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2 questions about categories

@Friendica Support
Is it possible to sort the categories alphabetically?
And how can i delete a category?
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Dennis 1 month ago (2015-01-26 09:20:50)
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But if you click the link above, then there is nothing to see... hmmm i will search through the SQL when i am at home
Dennis 1 month ago (2015-01-26 10:24:11)
I solved it: i created a new post under the category and then deleted the post, now the category is gone :-)
Dennis 1 month ago (2015-01-26 10:26:02)

debug logfile

@Friendica Support
Hi there,
still struggeling with the correct installation. Till now diaspora federation doesn't work. At least https is forced by default and with the stratssl cert a valid cert is in place.

Just asked the provider for the correct directory for the log file to see debug results. So now the provider asked me where the log file is located, if it's a friendica particular log file or the standard error files that the shared host uses?

/logs/ is the apache error log, I don't know where friendica logs it's errors, can't you see in some config file or database?

What would be the correct location of the log file. What is the file name i'm looking for?
TupambaeNet 1 month ago (2015-01-25 18:51:59)
Friendica-specific logging can be enabled by:
* creating an empty file in your site's directory (example: /var/www/sitename/friendica.log)
* make the log file writable by the web server's user.
* go into the admin panel of your site (example: https://sitename/admin/logs/)
* click 'enable logging'
* enter the name of the file you created
* choose a log level
* click save.
Linux Walt 1 month ago (2015-01-25 19:27:20)
Hey! it works!
I located the file where friendica is located, no problem. Have i missed some DIY on this? Shouldn't friendica ship this log file and the standard reference by default?

These are the debug file lines
e1ae66085733f9a99accfed69bb5c9 [NORMAL]:procrunner.php:46:procrunner_procrun procrunner procrun php, include/dbupdate.php
2015-01-30 03:59:49@fae1ae66085733f9a99accfed69bb5c9 [NORMAL]:procrunner.php:49:procrunner_procrun procrunner procrun require_once dbupdate.php
TupambaeNet 1 month ago (2015-01-30 04:07:30)

Strict transport security (HSTS)

@Friendica Support Just a heads up, I notice that curl requests are not redirected by the Strict-Transport-Security header. If you want to ensure that directory scrapes/probes and Friendica server-to-server connections are all forced to HTTPS, please make sure to send a 301 redirect to your HTTPS connections.

I will try to fix redirect issues as much as possible in the directory, but please keep this one in mind as server admins.
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Beanow 1 month ago (2015-01-25 15:03:30)

Request: Floating input windows on reply and forward.

@Friendica Support Can I has a theme with reply or forward input in a floating windows as so to be that I don't has to scroll till I drop to get back to the message I forwarded or replied?
Roelf Strange 1 month ago (2015-01-25 08:51:34)
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So to be sure, you're using the forced HTTPS links feature from Friendica on your origin server, got a redirect on you proxy server to force HTTPS there and that works like a charm.
Beanow 1 month ago (2015-01-25 18:34:02)
In Friendica I do not use the "Force SSL" setting, but the SSL rule setting above to make all links https. The redirect on the reverse proxy takes care that noone lands on a normal http://friendica... link
Murkas Wylander 1 month ago (2015-01-25 19:18:46)
Je cherche un forum #friendica un lieu ou on peut s'entraider pour les francophones un peu commme @Friendica Support
<span> </span>
Kris B 1 month ago (2015-01-24 11:21:36)
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There is a German user forum, but it is not really used for support questions.

Personally I dont mind reading here languages I dont speak. If the keywords are interesting enough I might pipe it through google translate to see if I may help. I'll just ignore the rest.
Tobias 1 month ago (2015-01-24 12:33:06) from open socialverse
Though I really only speak English, I do not think it is reasonable to expect every language to create its own support forum. What if, for example, someone is the first admin from a particular language?

If the poster speaks multiple languages, it might be better to include other languages in the original post. That way, more people can read the post and potentially help solve whatever the problem is. And just as important, more people may remember the post and the solutions when a similar issue crops up elsewhere.

Also, as @Tobias said, if the topic looks interesting enough, I'll copy-paste into Google translate.

