MJ Ray 5 days ago Friendica

openID server?

@Friendica Support or anyone else reading this: should a friendica profile be usable as an openID or did I imagine that?
34.9% english, 23.8% pidgin, 22.2% norwegian
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My tests didn't look very well. I guess there is some work to do to make friendica work reliable in this case.
34.7% english, 30.6% pidgin, 21.2% french
Fabio 3 days ago Friendica
I've tried to use Janrain Openid library with ~friendica ~friendica, but never managed to make it really work...
31.2% english, 26% pidgin, 15.3% danish

Notifications for Soapbox Account (Marktschreier-Konto)

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support I saw that the soapbox accounts are limited in some way: Notifications aren't shown. This isn't a bug but is programmed this way. Nonetheless I see it as a bug.

What do you think? I would like to show notifications for all personal accounts (not for groups). I would like to make these accounts as usable as the "regular" account.
34.1% english, 25.8% pidgin, 19% french
Dennis 1 week ago Friendica

'502 Bad Gateway' Errors with Iceweasel/Firefox

@Friendica Support
Somehow i recognize randomly '502 Bad Gateway' errors with the themes 'quattro' and 'vier', but i never had such as error with the mobile theme 'frost-mobile', i have no clue why... i will test other themes as well and will report.
btw the server runs debian wheezy, nginx, and the latest revision of friendica.
sorry if i bug you guys a lot with my problems the last time...
24.6% english, 16.5% pidgin, 15.3% french
Dennis 1 week ago Friendica
Most of the time i see this error while opening the 'network' link, but today this also happened on my 'home' (profile page), and in same time i could reach both (network and home) via cellphone and frost-mobile theme.
32.5% english, 23.5% pidgin, 20.2% danish
Dennis 1 week ago Friendica
And the 502 only happened on my profile page as i was logged in, as i logged out i was able to load, but as i logged in again it was still the 502.
41.9% english, 24% german, 20.7% swedish
arto 1 week ago Friendica
@Friendica Support

This is my alternate profile, since is down atm.

So, I'm still wrestling with the problem that is killing I see the following entries: - - [12/Jul/2014:01:46:53 +0000] "GET /friendica HTTP/1.1" 200 13251 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Friendica)" - - [12/Jul/2014:01:47:53 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 19083 "-" "-" - - [12/Jul/2014:01:47:53 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 19083 "-" "-" - - [12/Jul/2014:01:47:29 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 19083 "-" "-" - - [12/Jul/2014:01:47:29 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 19083 "-" "-" - - [12/Jul/2014:01:47:08 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 19083 "-" "-"

These (I think) begin to appear after the poller kicks in. Thousands of these GET calls flood Apache and rapidly exhaust my max client limits.

Recovering from old databases, re-installing Friendica from scratch, nothing se... show more
32.7% english, 22.3% pidgin, 19% german
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Beanow 2 days ago Friendica
Aside from whether the call is necessary, sounds like this information should be cached.
39.7% english, 24.3% pidgin, 19.2% norwegian
54.4% english, 52.7% latin, 46.3% tagalog
Dennis 2 weeks ago Friendica

Friendica does not mirror via GNU Social connector

@Friendica Support

It works all fine with secret code and such as, as well i can see on "social networks" settings thats connected with my gs page, i enabled to mirror all public posts but i dont see any post mirrored to gs so far ive tested...

I don't see any hint in the log, only this:
[error]32041#0: *347553 FastCGI sent in stderr: "dica/friendica/view/smarty3/compiled/*.file.wall_thread.tpl.php on line 6
PHP message: PHP Warning: Illegal string offset 'starred' in /*/*/friendica/view/smarty3/compiled/*.file.wall_thread.tpl.php on *
27.2% english, 18.3% pidgin, 16.6% italian
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You don't have anything like "statusnet post invoked" in your logs?
29.1% english, 20.8% norwegian, 20.7% latin
Wir sollten mal chatten. Meine Jabber-ID ist meine friendica-ID.
31.7% german, 25% english, 24.2% norwegian
Beanow 2 weeks ago Friendica

Who wants to host decentralized directories?

