Daniel 2 days ago Friendica
Updated friendica to 3.3 today. Thanks for your hard work devs.
No problems until now :)
22.1% english, 17.6% pidgin, 16.3% danish
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Daniel 2 days ago Friendica
No statistics plugin. I know, I forgot to download and install the addons. They are not in the main release right?
38% english, 32.2% pidgin, 23% italian
Yeah, you have to update the addons separately.
37.5% english, 19.6% albanian, 18.4% french

Wall to wall post

Hi there!
General question.
If I post on my network or home page

Tupambae: Tecnical Support
@Friendica Support Test post wall to wall to check the conection with friendica support. This account was already related to the forum but had problems with the connection so I deleted all contacts and try to establish all conections from scratch.

shouldn't it become a wall to wall post to over here at friendica support?
Why does this post from diaspora shows up but not mine from within the friendica network?
31.5% english, 19.7% pidgin, 19% latin
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RequeteChe 1 day ago Friendica
And the post is displayed as from

Is the NSA standing on the my wires or is it the BND?
30.4% english, 20.1% pidgin, 19% latin
Big question is: What are the logfiles telling? Are you having PHP errors in your PHP log file? What about the friendica logfile? Do you see things like "delivery: invoked:"? And do you see things like "notifier: dfrndelivery: Friendica Support" in your logfile?
29.2% english, 22.4% french, 21.6% pidgin
Tolles Plugin.
Fehlt noch eine Version für #wordpress

#linktip #friendica #diaspora

Uberspace: New addon "Leistungsschutzrecht"
@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers I just created a new addon, called "Leistungsschutzrecht". It is a function that helps with one of the dumbest laws ever made in germany:
19.3% english, 14.1% pidgin, 13% dutch

New addon "Leistungsschutzrecht"

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers I just created a new addon, called "Leistungsschutzrecht". It is a function that helps with one of the dumbest laws ever made in germany:

The addon looks if an address is from one of the members of the "VG Media" (the ones who want money for snippets) and removes all but the title and address from the parsed address.

The sites are taken from the list of the VG Media:

It seems to work fine. But: I needed a new hook for that. So the question is, what to do? If I only merge it with the "develop" branch, then we shouldn't do the release in one year., but maybe one month?
30.2% english, 20.3% pidgin, 19.6% german
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Tobias 5 days ago Friendica
At least having the option to check version dependency would be an idea. Addons not having that information in the addon header should defauöt to "useable with this version".
40.3% english, 22.7% dutch, 20.8% danish
Sounds like a good idea.
24% pidgin, 19.1% hawaiian, 16.2% french
@Friendica Support Today I added some Diaspora contacts. For this I used the "Add New Contact" text input field unter the Contact Tab. Problem: for every new contact my account posted a notification about the new contact like

But I didn't wanted that as I have configured my setting:

So what's going wrong? Did I made a mistake or is this a bug? I think I never had this problem when I've added a ~friendica ~friendica contact.
Bordesholm 27.5% english, 20.8% pidgin, 16.6% french

Testing friendica 3.3 update

Hi their,
working on the webhosting setup. We updated from 3.1 to 3.3 and are resetting at the same time our webhosting to a single friendica hosting. That means beside the problems that might be because of the update some others might depend on other issues. This post is a wall to wall post, the last help request by was posted visiting the Helpers Forum. That post isn't visible most of the time and doesn't show up in the public stream of the helpers forum.

Besides the IP problems we are working on webhosting side some problems still appear nearly "since ever". As you can see in the screen snippet of the quattro theme forum display, half of the links don't display correct the avatars and visiting those links nearly ever create a recognized visit to the forum pages. I believe that this is due to the use of with and without SSL (http/https) so that somehow the links are wrong. The last few days I also used access over IP like... show more
38.1% english, 26.1% pidgin, 20.2% dutch
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it just doesn't make sense
32.9% pidgin, 26.3% danish, 25.9% english
It makes sense if you consider that URLs are stored in the database. If those URLs later change, then the database still stores the old (invalid) URLs.

