Seit heute nach dem Mittag bekomme ich vom poller.php folgende Fehlermeldung:
PHP Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting! in /var/www/f/html/include/dba.php on line 310
PHP Stack trace:
PHP 1. {main}() /var/www/f/html/include/poller.php:0
PHP 2. poller_run() /var/www/f/html/include/poller.php:456
PHP 3. App->__construct() /var/www/f/html/include/poller.php:22
PHP 4. App->set_baseurl() /var/www/f/html/boot.php:661
PHP 5. get_config() /var/www/f/html/boot.php:831
PHP 6. Friendica\Core\Config::get() /var/www/f/html/include/config.php:46
PHP 7. q() /var/www/f/html/include/Core/Config.php:96
PHP 8. logger() /var/www/f/html/include/dba.php:341
PHP 9. get_config() /var/www/f/html/include/text.php:706
PHP 10. Friendica\Core\Config::get() /var/www/f/html/include/config.php:46
PHP 11. q() /var/www/f/html/include/Core/Config.php:96
PHP 12. logger() /var/www/f/html/include/dba.php:341
PHP 13. get_config() /var/www/f/html/include/text.php:706
PHP 99. dbesc() /var
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20.8% german, 17.9% english, 17.9% dutch

Distrusting New WoSign and StartCom Certificates wrote:
Mozilla has discovered that a Certificate Authority (CA) called WoSign has had a number of technical and management failures. Most seriously, we discovered they were backdating SSL certificates in order to get around the deadline that CAs stop issuing SHA-1 SSL certificates by January 1, 2016. Additionally, Mozilla discovered that WoSign had acquired full ownership of another CA called StartCom and failed to disclose this, as required by Mozilla policy. The representatives of WoSign and StartCom denied and continued to deny both of these allegations until sufficient data was collected to demonstrate that both allegations were correct. The levels of deception demonstrated by representatives of the combined company have led to Mozilla’s decision to distrust future certificates chaining up to the currently-included WoSign and StartCom root certificates.

see the blog posting

@Friendica Support
Berlin 30.5% english, 21.1% italian, 19.2% pidgin

Issue with long lines inside code blocks

Hello @Friendica Support and @Friendica Theme Developers
there is a visual problem with long lines inside codeblocks. I have this issue with frio and the latest develop code.

I also checked the issue with vier. Vier is using line breaks and the code block looks better.

Is this a bug? If so, I'll file a bug report on Github.

Have a nice Sunday!
Halle an der Saale 24.5% english, 19% pidgin, 18.9% spanish
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I still expect complaints if they discover that we're doing something with the protocol which they didn't approve.
37.7% english, 20.4% pidgin, 16% german
No. It's the opposite. @Benjamin Neff added the possibility for additional fields especially to make it easier for other systems to use the Diaspora protocol. It is also planned (in a future version) that these additional fields would be transmitted via Diaspora servers if they are the thread starters. (Even if they don't know the fields)

But before adding new fields we should talk to @Benjamin Neff for some naming conventions.
30.7% english, 22.7% pidgin, 19.6% portuguese
Was ist denn jetzt schon wieder los? Mir ist gerade gesagt worden, dass meine Beiträge anscheinend drüben auf Diaspora nicht ankommen. Woran kann das denn liegen? Grübel......
@Friendica Support
Matrix 38.7% german, 28% dutch, 22.1% norwegian
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Wenn du den Master-Branch (also den stabilen Branch) am Laufen hast ist das ein bekannter bug, der bei Kontakten auftritt, bei denen Kontaktanfragen gestellt worden sind, die aber noch nicht bearbeitet wurden.
39% german, 28.7% dutch, 21.9% danish
Das kann auch daher kommen, wenn jemand auf einen Beitrag geantwortet hat, der noch nicht bei Dir angekommen ist. D.h. Du kommentierst etwas, Tobias antwortet direkt darauf, dann antworte ich auf Tobias. Der Beitrag von Tobias kommt verspätet bei Dir an (nachdem mein Beitrag angekommen ist). Solange Tobias Beitrag nicht angekommen ist, hast Du schon die Benachrichtigung erhalten, dass ich geantwortet habe, aber Du kannst meinen Beitrag erst sehen, nachdem der Beitrag von Tobias angekommen ist, da ich darauf geantwortet habe und er dahinter einsortiert werden soll.
33.2% german, 23.2% danish, 21.8% dutch

Externalize 3rd-party libraries as GIT modules? (If applyable)

In my view libraries that are already existing on #GIT should be configured as submodule and not re-committed in a project like #friendica is.