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers @UX Watchdogs I've been working on the friendica directory here for a while now and I'm interested in knowing: Who wants to host their own directories?
I have a few designs in mind for easy decentralized directories. But it depends on the amount of interested admins, which one would be best.
33% english, 24.3% pidgin, 19.3% german
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Arto 1 week ago Friendica
I would be interested in hosting a decentralized directory.
Of course, first I have to make sure my Friendica instance is back up again - so far so good, but the still checking :)
36.9% english, 25.9% pidgin, 22.1% italian
Arto 1 week ago Friendica
Sounds good. Decentralizing the directory makes a lot of sense.
32.6% english, 26.1% pidgin, 25.9% spanish
Dennis 2 weeks ago Friendica
@Friendica Theme Developers @Friendica Support

If i add #gnusocial contacts with the #quattro and #vier theme they are just added as #rss feed... with the #frostmobile theme they are added correctly via #ostatus.
27% english, 22.4% italian, 20.6% spanish
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With the same adresses?
48% english, 24.4% french, 24.3% german
Dennis 2 weeks ago Friendica
yes, and even with url it worx as far as i tested it
38.9% english, 21.8% german, 21.1% swedish

API liefert keine Ergebnisse aus Diaspora und RSS

@Friendica Support
wird daran was gemacht ?
(Das wurde hier schonmal vor 3 Monaten erwähnt)
28.7% german, 28.5% dutch, 19.6% spanish
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does the patch from michael work for you ? in my db verb is not filled also with git version
29.9% english, 21.4% german, 21.1% pidgin
Yes, with the latest code this issue is fixed. :)
42.9% english, 24.7% latin, 23.1% french
Arto 2 weeks ago Friendica

MyFriendica troubles

@Friendica Support
So, I'm having a strange issue which is killing the site. Logs show hundreds of connections that begin and end with my server's IP. The requests are originating from a Mac, running OSX 10.8. For some reason, as soon as Apache is started, these requests multiply until they exhaust Apache's maximum client limits. Then the site crawls to a stop. Changing the max client limits setting makes no difference, since after restart, the same happens again (this time maxing out the newly set limits.).

Is this caused by a problem with a connector to an outside service?
Here's some stuff from the logs (note is the server's IP): - - [10/Jul/2014:14:21:07 +0000] "GET /friendica HTTP/1.1" 200 13251 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.8; rv:24.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/24.0" - - [10/Jul/2014:14:27:07 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 23947 "-" "-" - - [10/Jul/2014:14:29:21 +0000] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200... show more
27.9% english, 19.8% french, 18.8% spanish
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Beanow 2 weeks ago Friendica
I see 2 occurences of this OS X user agent in friendica.
include/network.php:1167 and mod/parse_url.php:69 I'll try and find the corresponding processes.
29.2% english, 19.9% pidgin, 18.4% french
Beanow 2 weeks ago Friendica
The include/network.php one provides a function original_url which seems to be intended for bypassing tracking through URL shorteners. It doesn't seem to be used within the Friendica core (not sure about addons). The other (mod/parse_url) seems to be used to provide the extended information about message urls. The majority of functions that use this have extensive logging.

Try searching your logs for the following prefixes:

30.5% english, 20.6% pidgin, 17.9% french
Beanow 2 weeks ago Friendica

Random items in network?

@Friendica Support It happens to me every so often that an item is on the top of my Network items, even thought it's really old and nothing happened. For example is now #3 on my list. The last update was 2 years ago. Why is this?
34.5% english, 25.3% pidgin, 17.3% dutch
Dennis 2 weeks ago Friendica

How to remove #hashtags (made with the 'add tag' link) in friendica?

I didn't figure out how to remove/edit #tags from a post from myself, how do i do this? Is this theme related?
And, is it possible to add multiple tags afterwards, with the 'tag button', if yes how?
@Friendica Support
27.4% english, 17.9% pidgin, 16.5% french
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I can confirm this.
36.5% english, 25.8% vietnamese, 25.4% welsh
I haven't changed anything in the tags in the last year, I guess. There is the "term" table that holds the tags - but it is synced with the "tag" field in the item table. Could you have a look at this field, if it still contains the tags?
40.7% english, 18.4% danish, 17.2% pidgin

Syntax error in ./library/spam/b8/storage/storage_base.php

After todays WSoD I've checked all PHP scripts with
find -type f -name '*.php' -exec php -l "{}" \;
and found another error:

No syntax errors detected in ./library/spam/install/setup_berkeleydb.php
No syntax errors detected in ./library/spam/example/index.php
No syntax errors detected in ./library/spam/b8/storage/storage_base.php
PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'dbesc' (T_STRING) in ./library/spam/b8/storage/storage_frndc.php on line 210
Errors parsing ./library/spam/b8/storage/storage_frndc.php
No syntax errors detected in ./library/spam/b8/storage/storage_mysql.php
No syntax errors detected in ./library/spam/b8/storage/storage_dba.php
No syntax errors detected in ./library/spam/b8/degenerator/degenerator_default.php
No syntax errors detected in ./library/spam/b8/b8.php
No syntax errors detected in ./library/spam/b8/lexer/lexer_default.php

@Friendica Support
Nuremberg, Germany 22.7% english, 16.3% pidgin, 16% danish
Fabio 2 weeks ago Friendica
a comma is missig, but anyway spam library isn't used in friendica, and that file is never included anywere.
31.5% english, 20.5% danish, 18.7% pidgin
Tobias 2 weeks ago Friendica
Still we wanted to use it, so good to know :-)
41.9% english, 31.2% pidgin, 18.1% croatian
Tobias 2 weeks ago Friendica

Today I've learned....

.... not to use the web-editor of github, as it might append stuff to files when committing :-/ If you should see WSoD since today please make another pull

@Friendica Support
Berlin 34.2% english, 26.1% pidgin, 15.6% spanish

Alternative to Jappix?

@Friendica Addons @Friendica Developers @Friendica Support Several months ago someone mentioned an alternative to jappix for chats in friendica. What was this? I haven't found the post.
38.9% english, 23.9% danish, 23.9% pidgin
Dennis 2 weeks ago Friendica
Maybe this Jsxc: JSXC: JavaScript XMPP Client
or that Candy-chat: Candy
15.9% english, 11.2% tagalog, 10.8% pidgin
Dennis 2 weeks ago Friendica
Theres also #JWChat but it seems its not updated for a longer time (correct me if im wrong) Jwchat: Welcome to JWChat - the Jabber Web Chat
34.7% english, 21.9% danish, 21.7% pidgin

Jabber/XMPP - Prosody BOSH support configuration


I'm running a Jabber/XMPP server with Prosody 0.9.4 on a shared host. I have configured Prosody to use custom network ports (64xx2/64xx3). Everything is okay and working.

Now I want to access my server via the web-client Jappix Mini. For this purpose I reconfigured Prosody with BOSH support. This was successful, too. It tells me "It works! Now point your BOSH client to this URL to connect to Prosody."

But I'm not able to change the network ports BOSH is using. No matter what I put in the config file (e.g. 64xx4/64xx5), Prosody is using the standard ports (5280/5281) for its BOSH module. :-/

The "ports part" of my config file:

s2s_ports = { 64xx2 }
c2s_ports = { 64xx3 }
bosh_ports = { 64xx4, 64xx5 }

Netstat output:

tcp :-)
tcp :-)
tcp :-(
tcp :-(

Maybe someone has an idea what's wrong? Or is this possibly a bug?

Have a nice Sunday,

@Uberspace User Group @Friendica Support @Linux Group #jabber #xmpp #prosody #bosh #jappix #uberspace #friendica
Halle, Germany 28% english, 18.5% pidgin, 15.7% italian
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I "fixed" it. \o/

The problem was - like I assumed earlier - that prosody has completely changed the config of the BOSH host. This is true for version 0.9 and higher.

The BOSH config has to be done like this Prosody HTTP server config:

Prosody: Prosody HTTP server -

Here is my config that finally is working:

modules_enabled = {


s2s_ports = { 64xx2 };
c2s_ports = { 64xx3 };
http_ports = { 64xx4 };
http_interfaces = { "*" };
https_ports = { 64xx5 };
https_interfaces = { "*" };


http_default_host = "localhost" -- BOSH default hostname
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25.4% english, 16.6% pidgin, 15.4% french
My Prosody BOSH is reachable from the internet now. So, it's time to switch to my own server completely. Thanks to Jappix-Mini it should be more or less seamless for my Friendica contacts.

The Jabber server has a selfsigned certificate. Unfortunately it was not possible to use a trusted one. Here is the fingerprint of the certificate:

SHA1: 54 07 AB CD F4 3A 43 C6 89 7A 9F 61 B0 48 71 FF 38 05 6D 67

CN =
OU = Jabber
O = Friendica
L = Halle
ST = Sachsen-Anhalt
C = de

28.2% english, 20.5% pidgin, 18.3% norwegian
Kann es eigentlich sein, dass Leute, die ich geblockt hab, nur im Webinterface so halb geblockt sind und in Twidere gar nicht? @Friendica Support
32.4% german, 23% dutch, 21.4% norwegian
So, hat mein System nun auch erfasst.

