GB of webspace/online storage from them, that'll set me back 15€ a month (worth a 100/200GB at cloud service providers), 5GB cost 33€.
Here are my questions:
1) What's the deal with this huge price gap? What am I missing? Unlike the cloud storage, each MB of webspace seems to get more expensive the more you buy.
2) How much do you guys spend for the infrastructure you need for hosting your account? Wha... show more
36.7% english, 25.8% pidgin, 22% danish
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"Kabel Deutschland" provides you 100MBit/s down, 6MBit/s up as end consumer and 100MBit/s down, 12MBit/s up as business customer. ;) I've got a VPS at HostEurope, too. There are some sites of friends hosted, but I plan to migrate them to other webspaces and reinstall the VPS. Maybe I'll share the VPS for other Friendica installations :)
30.5% english, 21% danish, 20.7% pidgin
it would be quite hard to get upload speeds like that here in most places here in AU.
adsl2+ over aging phone wiring is the common type of home connection in most metro areas in this part of the world.

for home hosting you don't really need an expensive beefy machine.

and old pc with 1GB or more ram would have no problems running it if you don't virtualise it (and that could outperform a lot of low-end vps setups - especially if its a 32bit machine - ram use for php is much lower on 32bit machines)

the main problem with hosting at home is the limited bandwidth and dealing with stuff like power outages
.. running a server over adsl2+ is fine for a small number of users but would be slow for big sites.
33.9% english, 22.9% pidgin, 18.4% danish


@Friendica Support Creating an event with in image then the editor will rewrite the image source into a realitve path. But instead of


the editor does a


all the time.

This happens to me for this event:

I was able to correct this with editing the event not via the calendar.

Bug or feature?
Eiderstede ✶ Bordesholm ✶ Kiel 32.4% english, 22.2% pidgin, 20.1% french
@Friendica Support

I just set up my own Friendica server. But I've got a problem with the mail delivery. On initial registration the system tried to send me an email, but there's no mail server running on this host. My mail server runs on another host.. so I need a way to configure an external mail server (smtp). How can I do that? :)
32.6% english, 24.5% pidgin, 21.3% spanish
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I was able to solve the problem with this solution: Thanks to fabrixxm from :)
27% english, 20% pidgin, 17.5% french
Now I have to figure out why ~50% of the mails sent by Friendica don't reach the recipient. Internal and eg. GMail works.. but and not. And I don't even get an error mail on catch-all mailbox. :/
33.5% english, 26.4% pidgin, 21.2% danish

Auto-Mention forums - why is "span" added?

I like the auto mention function - but why is every mention surrounded by "span" elements? I'm too bad ad JS, so I cannot change that on my own, I guess.

<span>@Friendica Developers </span>
<span>@Friendica Support </span>
27% english, 21.5% pidgin, 17% dutch
Michael Vogel wrote the following post:
Breaking changes in Facebook API will affect friendica
@Friendica Addons @Friendica Developers @Friendica Support I just saw Facebook's changelog. FQL will be discontinued after version 2 and every app will need to be reviewed by Facebook. These are the two problems that will affect friendica the most.

FQL is used in the fbsync addon and cannot be replaced easily, since the graph API isn't as powerful as needed. The review process could be a problem as well.
Facebook: Facebook Platform Changelog
April 30th, 2014 - API Version v2.0 This update is associated with the 2014 Facebook Developer Conference (f8). This changelog entry covers a large number of products and services, broken out by topic. This is the first release of Facebook's API that is versioned.

26% english, 17.5% pidgin, 16.9% danish

Breaking changes in Facebook API will affect friendica

@Friendica Addons @Friendica Developers @Friendica Support I just saw Facebook's changelog. FQL will be discontinued after version 2 and every app will need to be reviewed by Facebook. These are the two problems that will affect friendica the most.