Possibly fixable through database plumbing, but that's a lot of extra effort that can be avoided if we just pick http or https and our domain name, then stick with that.
31.9% english, 18.7% norwegian, 18% danish
Guten Morgen,
ich versuche gerade, auch durch Nutzung der Suchmaschine meines Mistrauens, herauszufinden, wo denn bei friendica genau der Unterschied zwischen einem Normalen Server und einem Forum ist.
Das Outfit herkömmlicher Foren ist ja etwas anders, daher verstehe ich das noch nicht so genau, denn auch der "Friendica Support" sieht ja optisch kaum anders aus.
Vielleicht kann mir das jemand erklären, das wäre echt nett.
Gruß Jörg
27.4% german, 20.3% danish, 18.6% norwegian
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Was musst du da nun machen ? Bloß von A nach B kopieren oder ist da mehr zu tun ?

Geht das automatisch ?
32.9% german, 20.2% dutch, 18.9% french
Tobias 7 days ago Friendica
die einzelnen mesage.po Dateien müssen in das von friendica verwendete Format überführt werden und dann an die richtige Stelle im kopiert werden. Das cal ist ein Beispiel für die Verzeichnis-Struktur bei den Übersetzungen der Addons.

Das Prozedere der Übersetzung (für friendica-core) ist in der README.translate beschrieben.
38.1% german, 27.4% dutch, 26.1% danish
Hello all, this is Oliver, the helpers-forum admin. I just got done purging all the dead accounts (234) from the forum.
Did I delete your connection by mistake? Sorry. Please reconnect.
32.9% english, 25.9% pidgin, 21.1% latin
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Just got a warm welcome on the forum page accessing over the forum avatar in my forum section. Thats an improvement right now. :-)
36.2% english, 34% pidgin, 22.9% german
Keine Ahnung I have, gekriegt dein message I have, denke mal das ich noch dabei bin I do.
32% german, 24.9% danish, 23.2% dutch
@Friendica Support Hi their, I need help as my update from 3.1 to 3.3 somehow got stuck after log in. I get a 404 (page does not exist) in /network page. The .htaccess doesn't work for my webhosting and I'm using an older version that fit's apparently.
This is the site:

Any Ideas?
Tupambae: Tupambae.Net
27.7% english, 19.9% danish, 19.3% pidgin
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23.7% icelandic, 17.4% dutch, 16.1% danish
This is already "old" i got some access over the friendica network. thx Roland anyway!
30.7% english, 23% pidgin, 17.1% danish

php5-imap on Ubuntu 14.04 is not enabled

@Friendica Support Please add this to the git wiki as it differs from normal module install. To install the imap module on Friendica these steps required are:

sudo apt-get install php5-imap
sudo php5enmod imap

sudo service apache2 restart

Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 26.7% english, 19.6% french, 19% spanish
Dennis 1 week ago Friendica
@Friendica Support @Friendica Theme Developers

Where to set the language for a user in the vier theme?
37.2% english, 29.3% norwegian, 27.9% danish
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OK that's fine we know now whom to hold responsible ;)
30.3% english, 21.7% pidgin, 13.1% slovak
Dennis 1 week ago Friendica
What about putting a language menu in the settings?
39.5% english, 27.5% norwegian, 25.9% danish
Seth 1 week ago Friendica

"Community" tab never seems to update, is it possible to disable or just do away with it?

For some reason the community tab on my Friendica instance does not update. It has been frozen in time as per the screenshot for many months now.

Even when it does work I never use it. Is it possible to disable the tab or just do away with it entirely?


@Friendica Support
27.5% english, 24.4% pidgin, 19.9% italian
admin/site/Show Community Page
24.8% albanian, 22.8% italian, 21.3% romanian
Seth 1 week ago Friendica
Ah! Of course I missed that.

Thank you Keith, you are el hombre.
31.4% english, 16.6% hawaiian, 14.8% french

No admin access

Gerade ein neues install gemacht nach gitclone und configuration kein admin Zugang.
27.9% german, 22.9% latin, 21.9% english
Admin direct gibt nu eine Lehre Zeit mit Logoff button
25.1% german, 18.5% french, 17.1% italian
Habs schon, es war Options All
41.9% english, 29.7% french, 27.8% german
@Friendica Support was geht ab, komm nich am log ran

replace_macros: unable to write file view/smarty3/compiled/wrt543905bab7d2d3_96522116

die rechte stehn aber gut. Rest lauft prima.
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 22.7% german, 21.4% english, 21.1% french
Waaah! Twidere stopped connecting to my instance! Did anything change in the api or did I make a mistake when I added a new vhost to my webserver? Am I the only one?

@Friendica Support
33.1% english, 23.7% pidgin, 21.1% italian
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Ähem... my bad... the order of adding sites to the webserver... tralalalaaaa...
30.9% english, 24% pidgin, 18.8% portuguese
55.2% english, 16.8% danish, 16.6% dutch

[Closed] [Fixed] Corrupt Message?