This way, double-commits and original history (including committer name/email) is preserved.

cc @Friendica Support @Friendica Developers what do you think? I would start with #Smarty as it is out-dated anyway.
32.4% english, 20.3% pidgin, 18.8% french
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I wrote such thing for my installations, e.g. here:
29.7% english, 24.4% norwegian, 23.6% danish
They are just bundles of all files, not suitable for "binary" packages (where all is pre-compiled/pre-built).
35.9% english, 26% pidgin, 21.2% romanian

After upgrading to Asparagus own profile is not available


This is similar to this bug (#2780).

After upgrading to Asparagus, via git pull, my profile including the local profile photo has become inaccessible. I get the following notification: "Requested profile is not available."

The upgrade was done several hours ago and I did run the recommended command:
php include/dbstructure.php update

What to do? What to look for in the log?

Many thanks!

26.4% english, 18.3% pidgin, 17.4% swedish
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I've preserved the old database and should be able to replicate this bug.

I can re-run this upgrade from 3.4.3 to 3.5 (from the preserved state) and with "PHP logging" enabled, we hopefully might get some more information. Do you think this could be worth a try?
35.3% english, 23.1% pidgin, 19.7% danish
I'm totally unsure where to look at. We shouldn't have any code that deletes something in the contact table. So it will be really hard to find, I guess.
39% english, 29.1% pidgin, 21.6% danish
#Frage: Ich bin am überlegen, ob ich mein Friendica auf DEV wechseln soll....
Wie umständlich ist das denn?
Welche Vorteile hätte ich? Mal abgesehen von einer brandfrischen Version. ;-)
Wie groß sind die Risiken?
#Friendica @Friendica Support @Tobias @Michael Vogel
Matrix 35.1% german, 23% dutch, 18.8% danish
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Nee, das brauchst du nicht. Einfach das machen, was wir dir hier erklaert haben.
41.7% german, 24.1% dutch, 18.8% english
Eine Neuinstallation wäre äußerst schlecht, denn Du wärst nicht mehr in der Lage, Dich mit dem Usernamen "" noch einmal mit anderen zu verbinden, die Dich bereits kennen. Das System würde einen abweichenden Key erkennen und deswegen die Verbindung ablehnen.

Nö, es ist viel einfacher. Mach einfach alles so, wie es die Leute hier Thread gesagt haben.
33.6% german, 22.1% dutch, 20.2% danish
I think in the documentation it is written for the relay settings to use ", but it just works with '. Is that possible?

@Friendica Support
36.3% english, 24.2% french, 21.3% pidgin
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Hab jetzt den hier bei der Suche nach dem Tag gefunden. Der wird mit übrigens als Diaspora Post angezeigt, was aber wohl daran liegen wird, dass der über das Relay reinkam. Hast du noch einen Diaspora Account bei dem Du einen Post erstellen kannst mit dem Hashtag?

29.9% german, 19.3% dutch, 17.8% swedish
Jepp. Der kam über das Diaspora-Protokoll rein. Ich weiß im Moment nicht, auf welchen Diaspora-Servern das Relay aktiv ist.
36.1% german, 21.7% portuguese, 20.4% dutch

OStatus conversation completion interval

Hello @Friendica Support
what is the recommended setting for OStatus conversation completion interval?

I'm asking because it is documented that this can be a heavy task for the server. I am looking for a balanced setting. OStatus conversations should be possible w/o long delays but the server load should also be at a reasonable level.
I'm not sure which of the following settings I should choose:

  • at post arrival (load depends on how many OStaus conversations the server handles?)
  • frequently (each time the poller is running?)
  • hourly (well, once a hour I guess)

Is this correct? Any recommendations?