FQL is used in the fbsync addon and cannot be replaced easily, since the graph API isn't as powerful as needed. The review process could be a problem as well.
Facebook: Facebook Platform Changelog
April 30th, 2014 - API Version v2.0 This update is associated with the 2014 Facebook Developer Conference (f8). This changelog entry covers a large number of products and services, broken out by topic. This is the first release of Facebook's API that is versioned.
26.1% english, 16.9% french, 16.8% pidgin
Florian 2 months ago Friendica
@Friendica Support

Hi, feature idea (or a hint if I haven't found it): an overview of unanswered friend requests would be nice. And may be requests that were rejected.
35.6% english, 19.4% pidgin, 18.1% danish
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Florian 2 months ago Friendica
Oh, cool! Thx guys ;)
17.9% english, 9.5% romanian, 9.1% tagalog
Florian 2 months ago Friendica
@Friendica Support

Hi, is that a bug or a feature that I can receive introductions from myself?
32% english, 19.4% french, 18.8% spanish
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Well, as someone actually did it would be good to let the code deal with that. I think it's a bug. Me, myself and I are friends already and friendica should say just that :-)
38.7% english, 28.5% pidgin, 17.5% italian
That's sweet :)
34.9% english, 15% albanian, 14.5% vietnamese
Events appear in my timeline when I look at it in a browser. Why don't they when I look at it in Twidere?

@Friendica Support
29.6% english, 21.2% norwegian, 19.3% french

What is missing for a release?

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers @Friendica Theme Developers The last days I did several changes to the system that I wanted to be done for the upcoming release. I'm now asking myself what is missing for a release.

Looking at the issues there aren't many open bugs left that would be showstoppers, I guess. I'm only seeing this bug as a nasty thing that should be fixed in the release: (All other bugs and feature requests are there for a long time and doesn't seem to be showstoppers.

I personally would like to integrate the database structure script in the release. I have to see, how much work this will be.

Is there anything missing that you would like to see in the release?
31.9% english, 25.1% pidgin, 19.1% italian
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The upcoming update script will have a change from "char" to "varchar" in every table. This really reduced the database size of my server.
34.8% english, 22.3% danish, 22.2% pidgin
For Innodb using innodb_file_format = barracuda
another reduction in size is also possible using
alter table term row_format = compressed;
28.8% english, 22.5% pidgin, 21.1% norwegian
Tobias 2 months ago Friendica
Thanks to ArianServ and ddeacon friendica is now translated to Romanian as well \o/

And also thanks for all the people working on the translations! Now friendica UI is translated to 18 languages, 13 of them with 90% to 100% of the UI strings. :like

@Friendica Support
Berlin 28.4% english, 21.4% pidgin, 20.5% portuguese
17.2% spanish, 15.6% portuguese, 14.8% italian
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Ah, thanks! I understand. @bjoerngrau, look at the link to find a global friendica list with community forums (sort of groups) you can join to find some people interested in similar topics as you.
31.6% english, 20.3% norwegian, 20% danish
So what needs to be done to run the directory on HTTPS (with a signed cert)? Would be a good idea anyway...
34.3% english, 23% pidgin, 16.3% italian

Something's missing in the help pages 'round here...

Hey, dear @Friendica Support What should I see in the big blank square on the help page "groups and pages" on my instance? It looks wrong... Have you seen this and can you tell me what could be wrong with my config? Pilot:
When you connect to a group, all messages to that group will start appearing in your network tab. You can comment on these posts, or post to the group yourself without ever having to add any of the groups members.
33.4% english, 21.2% pidgin, 16.7% french
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Hang on... I can't upload in a comment.
38.9% english, 30.4% italian, 29% tagalog
Tobias 2 months ago Friendica
There should be the global directory page for groups loaded in that iframe.
40.5% english, 22.4% danish, 21.2% pidgin
Florian 2 months ago Friendica
@Friendica Support

Hi! Quick question:
Is it intended/right that under the "starred" button only items appear which have been "liked", and not "starred" (as the name of the button suggests)?
37.7% english, 22.7% pidgin, 21.7% german
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Starred doesn't really work just now. I have to check.
31.1% english, 24.3% pidgin, 17.6% italian
Starring works again. I just did a pull request.
29.7% english, 21.2% spanish, 20.5% pidgin
@Friendica Support Hey all! Since bug 949 ( was closed, I can create accounts and every time I test it, I get an e-mail with credentials (to an address at some provider's, unrelated to the friendica server). But *all* my new users say they didn't get any e-mail. How can I test this? Does it work properly for you?
35.7% english, 25.6% pidgin, 19.1% french
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The same people get the generated e-mails upon password reset though. I'm confused...
27.1% english, 25.7% pidgin, 21.5% french
30.3% hawaiian, 23.9% slovak, 19.3% portuguese

Endlessly running queue

@Friendica Support I had the problem that some PHP processes (especially queue) were running endlessly. I added some code that these processes will be killed automatically and I dig into the main problem.

i added some debug code to the "post_url" function. So I saw that I had some dead contacts that not only were dead but that also caused the process to wait until the timeout was over.

