Sagt mal, spricht eigentlich was dagegen #Friendica auf einen #Server mit #Nginx und #MariaDB zu installieren.
Das sollte doch funktionieren oder? Gibt es da was spezielles zu beachten?
Hintergrund: Die HW-Auslastung eines Servers soll dadurch spürbar entlastet werden.
#Frage @Friendica Support
Matrix 32.6% german, 22.5% dutch, 20.6% danish

On "develop" branch? Be patient when updating it

@Friendica Support In the develop branch we just added two more fields in the item table. This is a preparation for a better handling of relocations and changing avatar pictures.

Since the item table can be really huge, this update can take some time (on my machine it took more than one hour). In that time your system will not work correctly and incoming messages could fail.

If you are on a small server this shouldn't be any problem. But when you are using friendica on a larger server then it could be helpful to do the update in this way:

  • Stop the poller.php cronjob
  • Shutdown your web server
  • Update from git
  • call php include/dbstructure.php update from the command line
  • start your web server
  • start the poller.php cronjob
33% english, 20.9% pidgin, 19.4% italian
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26.6% cebuano, 21.5% croatian, 19.5% swedish
This background process shouldn't create a high load on the system. Depending on the amount of items it will run for several days.
37.3% english, 19.7% pidgin, 18.7% german

An internal server error occurred. Please try again later.

Hallo @Friendica Support, @Friendica Developers,

in der letzten Zeit häuft sich mal wieder die obige Fehlermeldung. Mein ~friendica ~friendica Knoten ist auf dem aktuellsten Develloper Branch und liegt auf einem #uberspace. Die Worker sind aktiviert und die Anzahl ist 2.

Wenn ich mir in der mysql Konsole die Prozessliste anschaue, fällt mir immer wieder diese Anfrage auf, die unheimlich viel Zeit in Anspruch nimmt:

show processlist;

| Query | 228 | Copying to tmp table | SELECT `contact`.`id`, `contact`.`name`, COUNT(*) AS `count` FROM `item`
INNER JOIN `contact` ON |

Vielen Dank schon mal,

#friendica #bug
24837,DE 25.4% german, 18.9% english, 18.1% dutch
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Wenn du auf dem Uberspace nicht zu viele Sachen laufen hast, oder wenn du nur mal probieren willst, bietet sich ja an einfach einen neuen Uberspace anzulegen. Sonst ist es schon ein bisschen mehr Aufwand, wie du sagst.
37.1% german, 24.2% dutch, 20.7% english
Die Volltextsuche brauche ich jetzt nicht so, also werde ich mich in der nächsten Woche mal mit mysql maria und innoDB beschäftigen.
35.6% german, 27.3% dutch, 19% danish
@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers

I implemented a public calendar for the profile page with

There is a issue which I haven't recognized before committing. There exists a addon by @Tobias with the name "cal" for exporting calendars. Now there is a module registration conflict if this addon is enabled.

The solution is to rename one of the modules. I would prefer to rename the addon because hubzilla uses also cal for the public calendar. So i would suggest to rename the addon to something like cal_exp.

What do you think. Suggestions, Input?
33.2% english, 20.3% pidgin, 20.2% spanish
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I will try to move the addon to core. What do you think about this solution?
45.2% english, 27% pidgin, 18.4% french
I guess this would be better.
40.6% english, 21.4% norwegian, 20.3% hungarian
@Friendica Support why can't I follow
14.2% english, 12.4% french, 12% spanish
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I don't want to obfuscate the @, I just want our "add contact" feed to recognize this obfuscated @ from Hubzilla. I usually copy those addresses from Diaspora/Hubzilla profiles and paste them to add a new contact. If copy and paste is no problem, then don't mind what I wrote above.
28.8% english, 19.7% portuguese, 19.6% pidgin
Copy/paste is no longer a problem (except with older sites that haven't yet upgraded).
31.8% english, 23.3% portuguese, 19.6% danish
@Friendica Support

Does anybody have an idea why this happens. I commented @Mike Macgirvin post directly at his profile page. And after the comment was submitted the frio wall_thread template wasn't loaded correct anymore. It seems to be the template of the vier theme (which is the standard theme of libranet). But I really don't have any idea why this happens
29.7% english, 19.5% dutch, 18.8% pidgin
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Ahhh I come closer. I have just commented on post directly on @Rebeka Catalina profile page. And it has happens again. I don't know if it matters but it was the first comment for the post.