So, in summary, I think you should use whatever language you speak. If you can speak English or German / Deutsch also, add a translation in those languages, so more people can read your post.
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Linux Walt 1 month ago (2015-01-24 16:17:02)

Sperrungs-Status von Nutzern

@Friendica Support
Sagt mal, ich kann im Administrations- bzw. NutzerInnen-Interface gar nicht sehen, ob ein Kontakt gesperrt oder entsperrt ist. Liegt das an meinem Theme oder ist das tatsächlich nicht sichtbar?
Homer S. 1 month ago (2015-01-22 08:45:24)
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Wenn du die Kontakte betrachtest, gibt es Reiter für geblockte und ignorierte etc. /contacts/blocked
Tobias 1 month ago (2015-01-22 08:59:25) from open socialverse
Danke, das ist schon mal nützlich für den normalen account. Wie sieht es denn unter aus? Da find ich nämlich keine Informationen dazu, ob ich jemanden gesperrt habe.
Homer S. 1 month ago (2015-01-22 09:00:10)

Friendica, OAuth and Java part II

@Friendica Support
Hi, I'm still learing to use OAuth in a java client to log in to a Friendica server. I hope you can tell me if I understood everything right.

Normally using OAuth works the following way:
1. the (java-) client requests a request token from the server
2. after getting the request token the user is directed to the service provider (via browser) where he has to log in and to authorize the request
3. if authorization is correct the client receives a verifier from the server and uses this verifier to request an access token from the server
4. at last the client receives the access token from the server

What I'm missing in Friendica is step 2. I just request a request token from the server and with that I immediately request an access token.
Thorsten Schmidt 1 month ago (2015-01-21 22:00:55)
Hallo zusammen
Ich plane meine Friendica Instanz bei Uberspace zu einer Subdomain meiner Homepage umzusiedeln. Sie würde weiterhin auf Uberspace gehostet, es ändert nur die Adresse.
Im Adminbereich gibt es eine Option dafür. Bevor ich diesen Schritt mache, wollte ich noch fragen, ob ich da sonst noch was beachten muss oder dies reibungslos gehen wird... ;)

@Friendica Support
michi 1 month ago (2015-01-21 19:30:53)
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Das mit dem Unterverzeichnis könnte ggf. ein Problem sein. Zwei Hostnamen würde aber grundsätzlich klappen.
Michael Vogel 1 month ago (2015-01-22 08:54:12)
Werde dem in den nächsten Tagen mal nachgehen und meiner Erfahrungen posten.
michi 1 month ago (2015-01-22 09:44:39)

irgendwie ist mir gerade aufgefallen das meine Friendica Instanz (3.3.2) auf meiner Netzwerkseite, bei Beiträgen von (Friendica) Freunden, immer nur den ersten Like anzeigt. Alle weiteren Likes/Dislikes werden unterschlagen. Ist das Normal? Bug?

Denis Jörger 2 months ago (2015-01-19 19:02:57)
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Das Problem ist, dass die Signatur häufig nicht stimmt, weswegen die Likes abgelehnt werden.

Du könntest in der .htconfig.php diesen Parameter setzen:

$a->config['system']['ignore_diaspora_like_signature'] = true;
Michael Vogel 2 months ago (2015-01-19 20:21:50)
Danke, werd ich mal versuchen. :)
Denis Jörger 2 months ago (2015-01-19 20:24:00)
Having a problem with the Buffer Post Connecter and php5.6, the admin screens are showing a large amount of code at the top of the screen.
The output from the poller just shows code.
I'm not running this addon with php5.4, although enabling the addon shows the screens as expected.
Keith 2 months ago (2015-01-19 18:06:14)
Found the cause of the problem
bufferapp.php begins with <?
It should be <?php
Keith 2 months ago (2015-01-19 18:51:44)
Now pull request #233
Keith 2 months ago (2015-01-19 19:51:47)
we can put photo but I see a video tab . How to add a video ?
Kris B 2 months ago (2015-01-17 21:58:53)
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I am already trying but it is not ready yet. We should wait for improvement.
Kris B 2 months ago (2015-01-18 17:16:31)
anyway it is a good start. I don't know how easy it is to install it.
Kris B 2 months ago (2015-01-18 17:19:18)
There was a post from a blog that I was trying to share, ( I have the blog as a contact, and was trying to share from my network feed). When I hit the share button it states "page not found". Why is this occurring? Other articles I have been able to share with no problems.
@Friendica Support
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Samuel 2 months ago (2015-01-17 13:26:05)
Could file an issue at github for that? I have to investigate it.
Michael Vogel 2 months ago (2015-01-17 14:05:14)

Has anyone got jappix-mini working?