I now removed these contacts and the queue is much more faster.
31.9% english, 21.7% french, 20.4% spanish
How do you detect the dead contacts?
28.4% english, 23.5% pidgin, 23% portuguese
I saw that some connections really took long. I looked, to which contacts these servers belonged. Then I removed these contacts. Most problems made one server that once run with Pistos fork and was shut down long time ago. So I was sure that I wouldn't delete an active account.
38.8% english, 27.5% pidgin, 22.4% french

Reply OStatus posts

Hi @Friendica Support

I can comment posts from but I cannot comment posts from Is it normal?

26.1% english, 25.4% french, 22.2% spanish
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Maybe one of them isn't following you. Can you check this?
34.6% english, 24.8% pidgin, 15.9% danish
Neither of two are following me.
42.8% english, 29.6% pidgin, 23.5% norwegian
@Friendica Support could someone explain to me what exactly "Network" and "Community" are on Friendica?
33.3% english, 25.5% pidgin, 19.2% italian
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Thanks Shimriez
19% english, 17.4% albanian, 14.4% hausa
Network is your "feed" or posts from your contacts/friends.

Community is for public posts from other users registered on the same friendica server.

But correct me if I'm wrong.
28.5% english, 19.3% french, 18.7% pidgin
@Friendica Support ich habe wieder einen HTTP 500, lade gerade die logs, werde alles rauslöschen was vorher war. Gleich kommen dann error_log, access_log und friendica log. cc @Michael Vogel
32.6% german, 25.9% dutch, 22.1% danish
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PHP Log ist auch oben dabei, da sind ein paar PHP Warning: Illegal string offset 'starred' in /var/www/virtual/benu/html/friendica/view/smarty3/compiled/8fd35c9f94c775d1077dee7f135c05446feac274.file.wall_thread.tpl.php

Das meintest Du nicht?
21.5% german, 19% english, 17.3% danish
Warnungen sind eigentlich egal. Hast Du Shell-Zugriff? Dann könntest Du Dir live die Logdaten anschauen lassen. Das würde besser anzeigen, was ganz genau passiert.

Ich hab den Fehler jetzt übrigens nicht mehr, vorhin hatte ich ihn bei Deinem Link auch erhalten. Seltsam. Hast Du was geändert?
28.1% german, 19.7% dutch, 19.6% danish

Apache access log & privacy

Hey @Friendica Support Do you have recommended logging settings to protect friendica users' privacy as best possible? Apart from removeip?
24.7% english, 20.3% french, 20.3% portuguese
Tobias 2 months ago Friendica
Don't log all the time but only when hunting some wiredness and remove the logs afterwards I'd say.
36.2% english, 26.3% pidgin, 18.9% danish

Trying to create a "forum style"

When someone registers, and posts on their page, it shows up on the community page.
How can I as the admin, disable the user's post to their own page to NOT show up on the community page?

I ask this, because I'm trying to create a "forum" and I will have 3 or 4 "forum users".
I will have those "forum users" create 1 post from their page, which will show up on the community page.

so the community page will only have 1 post from each of the "forum users",
and people can then connect with those "forum users" via the community page, (or from the directory) and can create posts from the "forum users" page.

I hope this makes sense?
34.1% english, 21.7% pidgin, 18.5% spanish
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Oh my god!!!
Do you know how long it took me to learn riding a bike?!
(not to mention all the pain on the way...)
32.1% english, 28.7% pidgin, 19.2% italian
23.8% english, 20.4% danish, 16.7% dutch
@Friendica Support as odd as this question may seem, I'm wondering how does one go about looking at profile wall of one of their contacts or subsequently making posts to that wall.