About 48 hours ago, suddenly my "Everybody" and "friends" streams present "Internal Server Error" messages. I have other streams that I can view fine. I thought maybe it might be something from the @Friendica Support forum, but when I moved that contact to a newly-created stream, it shows up fine.

I turned on logging:
Non-helpful log excised.
12.4% italian, 10.6% swedish, 10.3% english
New discovery. This happened around the same time that @Seth Martin made some changes in his server. On a hunch, I placed his account in a new group and everything (except that new group) displays okay.

I'll repair or reconnect with him and mark this #fixed and #closed.
32.7% english, 20% pidgin, 18% german has been experiencing frequent 504 Gateway Time-outs recently.
24.6% english, 20.1% spanish, 19.3% pidgin
Seth 2 weeks ago Friendica

Finally finished migrating Friendica instance to nginx

@Friendica Support
@Public Stream

Haven't seen any network updates on my network tab since then however. Could that be because I originally made all the connections when my server was HTTP only?

I am using a certificate for TLS...hopefully that is not a problem.

If you see this message, please post a reply so I can see if two-way communications are working.
32% english, 21.8% pidgin, 19.4% french
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Other changes for 5.6 are that Innodb cannot be disabled.
For a MyISAM only databases with 5.6 use
innodb_buffer_pool_size = 5M
This keeps innodb memory to a minimum, values under 5M still give 5M
Also full text search is possible with InnoDB.
29.9% english, 19% pidgin, 17.9% danish
Possibly a similar procedure I had to use when using a 5.6 database with 5.5.
Use mysqldump to get a dump of the database with mariadb 10.10 (5.6 in my case),
then with Percona 5.6 recreate the database with the file from the mysql dump (5.5 in my case). Keep an extra backup of the database.
27.3% english, 21.4% pidgin, 20.4% italian
@Friendica Developers , @Friendica Support

I seem to have inadvertently recreated the problem of looping comments. And I have no clue why.

The comment repeats every ten minutes (this is the interval at which I run the poller). The thread link is here: . But it was originally created on ~friendica ~friendica at . The original post does not repeat, but my comment to it does.

@Tobias earlier spotted that I hadn't configured the plugin correctly and I have now fixed this. Yes I copied and pasted the site name from the admin site panel into the configuration item:

$a->config['pumpio']['application_name'] = "";
Sebastopol, California 27.6% english, 18.9% italian, 18.4% pidgin
I have turned off the plugin for now.
34.6% english, 22.3% danish, 18.1% pidgin
@Friendica Support
Ist die Verbindung zu Statusnet broken? Seit dem 05.10. werden bei mir weder Messages gesendet, noch empfangen über friendica *stirnrunzel*

Twitter, und Diaspora funktionieren wie gehabt (bei mir)
Schleswig-Holstein - Der echte Norden 34.4% german, 24.9% dutch, 21.6% norwegian
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Ich hab es vor 3 Tagen mit Quitter problemlos einrichten können, hatte aber Probleme mit 3 anderen Servern. Auf zweien hab ich überhaupt keine Verbindung bekommen, auf einem konnte ich nur Nachrichten empfangen, aber nicht senden (löschen ging aber).
35.3% german, 27% dutch, 23.9% danish
@ddorian Bei mir ist es ja so, das es ein paar Monate lief, und dann vor ein paar Tagen den Dienst eingestellt hat. Das ganze ohne das ich an der Konfiguration was verändert habe.
37.5% german, 30.2% dutch, 26.4% danish
Folks, is there a way to follow tags / categories and always see new content in my networks the way it works in D*?
42.2% english, 26.9% pidgin, 24.1% german
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Aaah I see. Thanks for pointing me there. :)
39% english, 35% norwegian, 31.3% danish
Although I'm always thinking about making this possible :)
27.5% english, 17% pidgin, 13.7% latin


@Friendica Support: Foto-Upload from Android phone not working.

Am I the only one with this problem? For my it is not possible to upload a photo into an album. Error is „This file extension is not allowed“. Maybe something how Android sends files to a server? Friendica says the filename is like „image%3A2168“.