@Michael Vogel if you find some time, can you have a look into this?
33% english, 21.2% italian, 21.1% danish
BTW: Does there exist a tool which could trace all called php functions and print it to some kind of diagram? This would really help to understand how such big projects are working (and could help do identify unnecessary loops).
34.2% english, 23.8% pidgin, 16.9% spanish

Hidden contacts issue

Hello @Friendica Support
It's me again. :-) I discovered a strange behavior of contacts. Some of my contacts were hidden all of a sudden. I have repaired this by unchecking the hide checkbox of each contact. Today I took a look at the hidden contacts page and there are some hidden contacts again. Why is this happening? Is this a bug or an error on my side? Any idea?
Halle an der Saale 32.2% english, 22% pidgin, 20.8% danish
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This would explain why my support forum is hidden. It has enabled the feature "publish to local directory" but diabled "publish to global directory". I'll change this and see what happens...
29.7% english, 19.5% pidgin, 16.4% dutch
...yes, the forum account isn't hidden anymore. After publishing it to the global directory I had to manually unhide the contract (what didn't work before). And the contact stays visible now. But I think this is an inconsistent behavior.
35.3% english, 24.8% pidgin, 21.8% danish
@Friendica Support

Is there a way to 'mark all read'? I didn't check in for a while and now I have 35k unread posts ;_;
35.9% english, 25% pidgin, 22% italian
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I just realized clicking on the "Network" tab isnt' enough to go to /network/0, so maybe I just never went there. Will try next time :)
31.1% pidgin, 30.2% english, 15.4% danish
Yes, it is a difference, /0 is will show all messages, if you click in network it will show whatever group was selected before, which usually is another number than 0.
35.1% english, 20.3% german, 18.2% pidgin
@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support
Does anybody does have also the issue that the network stream doesn't sort correctly by newest comments?

@Michael Vogel
could this be related to one of your latest commits?
34.3% english, 24.4% pidgin, 18.5% french
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55.8% pidgin, 52.6% italian, 50.3% latin
accepted. Now it seems to work correct
29.8% english, 21.2% pidgin, 16.6% latin
Hello @Friendica Support
there's something wrong with the latest code changes in develop. What I found so far: the federation statistics is completely broken; I also created a new user and I cannot change the display settings in vier or frio (number of posts per page, ...).
I saw a lot of changes in the latest git pull. Maybe I have to wait for the next commits and pull again?
Halle an der Saale 31.3% english, 21.5% italian, 20.1% german
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@Fabio welcome to my node. :-) I'll test the bugfix now.
Btw. Sweden scored! :-D
26.4% english, 24.6% pidgin, 13.6% portuguese
@Fabio @Rabuzarus It works now! THANK you! :beer
19.5% english, 14.4% pidgin, 14.3% latin
What does it mean for the uid value of a glink record to be 0 ?
Should I delete all entries for users that do not exist on the system anymore?

See this:

mysql> select distinct(uid) from user;
| uid |
| 21 |
| 1 |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> select uid,count(*) from glink group by uid;
| uid | count(*) |
| 0 | 2072 |
| 1 | 1132 |
| 4 | 2 |
| 6 | 36 |
| 13 | 18 |
| 15 | 10 |
6 rows in set (0.01 sec)

@Friendica Developers Support
32.9% english, 22.4% pidgin, 20.3% latin

Slow query

@Friendica Support

From the mysql slowquery log, this one looks too expensive:

# Query_time: 0.774427 Lock_time: 0.000395 Rows_sent: 9 Rows_examined: 106296
SET timestamp=1465727181;
SELECT count(glink.gcid) as `total`, gcontact.* from gcontact
INNER JOIN `glink` ON `glink`.`gcid` = `gcontact`.`id`
where uid = 1 and not gcontact.nurl in ( select nurl from contact where uid = 1 )
AND NOT `gcontact`.`name` IN (SELECT `name` FROM `contact` WHERE `uid` = 1)
AND NOT `gcontact`.`id` IN (SELECT `gcid` FROM `gcign` WHERE `uid` = 1)
AND `gcontact`.`updated` != '0000-00-00 00:00:00'
AND `gcontact`.`last_contact` >= `gcontact`.`last_failure`
AND `gcontact`.`network` IN ('dfrn', 'dspr')
GROUP BY `glink`.`gcid` ORDER BY `gcontact`.`updated` DESC,`total` DESC LIMIT 0, 9;
22.8% english, 15.5% latin, 15.2% pidgin
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How is your experience with SQL optimizing? I made the experience that optimizing depends on the data.
32.4% english, 24.5% dutch, 21.5% pidgin
of course it depends on the data, and on the structure
45.8% english, 29% pidgin, 28% german
@Friendica Support
my node can take over 9 seconds to serve a network user via proxy (/proxy/...) -- this is way too much. Is there a way to configure a timeout ? Also is there no cache for those avatars ?
31.2% english, 25% pidgin, 22.3% portuguese
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it seems as if you are using 3.4.1. the current master version is 3.4.3-2. Much had happened in that time.
41.8% english, 25.6% german, 24.5% pidgin
WOW! Your branch is behind 'upstream/develop' by 1963 commits

I dunno how it could have happened
23.7% english, 15.5% pidgin, 13.9% french

Frio: hovercard plugin cleanup

Halle an der Saale 22.1% english, 17% italian, 16.9% german
@Friendica Support

I've lost access to the admin panels (only "Logout" button is shown there) -- where's the admin status stored ? How to fix this ?
32.9% english, 19.3% latin, 18.5% italian
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figured: admin powers given by email, in .htconfig.php.
So I guess everyone can admin my website by changing his email to be same as mine ?
28.7% english, 23.9% pidgin, 20.3% french
no, you cannot change your email address in the settings to the email addres given for the admins in the config file. Except you changed the code ;-)
31% english, 22.4% danish, 21.6% norwegian

Profil bearbeiten

Hallo zusammen,

ich hoffe ich bin hier richtig. Habe gestern aus dem git Repository Friendica installiert. Klappt auch soweit alles gut.
Nur finde ich keine "einfache" Möglichkeit, mein Profil zu bearbeiten. Das heißt, ich finde keinen Link auf , außer über "Tipps für neue Nutzer" > "Editiere dein Profil".
Ich vermute, es sollte einen intuitiveren Weg geben. Aber ich finde einfach nichts.