26.4% german, 18.5% finnish, 17.3% icelandic
Lege zur Sicherheit noch eine Datei mit dem Namen ".htpreconfig.php" an. Da kommt dann das hier rein:

$hostname = "";

Dadurch stellst Du sicher, dass Du nicht mit gemischten Hostnamen in den Statistiken erscheinst. (Und es beseitigt noch ein paar andere Probleme)
35.7% german, 25.3% dutch, 23.7% french
Im Adminmenü gibt es ganz zum Schluss, unten, den Punkt: "Neue Basis-URL"
Kann ich hier gefahrlos meine neue Friendica-URL eingeben und ich erreiche Euch und Ihr erreicht mich unter der neuen URL ?
Gibt es hier Zeitlimite, wann die "Umeldung" abgeschlossen ist ?

Gibt es Haken oder noch Dinge zu bedenken ?
25.7% german, 17.8% dutch, 15.3% norwegian
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Laut dem Quellcode scheint das so zu gehen, d.h. die Datenbank wird durchforstet und eine Änderungsmeldung verschickt.
37.9% german, 20.7% french, 20.3% dutch
Tobias 2 weeks ago Friendica
Fabio musste/wollte mal mit seiner Node umziehen und hat es eingebaut - ob er es dann auch brauchte kann ich nicht nicht mehr erinnern.
32.9% german, 24.5% danish, 22.9% norwegian

Friendica-Server mit "richtigem" Zertifikat

@Friendica Support @all

Hallo Leute,

angeregt, durch die Diskussionen der letzten Zeit, habe ich mir gestern bei meinem Hoster eine zusätzliche URL besorgt. Die habe ich über einen Eintrag in der "Domainsteuerung" nun mit CNAME auf meinen Server umgelenkt.

Über StartSSL habe ich mir ein "echtes" SSL-Zertifikat besorgt und wollte es nun in den Apache einbauen. Doch leider klappt es nicht so richtig.

So sieht die funktionierende Apache-SSL-Direktive für aus:

DocumentRoot /srv/www/ssldocs/friendica
SSLCertificateFile /etc/apache2/ssl/server_friendica.crt
SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/apache2/ssl/server_friendica.key
SSLProtocol +TLSv1
SSLCompression Off
SSLHonorCipherOrder on
SSLEngine o
... show more
51.339695 12.373075 25% german, 20.5% english, 17.7% danish
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Als ich es mit dem Howto von StartSSL gemacht hab, ging es auch erst nicht. Guck mal mit
openssl s_client -showcerts -connect
Da scheint noch was nicht zu stimmen ("unable to verify the first certificate").

Bei mir sieht es so aus: Das Zertifikat der CA hab ich nicht extra angegeben, das ist unter den serverweit installierten. Das Class-1-Zert. habe ich auch nicht einzeln, sondern ich hab deren ganzes ca-bundle.crt von hier: Dann hab ich im Virtual Host stehen:

SSLEngine on
SSLCertificateFile /etc/ssl/certs/serverzertifikat.crt
SSLCertificateKeyFile /etc/ssl/private/keyfile.key
SSLCertificateChainFile /etc/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt
25.7% german, 19.4% english, 18.5% dutch
Ich habe jetzt das
"SSLCertificateChainFile /PFAD/ZUM/ZIEL/ca-bundle.crt"

noch zugefügt. Es geht und auch das Logfile meckert nicht.
21.7% german, 13.1% french, 12.7% romanian
Beanow 3 weeks ago Friendica

Friendica vs Red Matrix

@Friendica Support I'm a bit confused about the pro's and cons between the two.
As I understand from the Red wiki, Red has a different philosophy for it's design and should not be seen as the next-gen Friendica. But when I look at Red is described as the "what we made when we learnt from our mistakes", as if this is Friendica how it should have been.

This feeling of Red being the new and improved version is strengthened because many features from Red are not ported to Friendica. For example, a decentralized directory has already been implemented for Red and it looks like Friendica could use the exact same implementation. It gives me the impression that Friendica is being abandoned by this group of developers.