This is from the log file:
[DATA]:photos.php:95:photos_post mod_photos: REQUEST Array
[q]=> photos/ts
[album]=> Pinnwand-Bilder
[not_visible]=> true
[qqfile]=> image%3A2168
[DATA]:photos.php:96:photos_post mod_photos: FILES Array
[]:js_upload.php:155:js_upload_post_init mod/photos.php: photos_post(): error uploading photo: Die Dateiextension ist nicht erlaubt, sie muss eine der folgenden sein jpeg, gif, png, jpg.
Bordesholm/ Eiderstede ✶ Kiel 26.8% english, 21.8% pidgin, 17.7% danish
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Lol was waiting for that one. Now we can put Closed in the subject
46.7% english, 28.9% pidgin, 22.8% norwegian
55.8% pidgin, 52.6% italian, 50.3% latin

Flickr support?

Folks; is there any way to link Friendica with Flickr? Didn't manage to find it in the settings; unsure whether it's a plugin or not possible so far.
33.7% english, 26.2% pidgin, 19.9% danish
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If there is an API, there is a way :) Question always is, in which way it should work. Posting pictures to a default album will be possible, I guess.

If there is a possibility in flickr to follow some users, it should be able to get new picture, when they are published. Everything else depends upon the API.
35% english, 23.6% pidgin, 17.5% danish
@heluecht Filed a feature request. Guess many of these things are possible using their API, but the TOS look a bit...strange. :/
29.6% english, 19.2% pidgin, 17.9% french

Facebook: Postings to private groups could be synced accidentally

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers I just posted a video to a private facebook group (I used the facebook web page). Even though the posting was private (according to the settings of facebook) the mirroring function of friendica had distributed it around the world ...

I haver to investigate, whether this is a bug in the mirroring function or between my ears :)
32.5% english, 20.4% pidgin, 18.3% french
26.3% english, 22.7% italian, 15.1% latin
22.6% pidgin, 22.2% english, 18.2% french
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17% pidgin, 14.7% english, 11.9% italian

DNSBL something for friendica?

@Friendica Support Just sharing some code while testing the bb-code. This little gadget will look for attacks on your webside and send anyone suspicious to the blacklist where he is listed. You will be needing php_net_dnsbl and dependencies for this installed. It leaves a nice clickable log to check whoes been refused by setting $filename through the function you put this in. Anyone up for adding dnsbl to Friendica?

function testbl($filename){
if(!$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) return;
$testip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

require_once '/usr/share/php/Net/DNSBL.php';
$dnsbl = new Net_DNSBL();
$dnsbl->setBlacklists(array('', '','', ''));
if ($dnsbl->isListed($testip)){
$txta=explode(" ",$blref[0]);
header("Location: ".$blref[0]);
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 27.3% english, 18.9% pidgin, 15.5% danish

DNSBL something for friendica?

@Friendica Support Just sharing some code while testing the bb-code. This little gadget will look for attacks on your webside and send anyone suspicious to the blacklist where he is listed. You will be needing php_net_dnsbl and dependencies for this installed. It leaves a nice clickable log to check whoes been refused by setting $filename through the function you put this in. Anyone up for adding dnsbl to Friendica?

function testbl($filename){
if(!$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) return;
$testip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];

require_once '/usr/share/php/Net/DNSBL.php';
$dnsbl = new Net_DNSBL();
$dnsbl->setBlacklists(array('', '','', ''));
if ($dnsbl->isListed($testip)){
$txta=explode(" ",$blref[0]);
header("Location: ".$blref[0]);
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 27.3% english, 18.9% pidgin, 15.5% danish
x0ma 2 weeks ago Friendica
I would be interested in testing this out. Can you give a bit more instructions on how to do it, and the dependencies needed? Thanks.,
46% english, 24.8% danish, 23.5% pidgin

working with tags.

Looking at profiles (like my own), I see things such as "Tags" in which I, well, tend to use hashtags, but it seems they're not "clickable" links so don't allow for any sort of navigation. Is this intended? Copy/posting any of the hashtags (including the #) to the search box works however, so having the hashtags mere hyperlinks to toggle a search for this tag would be nice to have.
34.4% english, 25.7% pidgin, 16.9% german
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Andreas, thanks for your comment. :) Well that's more or less the way I thought it to be. Just wondering why the user interface doesn't treat tags as something "linked" to anything else, be that in public tags or in textual descriptions (like G+ or Diaspora do).
33.7% english, 27.2% pidgin, 21.1% norwegian
27% latin, 26.8% tagalog, 25.9% english

d* integration?