Hello @Friendica Support

I try to get the jappix-mini-plugin to work but it stays resistant :-/
I tried the jappix-bosh-server, I setup my own with prosody 0.9x on both http and https, ports are open (And my bosh is tested full working). And I also double checked my login-data of my xmpp-account. But I only get the "Please wait..." and after a loooong time there's just "Error".
What do I miss? Where should I check?
Any ideas?
Homer S. 2 months ago (2015-01-16 12:38:26)
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As Alfred said the jappix-bosh obviously now only works with an jappix-account not with your former jabber-account ( Except you find another open bosh-server.
Homer S. 2 months ago (2015-01-17 21:09:22)
I myself also created a special account on my xmpp-server only for this jappix widget as I find it annoying when switching between jappix and standalone clients.
Homer S. 2 months ago (2015-01-17 22:27:56)
@Friendica Support @Tobias

Hallo Tobias,

ich habe heute einiges an meinen Servern umgebaut und bin dabei noch mal auf ein Piwik-Problem gestossen. Es funktioniert bei mir nicht. Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass Piwik den Tracking-Code geändert hat. In der piwik.php ist mir folgendes aufgefallen; auf Zeile 67 wird das Protokoll abgefragt (also https oder http)
<code>$b .= "<!-- Piwik --> <script type=\"text/javascript\"> var _paq = _paq || []; _paq.push(['trackPageView']); _paq.push(['enableLinkTracking']); (function() { var u=((\"https:\" == document.location.protocol) ? \"https\" : \"http\") + \"://".$baseurl."\"; _paq.push(['setTrackerUrl', u+'piwik.php']); _paq.push(['setSiteId', ".$siteid."]); var d=document, g=d.createElement('script'), s=d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; g.type='text/javascript'; g.defer=true; g.async=true; g.src=u+'piwik.js'; s.parentNode.insertBefore(g,s); })(); ... show more
Andreas Hannusch 2 months ago (2015-01-15 19:06:34)
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Ich hab Piwik übrigens auch vor einigen Wochen gelöscht ... Wieso sollte ich Besucher tracken wollen, wenn ich selbst nicht getrackt werden möchte? ;-)
Oliver 2 months ago (2015-01-15 21:58:30) from -friendica
Wenn eine URL mit // anfängt, wird das Protokoll verwendet, das grade auch zum aufrufen der Seite benutzt wird auf der der Code eingebunden ist. IIRC. Würde also JavaScript Zeit bei der Berechnung der Adresse sparen... Nur daran sollte es nicht liegen, wenn Piwik keine Zugriffe zählt, der alte Code berechnet ja auch nur die Adresse über den Vergleich des Protokolls.
Tobias 1 month ago (2015-01-22 11:35:41) from open socialverse
@Friendica Support

Can somebody test this before I open a bug report?

1) On network page the personal tab (/network/12&conv=1) doesn't work. It directs me to the last used tab.

2) like or dislike an image on someone’s personal photo page doesn't work
Rabuzarus 2 months ago (2015-01-15 17:11:41)
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I think I found the bug. I issued a pull request here
Johannes Schwab 2 months ago (2015-01-16 01:37:26)
Friendica thanks the fix works
Rabuzarus 2 months ago (2015-01-16 13:04:20)