Can someone clear up the situation for me?
37.9% english, 20.9% pidgin, 19.1% spanish
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Tobias 2 weeks ago Friendica
That always sounds as if ~friendica ~friendica is not a social network of it's own, caring for your privaxy. I'd say
friendica is a distributed social network which cares about your privacy, but allows you to connect to (federate) with other social networks. When you do so though, you sacrify some of this privacy (e.g. making your postings public for the entire internet) because of the different communication models.

But otherwise I go with those lines.
31.7% english, 20.6% pidgin, 17.4% spanish
Beanow 2 weeks ago Friendica
Ok that clears things up a lot. For me the connectivity is a priority over the stronger privacy so I'm surely staying with Friendica.
34.8% english, 18.6% portuguese, 18.1% french
Daniel 3 weeks ago Friendica


@Friendica Support
Ich würde gerne einem Google+ Kontakt folgen und auch antworten können. Ich kann aber keinen Kontakt hinzufügen, da bekomme ich eine Fehlermeldung. Über das Plugin kann ich ja nur einem folgen und auch da kann ich in meinem Stream nix sehen.
Gibt es eine Möglichkeit das zu bewerkstelligen?
Kranichfeld, Th 27.4% german, 19.3% danish, 19% norwegian
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eine möglichkeit einem google+-account zu folgen hat man hiermit, welches ein rss-feed aus den _öffentlichen_ beiträgen erstellt:

nachteil halt, dass es nur öffentliche beiträge "erfassen" kann und natürlich kann man damit nichts posten..
29.7% german, 18.9% dutch, 16.8% english
Daniel 3 weeks ago Friendica
Oh, danke werde ich versuchen. Das würde mir reichen.
39% german, 32.4% dutch, 22.5% danish

FYI: I had to disable the Community page because of high traffic

Hello @Friendica Support ,

I just noticed a day of unusual high traffic in my logs. A closer look revealed that all the traffic came from one IP and was related to the Community page of my server (.../community).

Some bot or script crawled the whole Community page within 25 minutes. It followed all "search?tag=...", photo and privacy_image_cache links. The traffic was something about 1.5 GB.

I disabled the Community page to avoid this annoyance. Maybe this note is useful for other admins, too.

Halle, Germany 29.6% english, 21.3% pidgin, 16% italian
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probably a good idea to put something in the user agent string so people don't block it thinking its something nasty.
32.3% english, 26.2% pidgin, 17.8% danish
Beanow 3 weeks ago Friendica
Well it used the same request method as the Friendica directory, which was important for this test. If it turns out the directory is often blocked that should indeed be adressed.
40.5% english, 22.5% pidgin, 21.3% french
Beanow 3 weeks ago Friendica
@Friendica Support Whoops this was supposed to go to to this group.

Beanow wrote the following post 11 hours ago:
I've been searching for some contacts on the global directory and I notice a lot of installations have gone missing. Many 404 and 403's, some domain parking, some timeouts... Does the directory have some sort of cleaning / automatic removal system in place? Or can you filter it yourself in an efficient way?

Also, is the most up to date version of the current directory?
31.5% english, 22.9% pidgin, 20.7% french
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Activeness would be very important for finding interesting contacts. It is really disappointing, if you browse through contacts to see, that they stopped posting content 2 years ago.

If active accounts would be listed on top, then people would be much more satisfied.
34.3% english, 25.3% pidgin, 21% french
Beanow 3 weeks ago Friendica
It may be a second step of improvement indeed. But not my primary concern. Finding a profile that stopped posting 2 years ago is still less disappointing than waiting 60 seconds only to get a timeout error from your browser.
32.8% english, 21.7% pidgin, 20% danish

Hello dear friendica supporters!

All the best from a small village in Germany!

I have a question to the facebook-connector - how does it work? ;)

OK, i know, that's a quite unspecific question, but in fact, i am not sure, if i understood the basic goal of the connector and its capabilities.

What i would like to do: i would like to send a comment to a shared-link-post on this community-site: .
Is this possible, or is it only possible to post to the public profile via friendica (and if this would be true, how do i do that?) ?

From what i understood, i have to add the facebook-friends as a new contact, but whenever i try this (using as the adress..), the answer is:
"The profile address specified does not provide adequate information.
No compatible communication protocols or feeds were discovered.
An author or name was not found."

Btw: I installed the connector for my account via settings-social networks.