At current, every time I attempt to look at a profile I'm taken off my friendica pod and simply brought to the server the profile is hosted on. Once this occurs, I'm no longer looking at the profile from the perspective of them being a contact I hold relation to.
Similarly, I can't figure out how to post to group walls. Every attempt I make to make a post to a group wall goes basically like my profile wall attempts......I'm taken off my own pod and end up on the server/domain the group is hosted on which in turn kills my association to the group (as I'm no longer viewing it from my actual account).
31.8% english, 26.4% pidgin, 20% italian
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Thanks to you as well Tobias!
31.1% english, 23.9% pidgin, 15.3% latvian
There is a nice and handy plugin for forum accounts called "Forumlist". It shows shortcuts to the "walls" of all forum accounts you are "friends" with. Also, if you click on a forum link you stay within your domain (doesn't switch to the server of the forum account). I like it.

26.3% english, 19.5% pidgin, 16.9% german

cron poller.php can't find require_once php files

Hi all, so I'm using google hosting.
I do have a cron job for friendica.
I'm wondering though how do I go about giving the poller.php the proper location of boot.php and others? The files do exist.

I could just hard code in the location, but not to sure if other php files use it as well?

Warning: require_once(boot.php) [<a href='function.require-once'>function.require-once</a>]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/10/11955110/html/gaea/social/include/poller.php on line 3

Fatal error: require_once() [<a href='function.require'>function.require</a>]: Failed opening required 'boot.php' (include_path='.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php') in /home/content/10/11955110/html/gaea/social/include/poller.php on line 3
31.5% english, 23% pidgin, 19.6% french
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You have to run the poller.php from the base directory where the boot.php lies.
36.7% english, 22.8% danish, 19.8% norwegian
For those that have a Godaddy Account, here's how I got the cron job to work:

/bin/bash cd $HOME/html/gaea/social/; /web/cgi-bin/php5 $HOME/html/gaea/social/include/poller.php
30.2% english, 19.9% pidgin, 16% danish

API: Falsche URLs im Debug-Log

Hallo @Friendica Support ,

ich spiele zurzeit mit diversen Clients herum, die über die API auf meinen Friendica Server zugreifen. Dabei sind mir einige Zeilen im Log aufgefallen, in denen falsche Profil-URLs auftauchen.

api_get_user: Fetching user data for user
api_get_user: user
api_user: AND `contact`.`nurl` = '%s' AND `contact`.`uid`=3, user:
api_get_user: Fetching user data for user
api_get_user: user
api_user: AND `contact`.`nurl` = '%s' AND `contact`.`uid`=3, user:

Korrekt sind die Zeilen mit - die Zeilen mit http://sk... sind falsch. Ist das ein Problem oder ist das so in Ordnung?

Schönen Sonntag,
Halle, Germany 24.9% german, 18.6% dutch, 17.2% danish
Das ist normal.
35.9% portuguese, 32.4% german, 29.3% estonian

New script "dbstructure"

@Friendica Support The latest pull request contains a new script that - in the future - will be used to update the structure of a friendica system. It compares the database structure with an array inside this script.

In the future all database updates will be using this new script. The functions in the update.php will then only be used if an update function is needed after the structure is changed.

Until now, the script only simulates the changes. So it does no harm. I hope that many people will test it and tell me the result.

It is called this way:

php include/dbstructure.php
30.6% english, 21.5% pidgin, 19.1% french
24 comments show more Thanks for your work. I had the same idea but hadn't time by now to do it.
33.4% english, 24.7% pidgin, 17.8% albanian
It's funny that you changed all "char" to "varchar". Several days ago I thought about changing this as well, since my database busted my server.

I will take your changes if you don't mind.
31.9% english, 24.4% pidgin, 17.1% danish
Oliver 3 months ago Friendica
Seltsam, ich kann das network-Tab nicht mehr aufrufen, rödelt nur rum und irgendwann gibts nen Timeout. Alles andere funktioniert ...
Hat das noch wer?
@Friendica Support
25.5% german, 21.2% norwegian, 19.5% english
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