Cannot Connect Contact on fresh installation

I lately setup my own friendica on my home server. After a fight with my apache to allow me using an own subdomain and after getting mod_rewrite to work only without ssl now I have a working page an admin an two users. One of them is actually writing this. Unfortunately I could connect Friendica support to my contacts but none of the two users on my own directory! I don't get it: When I send a fdrn_request to I receive a notification that it could not find ME in directory (don't know the exact terms as my page is in german). This happens with any of my three users vice versa. Is this a known problem?
Homer S. 2 months ago (2015-01-14 19:30:45)
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Well! It seems to work now! Thx to StartSSL class1 cert. No nooby thing but I managed :-)
Homer S. 2 months ago (2015-01-15 15:25:43)
re mixed contact weirdness, warnings that are more scary than informative, browsers seeing default certificate when there's multiple domains on same host, dependency on verification by servers run by unknown people, outdated bundles on phones everywhere, services blocking things without asking either the user or what's being blocked, etc, etc..
so much is broken

then people wonder why I say I can't open port 443 here

all i want to do is be able to encrypt a few things yet browsers won't let me do it without all that other hassle!

sure for me the focus is more on the public stuff but of course it would still be nice to be able to encrypt passwords and private posts!

btw its not a problem that can easily be fixed by Friendica or any other platform - its broken in the browsers!
Friendica btw does itself encrypt private posts sent between servers - those are encrypted even without ssl/tls (not public posts, just what needs it - the approach is sensible)

The issue is that last hop between the web server and the browser, and unfortunately at the br... show more
Michael MD 2 months ago (2015-01-16 09:22:04)

Updating the /help pages

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers Does the "support" page still exist at all? Where? It's mentioned on /help/Bugs-and-Issues ...
*freie funken* 2 months ago (2015-01-14 12:52:32)
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Yes. But this sounds unfamiliar to me: "If your server has a support page, ..."
*freie funken* 2 months ago (2015-01-14 13:19:32)
On some public nodes, there are special support groups for that particular node. So if you are an simple user of a public node that has such a group, use this first to ask questions as it might be a problem/feature of that node but not friendica.
Tobias 2 months ago (2015-01-14 14:46:30) from open socialverse

Friendica, OAuth and Java

@Friendica Support


I'm writing a java based client for Friendica and I'm trying to login to the Friendica-Server via OAuth. So I transfer the following parameters via http POST with the following headers:
oauth_consumer_key, oauth_signature_method, oauth_signature, oauth_timestamp, oauth_nonce and oauth_callback

The response is OK but I always get the message "invalid consumer key" although I everything is set right.

Has anybody managed to get OAuth working with Java and Friendica?

Thanks, Thorsten
Thorsten Schmidt 2 months ago (2015-01-13 06:55:56)
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What's not working is to include the parameters in the OAuth 'Authorization' header.
When I use the HTTP-POST-method and include the parameters in the POST-body, everything works fine and I get my request token.

Edit: btw: PLAINTEXT is also working for signature method.
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Thorsten Schmidt 2 months ago (2015-01-13 22:12:12)
PLAINTEXT is also working for signature method.

oh. ehm. ok :-) I tried with the demo client and got an error, so I thought it was unsupported
Fabio 2 months ago (2015-01-14 07:48:00)

Old exploit

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers I noticed some really long running processes today, they seemed to be attempts at exploiting through the ?zrl= parameter. I've tried this with the current 3.3.2-dev version and it seems the exploit is no longer possible. You might still want to check your processes and possibly kill processes if they look like this:

50% cpu /usr/bin/php include/gprobe.php <hexadecimal url>
Beanow 2 months ago (2015-01-12 21:10:17)
There was an issue with gprobe. The HTML parser got trouble with some malformatted HTML. This is solved in the current release.
Michael Vogel 2 months ago (2015-01-12 23:35:30)


Replace_macros: With a few of the plugins, I get that warning and something to the effect that it can not find the template file. What steps should I take to resolve these errors?
@Friendica Support
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Samuel 2 months ago (2015-01-12 12:22:55)
which of the addons? Those try to ambed the templates for settings. The templates are usually in
Tobias 2 months ago (2015-01-12 12:38:36) from open socialverse

Better OStatus support

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers I did some work at OStatus today. There always was the problem that replies often hadn't arrived the target. This was due to the thread auto completion.

This seems to work now.