Thanks for reading!
32.3% english, 21.4% pidgin, 19.2% portuguese
Tobias 3 weeks ago Friendica
@Michael Vogel is the one who can probably answer this best; all I know about Facebook is, that their API is very naughty and not reliable - but that I know only from him yelling about it.
33.1% english, 22.8% pidgin, 18.3% dutch
Strange, sometimes I see no input field on messages from friends. Nothing strange in logs at all. Have anyone encounter this, @Friendica Support?

It's started somewhere within last 2 months...
34.5% english, 26.1% danish, 25.4% norwegian
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Oh, okay, that's what I missed. It was always opened before, now this field is hidden by default. Thank you!
32.8% english, 16.1% pidgin, 15.2% norwegian
Tobias 3 weeks ago Friendica
glad I could help :-)
36.4% english, 28% welsh, 14.1% italian
What the hell is going on here?PHP Warning: posix_kill() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /home/libertypod/domains/ on line 38<br />
PHP Warning: require_once(/home/libertypod/domains/ failed to open stream: Too many open files in /home/libertypod/domains/ on line 78

@Friendica Support
23.8% english, 21.2% pidgin, 18.9% french
8 comments show more contains 11731
45.2% french, 38% portuguese, 33.6% spanish
Sounds good. I just looked into the code. It seems as if your system doesn't know the constant SIGTERM.
26.1% english, 19.6% latin, 18.7% portuguese
DTX 4 weeks ago Friendica

Installation error

I just uploaded friendica to my web server. Its located in a subdomain. When I open it in a browser I get this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /www/htdocs/v090717/friendica/boot.php on line 342

Any ideas?
25.9% english, 18.6% pidgin, 17.2% norwegian
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What David Benfell wrote pretty much nailed it:
The exec option is a PHP configuration setting. The relevant file/directory ownership should be the same as the user running the web server (whichever one that is).

I don't know from distance what user this is. Default is www-data but this is configurable. In my case it is my own user. The user running the webserver should be the owner of the files and folders in your document root.

The best approach would be you ask the admins of your provider for help. They should know best.
32.1% english, 20.2% pidgin, 19.7% danish
www-data is often correct for Debian and derivatives, at least in the usual way of doing things.

Red Hat variants typically use apache.

At this point, I've forgotten what Arch Linux does and I've never run a web server on Gentoo or one of its derivatives (my notebook runs Sabayon).

But it sounds like the way they do shared servers is not the usual.
34.4% english, 25.8% pidgin, 19.4% danish
Oliver 4 weeks ago Friendica
@Friendica Support

After last git pull I got poller.php cron errors:

PHP Warning: mkdir(): File exists in /var/www/virtual/html/boot.php on line 2245
PHP Warning: mkdir(): File exists in /var/www/virtual/html/boot.php on line 2226

What to do?
20.6% english, 20.2% french, 18% norwegian
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Looking at this further, having seen it working ok on a test Friendica installation.
/var/www/virtual/html is the wrong directory, the directory to look at is the Temp Path in the admin settings. This has to be writable by the poller.
For an existing Friendica server you could be using something different from /tmp which is the default now.
Also make sure you're not using a directory in ram which doesn't exist after a reboot.
29.7% english, 22% pidgin, 19.5% german
Oliver 4 weeks ago Friendica
Thanks @Keith Fernie
Looks like my system couldn't detect the correct path to the installation. I entered the path in admin setting, for now the poller is quiet again.
Because this issue was on all my three servers and all are on a shared host (@Uberspace User Group ), other users running their installations at Uberspace, should look at the admin settings too.
34.2% english, 22.5% pidgin, 19.8% french
DTX 4 weeks ago Friendica

Language Setting

Can someone tell me, where I can set the language for my account?
39.5% english, 35.6% danish, 34.5% norwegian
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Tobias 4 weeks ago Friendica
We just adopted the FB term here ;-) Because "Heim" is not really fitting or a "Startseite" which it is not.

But for the translation, feel free to join the transifex translation team and change the wording.
41.3% english, 23% danish, 22.3% pidgin
DTX 4 weeks ago Friendica
Wording is always tricky and it has to go hand in hand with the structure. That's why I want to experiement with both.
40.2% english, 29.2% pidgin, 19.8% german
Tobias 1 month ago Friendica

Addon Translations

Hey all,

I've started to add the raw files for translation of the addons (from the git repository) to the Transifex resource list, so that they can be translated by the translation teams. They are not all over there by now, but will be added over the next days.

If you want to help getting these new strings translated please click over to Transifex, join a translation team and start tranlating. I'll add those translations later to the github repository.