Folks; feeling dumb for eventually asking the obvious, but is there any way setting up Friendica (I am on to cross-post to Diaspora* the way I can cross-post to Twitter or FB? What to do to make this work?
32.1% english, 30.8% pidgin, 18.2% spanish
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If you have a feature request:

if you want to discuss, if there is need for e special feature, then please use this group.
31.3% english, 20% pidgin, 19.8% spanish
Ok, I will keep that in mind, thanks. :)
32.6% english, 20.8% indonesian, 20.3% danish

Email setup

@Friendica Support looks like I got the bugger finaly going. (Wiping sweat of forehead.)
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 23.5% english, 19.3% pidgin, 18.9% norwegian
Fabio 3 weeks ago Friendica
@Hackathon Berlin 2014 @Friendica Support @Friendica Developers

Anyone is using "multidomain" settings with friendica?
We are thinking about removing it, because security...
(see )


I would release 3.3 this week, after this last change.
27.7% english, 20.1% pidgin, 16.2% french
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Fabio 7 days ago Friendica
I thought it was a bookmark like thingy, you should be able to change the popinter at which a bookmark is pointing towards.

I could, but it's already out, let's people which already updated know that there is a little update to the update...

For the addons we are keeping the "master" - without a "develop"?

ATM friendica-addons repo is not tagged and not branched...
34.6% english, 21.2% pidgin, 17.5% dutch
Beanow 5 days ago Friendica
@Tobias you can "move" a tag by removing it locally, adding it on a new commit and pushing your tags. It's considered bad practise for versions though afaik.
33.5% english, 19.9% french, 19.1% danish

email problem

@Friendica Support What goes wrong here, I used email notation to add a contact like mailto:user@domain.tld

Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 23.6% english, 19.3% italian, 19.1% french
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29.8% english, 20.4% vietnamese, 19.5% portuguese
Fabio 3 weeks ago Friendica
you need to have a mail from the contact in you inbox to add it. Friendica doesn't add mail contacts that didn't write you at least once before.
(and you have to configure email connector to connect friendica to your inbox)
32.6% english, 21.3% pidgin, 19.8% french
@Friendica Support Is it possible that the comments counter of an article stops at the number of 100? I see this (facebook) posting, getting more and more comments but the counter still says 100:
Eiderstede ✶ Bordesholm ✶ Kiel 34% english, 25.7% pidgin, 21.6% french
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Fabio 3 weeks ago Friendica
this should be visible in UI. Something like "100+ comments" could be useful.
35.2% english, 25.2% pidgin, 21.9% norwegian
Yeah, it should.
39.5% english, 15.9% albanian, 15.4% tagalog

Will Converting To HTTPS Break Subscriptions?

@Friendica Support

I will very likely add a zero-price #StartSSL certificate for this subdomain soon, so that connection with #Diaspora users will be possible. Is this going to break currently connected contacts and instances?
31.1% english, 20.7% pidgin, 20% french
Fabio 3 weeks ago Friendica
I'm not sure, but if you setup a redirect from http to https, or if you keep serving your site over http, it should work..
26.4% english, 20.6% pidgin, 19.1% danish

Beiträge verschwinden

Seid gestern habe ich ein merkwürdiges Phänomen auf meinem Friendica Knoten. Beiträge, die mit Berechtigungen für bestimmte Gruppen versehen sind, bleiben eine zeitlang auf meinem Knoten sichtbar.

Dann plötzlich sind sie nicht mehr da.

Schaue ich in die Tabelle item, finde ich sie dort aber noch. Leute, die den Berechtigungsgruppen angehören, können den Beitrag zum Originallink noch aufrufen. Demnach dürfte der Beitrag ja nicht gelöscht sein.

Jemand ein ähnliches Problem?
31.6% german, 21.6% dutch, 19.4% norwegian
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Ein weiterer Nachtrag.

Ich hatte mehrere Profile angelegt und diesen unterschiedliche Bilder zugeordnet. Dabei hat es bei der Erstellung schon Probleme gegeben. Habe bis auf das Standard Profil, alle gelöscht.

Weiterhin habe ich alle Beiträge, älter als 30 Tage löschen lassen.

Das war am Samstag. Heute ein paar Beiträge geschrieben und auch verschiedenen Berechtigungsstufen zugeordnet. Anschließend die poller.php laufen lassen.