I will do a pull request in a few days.
Michael Vogel 2 months ago (2015-01-11 23:37:43)
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true, but it's not automatically send to all the participants of the thread. Then I misunderstood your proposed solution.
Tobias 2 months ago (2015-01-12 06:48:10) from open socialverse
I did a description of the message flow and would like to get feedback about it - especially in the cases 1 to 3 I would need to get feedback about the different possibilities.

A short description of the planned message flow with OStatus and DFRN

- Usernames "Fx" stand for friendica users
- Usernames "Ox" stand for OStatus users


- Thread starter F1
- F2 comments on the starting post
=> A: Comment is sent via DFRN and via OStatus to all OStatus followers of F2
=> B: Comment is sent via DFRN only (No distribution via OStatus)

- Thread starter F1
- O1 comments on the starting post
- F2 is responding to O1
=> A: Comment is sent via DFRN and via OStatus to O1 and all OStatus followers of F2
=> B: Comment is sent via DFRN and via OStatus to O1 (No further OStatus distribution)
=> C: Comment is sent via OStatus to O1 and all OStatus followers of F2 (No distribution via DFRN)

- Thread star... show more
Michael Vogel 2 months ago (2015-01-12 16:07:10)
Is there a way to place on my friendica hub a note to all users in the sidebar?
@Friendica Support
Samuel 2 months ago (2015-01-11 20:54:28)
On the Top of the site, with the "pageheader"-plugin
Jan Montag 2 months ago (2015-01-11 21:00:56)
Cool, I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip!
Samuel 2 months ago (2015-01-11 21:02:30)
@Friendica Support


a little late christmas wish to the developers :

can you please add two things to the events / calender section ? :

1. the nice new fancy lookin`popup calendar from RED


2. repeatable events ( pleaaaaase.... ! )

thanks in advance :-)
Uli   2 months ago (2015-01-11 16:27:48)
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don t know this github thing well. is this the same as issue ? or do i do that at pull request ?
Uli   2 months ago (2015-01-11 22:18:12)
Please create an issue. We will then tag it as "feature request".
Michael Vogel 2 months ago (2015-01-11 23:26:17)
@Friendica Support has anyone who is hosting friendica on uberspace under a subdomain found a way to getting photo/ and proxy/ not stored in the default html direcotry?
Johannes Schwab 2 months ago (2015-01-10 22:19:45)
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Ah, thanks! I will try that..
Johannes Schwab 2 months ago (2015-01-10 23:01:08)
Deny directory listing. It should be really hard to guess a file name like 110a8e8e3ac72debc9f5cb47f723f8f0-5.jpg
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Denis Jörger 2 months ago (2015-01-11 12:36:29)

insert web link function

Hello all,
I just love the "insert web link" function, located on the bottom of the post.
You put in the link, and the function grabs a small snippet? of the external page and appends it to the post!
What I'd like to know is what this feature is "called", and is anyone aware of a wordpress plugin that has the same function?


William 2 months ago (2015-01-10 16:40:09)
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We are using different ways to get the preview. One is called "Opengraph". Then we are using "Twitter-Cards" and we are reading the Dublin Core headers.