And dear addon, developers: please remember to update the addon base files when you change something at the strings so they are pulled over to the translation engines.

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers @Friendica Addons
Berlin 33.2% english, 23.8% pidgin, 18.1% french
Tobias 1 month ago Friendica
I think they are all in now.
47% english, 34.1% pidgin, 30.2% italian
Tobias 2 weeks ago Friendica
Looks like I'll get some more free time over the next days. So I promise to update the git repositories with the translations done over the last days soon ;-)
34.3% english, 27.1% pidgin, 25.4% french
Beanow 1 month ago Friendica
After accepting an introduction. Can you change fan <-> friend? I've only found a message at the contact editor saying "You are sharing with ..." or "You are mutual friends with ...".
32.9% english, 24.4% danish, 20.9% norwegian
Tobias 1 month ago Friendica
If someone is a fan of you, and you request their contact, you will become mutual contacts - but a fan cant upgrade himself to mutual partnership.
32.1% english, 25.9% pidgin, 19% spanish
Fabio 1 month ago Friendica
to change from "fan" to "friend", you need to connect again with the contact, if I remember correctly
28.5% english, 17.6% pidgin, 17.4% italian
Beanow 1 month ago Friendica
New to Friendica and just deployed this node. (Installing was easy, credits for that!). So far though I think it's a bit dense to figure out at first from a users perspective. Any initiatives that you know of that are specifically for streamlining the user experience?
31.5% english, 24.7% pidgin, 18.2% swedish
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Beanow 4 weeks ago Friendica Keep an eye on @UX Watchdogs, I'm about to announce some plans on there. And besides that you can try to work with developers and theme creators.
34.3% english, 23.2% pidgin, 17.5% french
DTX 4 weeks ago Friendica OK, lets go on discussing there.
26.1% english, 25.7% pidgin, 17.2% german
@Friendica Support so I've noticed that tagging persons doesn't seem to work for me cross platform.
That is to say, if I attempt to tag person(s) and they are on a social network other than Friendica the chances are that the tag will not properly be applied on the non-Friendica networks.
Is this a known issue?
33.9% english, 26.3% pidgin, 18.4% italian
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aye, I was rather surprised to find that not even Diaspora tagging functioned.
31.5% english, 26.6% pidgin, 19.7% danish
It's unfortunate that Ilya Zhitomirskiy only partially followed Mike Macgirvin's recommendations and D* ended up very broken and unfinished. Enough time has passed and after reading all the discussions on loomio, it's now obvious that Diaspora will never be finished and fully functional.

I'm not going to let my Diaspora pod users down, so I'll continue running my pod, but I have now decided that I'm going to stop using diaspora* myself and just add all of those contacts to my Friendica profile. Every day that I use D*, I throw up in my mouth a little bit.
25.5% english, 19.2% french, 17.4% pidgin
Matl 1 month ago Friendica
Michael Vogel wrote the following post 2 days ago:
Attention for all admins of larger servers: New database update script
@Friendica Developers @Friendica Addons @Friendica Support The current GIT release contains a totally new technique to make database updates. It compares the structure (fields and indexes) that is defined in include/dbstructure.php with the current database layout. Then it applies the changes.

Thing is: The first run of the u
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35.2% english, 23.9% pidgin, 21.6% danish
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Fabio 1 month ago Friendica
@Sérgio F. Lima , please open an issue on github or report to original thread on @Friendica Developers
24.2% english, 20.7% pidgin, 19.5% spanish
@Fabio I run a git pull and after I run dbstructure.php again and all work fine :-) Thanks
22.5% english, 20.3% pidgin, 19.2% italian

Attention for all admins of larger servers: New database update script

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Addons @Friendica Support The current GIT release contains a totally new technique to make database updates. It compares the structure (fields and indexes) that is defined in include/dbstructure.php with the current database layout. Then it applies the changes.

Thing is: The first run of the update will last for a very long time. There are changes to (nearly) every table, the indexes are changed massively, ...

Expect an update time of half a day on servers with a million entries in the item table.

Although the update scripts is already in the repository, it will be triggered only when we change the database version number, which we haven't done by now.

I urge you to apply these changes now (before we've changed the database version) to better plan the down time (during update your page will mostly be unresponsive)

To start the update, simply call the script from the shell by "php include/dbstructure.php" - it will print out what it is doing at the moment.
35.1% english, 23.7% pidgin, 21.3% french
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