Halle an der Saale 33.3% english, 21.9% pidgin, 19% italian
I prefer the first one. This has the best user experience.
39.3% english, 23.6% pidgin, 23.5% norwegian
Thank you. I'll test "on arrival" and watch the load.
35.6% english, 21.5% pidgin, 21% welsh

No new contacts after account relocation

I cannot make any new contacts after i moved my account to a new server. Probably it has something to do with a wrong profile entry. When i look at my profile page, the entry below my name reads which is my old server. I can not change this entry. Do I have to change something in my database?
29.4% english, 22.2% pidgin, 18.1% dutch
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Hi Michael, i applied the changes you did in Develop Branch 9 days ago manually and the error message disappeared. However, i still have no luck connecting to other accounts. When i try to connect to Friendica Developers I get an empty page on the url "". When I go back I get the three error messages about missing profile, photo and 5 properties again. The request doesn't show up in the friendica log or apache log. I think the request gets directed to Nirvana which would explain the error message.
26.2% english, 20.1% pidgin, 18.6% german
When I try to connect to an account on my own server i get a request on /.well-known/host-meta, on /xrd/?, on /noscrape/marco, a POST on /dfrn_request/testuser (the account i try to connect to), a "GET /view/theme/vier/style.pcss?f=&puid=3" with 304 return and some "GET /ping?f=&uid=1&_=1476695503991". All look okay to me ...
26.2% english, 20.6% pidgin, 16.8% swedish
@roland @helpers nope I typo'd. Remove "my" from the end of URL!
29.9% english, 21.3% danish, 18.6% pidgin
Liebe Freunde, ich werde ende März 2017 auslaufen lassen und nicht erneuern. Auch wenn der Aufwand relativ gering ist, ich hab einfach zu viele Projekte am Start, muss da mal etwas Luft machen.
Möchte jemand übernehmen? Webspace und Domain liegen derzeit solide bei Uberspace.

Desweiteren würde ich gerne das Helpers Forum abgeben, liegt bekanntlich ebenfalls bei Uberspace.
Hat hier jemand Interesse?

Danke für Rückmeldungen.

@Friendica Theme Developer @Friendica Developers @Friendica Support @Deutschsprachige Nutzer
27.6% german, 19.9% danish, 19.7% english
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danke @Oliver, dass du dich so lange Zeit um die beiden Instanzen gekümmert hast :-)
34.5% german, 28.1% dutch, 22% norwegian
31.7% english, 21.7% norwegian, 20.6% danish

Urgent bugfix for develop branch

@Friendica Support Once the pull request is merged, please update your installation soon if you are working with the develop branch. Especially do this if you are working with MariaDB 10.

Please ensure that the config and pconfig table are having an unique key. Please run php include/dbstructure.php update to ensure that every needed change was done. When the command returns a single line with "SET session old_alter_table=1;" then everything is okay.

The problem was that config values could have been stored multiple times. This resulted in posting loops and other ugly stuff.
30.9% english, 21.8% pidgin, 18.5% danish
Thank you!
~/html/libranet# sudo -u www-data php include/dbstructure.php update
SET session old_alter_table=1;

Database structure update 1206 was successfully applied.
21.3% english, 17% french, 16.7% spanish
@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support
Hubzilla contacts does often appear as StatusNet contacts on my instance. Is there anything we can do about this?
34.7% english, 25.1% pidgin, 24.5% french
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Mäh ... So I have to check the probing.
42.3% english, 27.8% italian, 24.8% polish
The probing tells that the contact was "Diaspora". That's strange.
41.4% english, 28.8% portuguese, 25% italian

dba.php errors after todays git pull

Hello @Friendica Support
after git pulling the latest changes from branch develop I get these errors in my log file...

2016-10-04 18:48:47@log57f3f98d1595f0.15631854 [NORMAL]:dba.php:179:q dba: ALTER TABLE `oembed` DROP INDEX `PRIMARY`, ADD PRIMARY KEY(`url`(191)); returned false.
2016-10-04 18:48:52@log57f3f98d1595f0.15631854 [NORMAL]:dba.php:179:q dba: ALTER TABLE `parsed_url` DROP INDEX `PRIMARY`, ADD PRIMARY KEY(`url`(191),`guessing`,`oembed`); returned false.

If I check database update from the admin panel (dbsync) I get the error as well (DB update 1204 failed).
If I run php include/dbstructure.php update I don't get any bad output or error message.

Any idea?