Danke für jede Hilfe.
27.1% german, 18% english, 17.1% dutch
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Hi Tobias, am liebsten wäre es mir, wenn du das machst. :-)
27.6% german, 24.2% french, 20.3% pidgin
Wobei du auch einfach ein ein Ticket beginnen kannst, @Tobias wird dann sicher ergänzen und weiter daran arbeiten. Die sind da alle sehr fix. ;-)
38.5% german, 23.1% dutch, 22.8% norwegian
@Friendica Support
Moin Leute, am Samstag ist ein Vernetzungstreffen der Frekonale in Könnern bei Halle. Leider mußte der für Friendica/Hubzilla Vortragende absagen. Ich bin im Urlaub.
Könnte also jemand aus der Region einspringen ? Ich würde dann den Kontakt herstellen.
Zwenkau am See 31.1% german, 25.6% danish, 22.7% norwegian
Oh ja bitte, ich kann nicht, aber wenn da jemand hin könnte wäre das super!
31.9% german, 24.4% dutch, 22.4% hausa
Hi hi, da ich eigentlich da wohne, hätte ich das eigentlich machen können. Aber ich fahr am WE endlich zur Ostsee.
30.1% german, 18.7% swedish, 18.2% dutch

Frio Theme

@Friendica Community Schweiz @Friendica Support Habe mal versuchsweise gewechselt. Naja, dachte, vielleicht läufts ja noch nicht so stabil. ABER: Das ist ja perfekt! Sieht super aus, bis jetzt noch keinen Bug gefunden. Danke für die tolle Arbeit! :-)
28.9% german, 20.3% french, 18.5% english
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Ich meine die "gespeicherte Suche". War ein wenig unpräzise formuliert ;)
45.2% german, 21.4% english, 21.2% dutch
Japp, das war ein Fehler, dass das so breit war. Ich hatte vergessen ein Code Kommentar zu schließen und da kam alles durcheinander. Deswegen war es so breit.
Persönlich finde ich so breite posts nicht so gut, weil man beim lesen auf großen Bildschirmen so schnell in der Zeile verutscht (und den fast schon den Kopf mitbewegen muss). Außerdem muss ja in die Seitenleiste das "SavedSeraches" Widget
34.5% german, 22.4% dutch, 21.1% danish
Hallo @Friendica Support
loggt Friendica Logins bzw. Login Versuche? Hintergrund ist, dass ich schauen möchte, ob es solche unberechtigten Zugangsversuche gibt und ggf. eine fail2ban Regel erstellen möchte.
Falls ja, wonach muss ich im Logfile suchen?
Halle an der Saale 30% german, 18.6% dutch, 16.5% danish
Such mal nach Dingen mit "auth.php" im Logfile. Da gibt es Meldungen wie "authenticate: failed login attempt: (username) from IP ...".
24.7% german, 19.6% english, 19% dutch
Vielen Dank! Ich grep-pe mal danach...
22.7% dutch, 22.5% german, 20.5% turkish
@Friendica Support
Moin zusammen,

ich habe meinen Friendica-Pod nun seit ca. einem Jahr laufen. Ich benutze die stabile Version 'Lily of the valley' 3.4.3-2 - 1191.

Im laufe der Zeit lief mein Pod immer zäher. Es kam, beim Versuch die Seite aufzurufen, immer häufiger zu Timeouts. Zeitweise ließ sich Friendica kaum noch sinnvoll nutzen, so häufig kam es zu Timeouts.

Vor ein paar Tagen bekam ich dann überraschend eine Mail von einem Uberspace-Admin mit folgender Aussage:

„wir mussten leider den Zugriff auf deine Friendica-Instanz "" deaktivieren, da diese eine sehr hohe IO-Last auf unserem MySQL-Server erzeugt hat. Die resultierenden 20 parallelen Queries (alle mit >10 Minuten Laufzeit) hatten folgenden Form:

31980159 hadisch localhost hadisch 14 Query Copying to t SELECT ... FROM 'item' INNER JOIN 'contac"

Ich habe nicht die geringste Ahnung was diese Last verursachen k... show more
36.4% german, 24.1% dutch, 22.9% danish
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Klingt nach einem Erfolg.
26.7% german, 22% icelandic, 14.9% latin
Ja finde ich auch - jetzt natuerlich erstmal weiterhin beobachten, aber vielleicht war das mit der engine auch bei Moritz's server die Ursache. Jedenfalls war fuer mich der gestrige Tag in Bezug auf Datenbanken durchaus lehrreich :-)
34.7% german, 21.9% dutch, 19.8% danish