All these techniques have one thing in common: We read elements from the header.
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Michael Vogel 2 months ago (2015-01-10 21:47:14)
ahhh ok, I'm understanding it a bit. so chances are, I won't find a wordpress plugin that's the same. whoever created this feature should be proud of themselves! its quite useful! I'll have to find a website that has something simular i can use from my site then.
William 2 months ago (2015-01-10 23:13:45)
Dear @Friendica Support, I wanted to connect with some people today. So I visited their profiles, clicked on "connect" and entered my Identity Adress:
With some profiles this worked very well, but sometimes I get this error Message: "Unable to resolve your name at the provided location."
This is the case for example for @Friendica Developers.
Could you give me a hint? Is it because my friendica Instance is just a few days old?
Johannes Lippmann 2 months ago (2015-01-10 15:26:10)
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Could you try to connect from your site? Means: Please go to and enter the address there.
Michael Vogel 2 months ago (2015-01-10 22:25:52)
Hmm, I will try that. Thank you.
Johannes Lippmann 2 months ago (2015-01-11 09:52:43)
Erm... dear @Friendica Support, how do I switch back to an English ~friendica ~friendica interface? It's my default language in the admin account AND I switched the browser to English as my preferred language. But everything sitll is in German. Is there a user setting at all? (Looking at issue #1249, it doesn't seem so.)
This entry was edited (2 months ago (2015-01-09 14:48:50))
*freie funken* 2 months ago (2015-01-09 14:48:34)
There is an icon, Select an alternate language, you may have to temporarily change theme to find it, with SlackNS it's in the top left hand corner, just above the Friendica logo.
Keith 2 months ago (2015-01-09 16:27:26)
Dear @Friendica Support , @Friendica Theme Developers , @diaspora* HQ , @Diaspora Europe , and the whole #TheFederation, here's news I got:
VALS Semester of Code 2nd round is open for new organizations until Jan 13th. If Friendica wants to join, you can follow these instructions, only using where appropriate:
As I understand it's not only for #Friendica, so it might be worthwhile for any Federationists to have a go at it!
Access denied |
jeSuisatire**** RequêtéChe **** 2 months ago (2015-01-09 04:08:04) from Diaspora
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@Michael Vogel I think the question also is whether we can give enough mentoring to a student who is completely new to friendica.
*freie funken* 2 months ago (2015-01-11 01:41:13) from Twidere
that key is not vailid, I copy and pasted it
Tobias 2 months ago (2015-01-11 08:07:47) from open socialverse
Hi everyone, I can not seem to get the jappix mini plugin to work. I have the little chat box in the corner of the screen, but it says error. I've tried a few different servers. To add insult to injury, when I click on the chatbox, it directs me to the Jappix site, where it says it's so easy to install that even a grandma could do it.

Any help would be appreciated.
Samuel-James: Tassia 2 months ago (2015-01-08 22:18:00)
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You can contact me on jabber
Daniel 2 months ago (2015-01-10 16:11:24) from
I have a working jappix config with my own apache and ejabberd server.

Jappix mini admin config:
Activate BOSH proxy "check"

Adress of the default BOSH proxy. "my/http-bind"

Adress of the default jabber server: "your.jabber.server"
Set the default username to the nicknamwe: uncheck

Jappix mini user settings:
Addon activate "check"
Put Jappix Mini Chat Widget not to Webinterface "uncheck"
Jabber User "username"
Jabber Server ""
Japper Passwort "password"

Hope it helps.
Daniel 2 months ago (2015-01-10 16:29:38) from
Friendica-themes clean-up ...
moved a lot of not longer supported user-themes to Unsupported gallery

@Friendica Support
Oliver 2 months ago (2015-01-08 18:41:45) from -friendica

SEO resources

Sorry for the double entry.
the other post was from the test domain, which is now down.

I believe on the test site I had, I really didn't see any SEO info like the meta tags,
are there other ways that SEO is implemented with friendica?
Techno Buddha 2 months ago (2015-01-08 18:22:07)
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and I see no reason why these other meta tags should be put in, and populated via the "admin settings" area, since ultimately we do want to promote friendica as much as possible, right?
Techno Buddha 2 months ago (2015-01-13 17:51:51)
I think setting the description and keywords as an admin only makes sense if you want to use your Friendica installation as a single user installation, instead of a social network. If you have 100 users, how will the admin know correct keywords for their users content?
Beanow 2 months ago (2015-01-13 20:03:05)

SEO resources

Hello all!
Could anyone provide good SEO </code>? or addons, or resources I can go to?

thank you!
andfox support 2 months ago (2015-01-08 16:52:45)
hmmm the link is showing to the "old" site, do I need to add "support" as a friend? this is the permanent location:
andfox support 2 months ago (2015-01-08 16:55:18)

Friendica with Frost-Mobile Theme on Fennec (mobile Firefox) has become a nightmare

There are huge issues with fennec using the javascript for frost-mobile.
I wrote about this before but this time it looks clear for me that this is a fennec issue.

The browser goes nuts; if you load the networkpage the scrollbar on the right looks like on crack like jumpin around up and down... also the scrollbar goes crazy, if you want to post something, and the whole page/browser hangs.