Bis jetzt sind alle Beiträge noch zu sehen. Bevor nun Michael oder jemand anderes aktiv wird, würde ich sagen, dass ich das erst mal weiter beobachte. Sollten die Probleme nicht verschwunden sein, melde ich mich hier wieder.
35.3% german, 23.4% dutch, 20.7% danish
Da stimme ich Dir voll und ganz zu. Ich habe so den Verdacht, dass die Aktion mit den unterschiedlichen Profilfotos irgendwie was verwurstelt hat. Das würde auch erklären, warum Du beim Aufruf des Beitrages das Standard Profilfoto gesehen hast.

Es ist zwar möglich, für jedes Profil ein eigenes Foto zu nutzen, nur ist das nicht so ganz einfach, wie das in der Anleitung steht. Egal, ich werde das mal weiter beobachten und schauen was passiert. Oder auch nicht.
35.5% german, 20.9% dutch, 17.4% danish
@Friendica Support @Michael Vogel

Feature Request ;-)
Wäre es nicht möglich in Thema "vier" die Desktop Benachrichtigungs Funktion der Browser für Notifications einzubauen?
Schleswig-Holstein - Der echte Norden 25.5% german, 21% french, 18.5% spanish
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Eben mit Firefox und Safari das Demo getestet. Funktioniert bei beiden. iexplore kann ich nicht testen
33.4% german, 24.1% dutch, 21.5% danish
Sieht gut aus.
34% latin, 24.1% german, 18.9% french
@Friendica Support I am having problems with the vier theme. It doesn't scale right on my sg note 8 tablet. Often, especially when editing, the right window expands with the left margin ending up under the menu column on the left. I suspect a css setting using absolute sizes instead of a relative percentage. Pity because the theme would do good on the tab.
Oliveira do Hospital (CO) 28% english, 19.6% pidgin, 17.7% french
@Friendica Support
I do not know if this was reported before, but since a few days, i got sometimes notifications twice. the first one is working well, the second one, did not work. the second one, i got several hours later (last one i see was about 12 hours after the first notification), but the second one shows up only a message like: article not found. also the second notification did not show the domain (in my case in the calling link, they try to use the IP Address of my Webserver. This could not work, because friendica != default root in my environment.
Schleswig-Holstein - Der echte Norden 30.6% english, 24.2% pidgin, 17.8% french

Posting issues

Hi @Friendica Support. I have recently installed Friendica onto my server at While most things seem to be working, all posts get a 'permission denied' message and the posts do not show up in other members' network feeds. The posts do appear in my personal feed. I've checked the error logs
and the main repeating error is:
PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home4/freefee1/public_html/include/bbcode.php on line 8

Line 8 is: function ($match) use ($plaintext){

I'm not sure what the problem is or why members can't see each other's posts.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

28% english, 20.2% pidgin, 16.9% dutch
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Thanks again. I'll give that a go and see if it fixes it.
Much appreciated.
34.6% english, 22.3% pidgin, 17.4% danish
I have made those changes. They weren't set correctly, so thank you.
However, the posts still aren't appearing on my friend's network feed. They do appear in the 'community' feed though.
From the error logs I am getting this error too:

[DEBUG]:index.php:246: index.php: page not found: /undefined ADDRESS: QUERY: q=undefined

Line 246 looks to be this: logger('index.php: page not found: ' . $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] . ' ADDRESS: ' . $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] . ' QUERY: ' . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'], LOGGER_DEBUG);

The address in the error ( just seems to be my modem address.

I am fairly new to all this, so thank you for your help.

26.5% english, 20% pidgin, 17.4% danish
Axel 4 weeks ago Friendica

Facebook Sync

@Friendica Support Hi, danke erstmal nochmal an alle Mitwirkenden von Friendica, hab mir jetzt eine eigene Instanz aufgesetzt bei Uberspace, und es fluppt eigentlich alles super :)

Nur Facebook Sync bekomme ich irgendwie leider nicht zum Laufen. Er ist aktiv, und beim Einrichten bekomme ich auch "Import Newsfeed" und "Automatically create Contacts" Häkchen angezeigt, aber es wird nix importiert. Posten von F~ nach FB geht, also viel kann nicht fehlen ... hat irgend jemand eine Idee woran das liegen könnte ?
25.1% german, 17.8% dutch, 17.5% english
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Ich meinte es auch aus der Entwicklersicht.
46.5% german, 29.8% latin, 29.4% french
Axel 4 weeks ago Friendica
Versteh ich total - wie gesagt, kein Stress.
39.7% german, 27.7% dutch, 21.3% english