PS: I am using utf8mb4. Could this be related?
Halle an der Saale 20.5% english, 16.5% pidgin, 16.4% norwegian
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Then you can try again.
35.8% english, 23.1% welsh, 21.1% finnish
Database structure update 1206 was successfully applied. :-)
23.4% english, 16% french, 15.7% german

Geo location plugins

Hello @Friendica Support
can someone explain the difference between the two geo location plugins "geonames" and "geocoordinates"? Which one is superior? :)
Thank you.
Halle an der Saale 28.1% english, 20.7% spanish, 19.6% french
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Okay. Thanks. I registered for the free plan and configured the api key for geocoordinates. I'll see if this works.
33.8% english, 24.4% pidgin, 21.6% norwegian
28% english, 26.7% pidgin, 18.6% tagalog

Meaning of the number on the Network Stream icon

The network stream icon in the top bar sometimes has a number showing on it, I assumed it meant there were that many new posts in the network stream, but I've often refreshed the stream to find out there were no new posts.

I'm now wondering what exactly this bullet number is counting. Is it including comments and likes? I don't think it should, it is kind of misleading at the moment.

@Friendica Support
40.7686973 -73.9918181 32.3% english, 24.4% pidgin, 17.9% french
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Mhhh I have looked several times into ping php. You are the master of "performance optimized sql queries". What do you think where would make sense? In notify table it isn't present. So we need to query somewhere for the attending activities and have to look if the parent is an event post (on the other side it would make sense to have an entry in the notify table if the event is an event created by the local user so he/would get a notification email if someone is joining his/her event).

Since you are the person who is most familiar with item queries I would rather ask you if you want to step into this issue
33.4% english, 22.7% pidgin, 19.4% italian
We should simply send a notification via the notification system. That would be least cost intensive. Then we could send a notification "XYZ is going to attend ZXY" and so on. We only had to extend it (like you said) to any event and not only locally added ones.
38.5% english, 27.1% pidgin, 18.6% danish

Contact immediately blocked after friending

@Friendica Support

I just friended Ian Haywood on Friendica, but its contact page on my server says that he's currently blocked. I can unblock him but it is rather curious. I used to have a SoapBox account and it did the same with another Friendica account, and now that I'm on Automatic Friend mode and it still happens.

I don't have this issue with Diaspora* contacts.
40.6722134 -73.93892129999999 31.9% english, 17.9% pidgin, 17.8% french
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Yes, for me it was similar.
First the posting without any commet. I answered and then Tobias's answer appeard. I answered on Tobias's comment and again a few comments appeard and after my thid comment all the other comments suddenly o.O
42.2% english, 24.5% pidgin, 21.1% french
The support server is running a current version. I would like to know whether the worker is active or not. If it isn't active then I would suggest activating it. By now the comment delivery is really very slow and it hangs.
35.2% english, 28.5% pidgin, 23.4% danish

What does "Archive contact" means?

I saw that option in the contact menu and I was wondering what it means. "Ignore" and "Block", I understand, but "Archive"? It is not explained in the current documentation.

@Friendica Support
40.6722134 -73.93892129999999 34.8% english, 21.8% danish, 21.7% latin
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@Fabio has it right. Archive means they're still a friend, but we haven't been able to contact them in over a month so we stopped trying. All their old posts are still available in your stream and they can still contact you, but as far as your server is concerned they're unreachable.

@Rebeka Catalina is probably thinking of superblock; which basically makes somebody vanish. (There were a few minor edge cases which may still exist in Friendica, but in Hubzilla they're pretty much removed from your life).
29% english, 20.2% pidgin, 17.8% italian
28.2% pidgin, 26.7% english, 20.7% norwegian
@Friendica Support

In Frio there appears always a mentioned person, whom I didn't mention.
Her name is Sulgi and her mentioning appears only in previews - previews of postings and comments as well. It appears to me in firefox and vimb (webkitgtk)


As you can see on this image, there is a preview about an absolute empty posting, but the mention of Sulgi is there. Does anyone else also get this automatic mention ? It doesn't appear in postings - only preview.
29.7% english, 23.4% pidgin, 19.5% danish
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@Rabuzarus Yes, I've tried it with other themes, but for to me it happened only in frio. But as @Steffen K9 says, it also can happen in other thems, so it's not a theme specific issue.
@Hypolite on Friendica How do you mean this exactly ? To me it happens with every preview I open, even if I didn't write anything an open a preview which should be empty.
31.4% english, 18.3% pidgin, 16.8% dutch
Yes, me too, but the tags aren't random, they are the tags of the first remote post that reached my Friendica instance. It's the Item with the id = 1 in the database.

Please note that those hashtags never appeared in the published post.
37% english, 19.9% pidgin, 17.4% portuguese