Solution: Use Tint browser (i recommend to download it from f-droid).

@Friendica Support
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Dennis 2 months ago (2015-01-08 13:59:52) from Friendica mobile web
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Fabio 2 months ago (2015-01-09 08:25:22)
Ok thx @Fabio
Dennis 2 months ago (2015-01-09 10:34:23)
@Friendica Support Anyone experiencing corruption of the new posting counter, it is slowly increasing here instead of showing 0.
Roelf Strange 2 months ago (2015-01-08 12:37:51)
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Can you make a pull-request for this?
Beanow 1 month ago (2015-01-23 11:06:45)
Your right, discussion closed.
Roelf Strange 1 month ago (2015-01-23 11:08:16)

change default index.php file to friendica.php? or friendica url?

Hello all.
I'm more of a systems guy, than a php developer.
I'm not to sure where to start.
I have the main landing app as wordpress, and that's index.php

I want people to goto wordpress first.
so that means, logically I'd have to put friendica in a subdirectory


BUT, if I do that, then the user url is: USERNAME@DOMAIN.COM/social
I don't want that, I just want USERNAME@DOMAIN.COM/

sooo can I change the username URL, or can I change the default root php file from index.php to friendica.php, and have friendica installed in root alongside wordpress?

I just don't know the best way at doing this...
andfox support 2 months ago (2015-01-08 12:10:14)
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I think one could play with the files in .well-known in the base directory and assign that somehow to the /friendica/.well-known functionality. But I assume using a short subdomain, say, would be much easier.

Also federation with red, Diaspora and GNUsocial will suffer big if you use friendica in a subdirectory.
Tobias 2 months ago (2015-01-08 14:10:14) from open socialverse
best option is a subdomain.
Fabio 2 months ago (2015-01-08 14:41:41)

Share-it button for Friendica?

How to set-up a “Share it” button for Friendica? Many web-pages have buttons so the viewer can easily share the URL of the page with his/her friends. If you have a look at the bottom of The SOS Card Project homepage, you will find the buttons for a number of social media websites (F*ceb**k, P*ntr*st, ...) to easily share the website URL. What is the corresponding code for Friendica? I couldn’t find it!
Gunnar Lindenblatt 2 months ago (2015-01-07 21:58:04)
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The problem with a static link like that is that it would only be built for exactly one server. The Diaspora solution is more flexible - I only have to see how it is working.
Michael Vogel 2 months ago (2015-01-07 23:23:41)
Submitted! Issue #1283
Gunnar Lindenblatt 2 months ago (2015-01-08 09:19:02)
<span>@Friendica Support How about mobile connexion. I am trying friendica on mobile phone. I can have mobile theme but when I login, It is very hard to connect because of desktop kind page</span>
Kris B 2 months ago (2015-01-07 16:43:49)
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The login page theme is defined by the admin, because when you see it you aren't logged in (you don't say?!) so the system don't knows you.
The site admin can define the system mobile theme under admin/site, "Mobile system theme"
Fabio 2 months ago (2015-01-07 19:03:06)
Shall I change the default theme. It was vier.
Kris B 2 months ago (2015-01-07 19:07:00)
@Friendica Support
Hallo zusammen. Gestern habe Friendica erfolgreich daheim auf meinem Desktop-Rechner installiert. Nur kann ich mich leider nicht registrieren, da kein Mailserver vorhanden ist.

Alternativ habe ich sSMTP installiert, womit ich zumindest aus der Kommandozeile auch Mails verschicken kann. Leider nutzt Friendica dies aber nicht bzw. es funktioniert nicht.

Meine Friendicainstallation soll nur als lokale Testversion dienen, um damit ein wenig herumzuspielen. Mir würde also ein einfacher Testuser ausreichen.

Gibt es noch andere Möglichkeiten, einen User in Friendica anzulegen, bei der die Mailfunktionalität nicht benötigt wird? Ich möchte ungern noch einen kompletten Mailserver bei mir dafür installieren.
Thorsten Schmidt 2 months ago (2015-01-07 07:26:23)
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